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A. (Anonymous) (2006)

A. (Anonymous) (2006)

George MalichRay BrewerSarah JonesTony Miller
Daniel Bowers


A. (Anonymous) (2006) is a English movie. Daniel Bowers has directed this movie. George Malich,Ray Brewer,Sarah Jones,Tony Miller are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. A. (Anonymous) (2006) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Gavin Tartowski has been called a quack, a cult-leader, and a barista who sees himself as a guru. Looking for a support group to help him with his compulsion to wear extremely tight pants, Gavin was turned away from 12-step programs like AA, NA and GA. "Why all the labels?" Gavin asks. "Why not put all problems under one umbrella?" "That is why I created A. I want to help people no matter what their challenges are." The group's newest challenge is Benji, a troubled 35 year-old "huffer" whose mother has sent him to A. As the members struggle with Benji, they begin to work through their own inner-demons and start to see the value in their lives. Although Tartowski's methods are less than orthodox, his ability to heal is indisputable. This film is as life affirming as A itself.


A. (Anonymous) (2006) Reviews

  • It's about a support group for everyone. Each member different problems they are trying to improve. It has lots of humor and even contains somewhat of a love story.


    This movie was hilarious and I am awaiting until I can purchase it. It reminded me a lot of The Office, the way it was shot and some of the comedy. I got to meet Ray Brewer, who plays Benji,and was so impressed with what went into the movie. The movie was filmed in STL which just so happens to be over the river from me so I felt like I had a connection with the movie.I would give 5 stars because I was laughing from the moment it started to the very end. I just can't get over how impressed I am with the group of people that made this awesome film. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys dry humor with the twist of improv. Ilove it!

  • Laughed my pants off - even though they were tight!


    I saw this movie at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November 2006 and loved it! Our main character, Gavin Tartowski, starts a support group that doesn't discriminate against anyone's affliction. It's the funniest mocumentary on support groups I've ever seen...OK so it may be the only mocumentary on support groups I've seen, but had me cracking up the whole flick. Who knew that wearing your pants too tight, the urge to run over things while driving, wearing wrestling masks and huffing laundry soap could cause problems? If you enjoy the "Best in Show", "Waiting for Guffman" and "This is Spinal Tap" type movies, you will certainly enjoy this movie!


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