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Aces (2006)

Aces (2006)

Lacey ToupsChristina MorrisSheena ChouGarret Sato
Daniel Zirilli


Aces (2006) is a English movie. Daniel Zirilli has directed this movie. Lacey Toups,Christina Morris,Sheena Chou,Garret Sato are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Aces (2006) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Three beautiful and brilliant college students, Brooke (Lacey Toups), Elle (Christina Morris), and Pieti (Sheena Chou) find a lucrative way to put their mathematical skills to the test: high-stakes poker.

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Aces (2006) Reviews

  • Awful Movie


    This is my first comment here, and this movie was so terrible I felt compelled to make it my first. With it's popularity on TV, probably about 5% of the US population knows how to play Texas Hold 'em. It was unfortunate for the producers that none of those 1.5 million people were available during the shooting of this movie. In addition to the terrible acting and pathetic script, technical inaccuracies abound. These things wouldn't have been a problem if the movie had turned to soft-core porn flick, it would have matched the rest of the production perfectly. There were four things I really liked about this movie, the three beautiful girls and the '68 (?) Camaro one of them drove. Aside from that, this doesn't even qualify as a B movie. Maybe D-.

  • A bad beat...


    Three college girls try to make big money by cheating on the 'underground poker' circuit, but get in over their heads. Basically the script is terrible and the acting lame, a bit like a porno movie without the porn. Guess it was just made to cash in the increased popularity of poker, but its no Rounders or Cincinati Kid, its not even in the same league as Maverick. The girls use lots of poker terminology, but it sounds unnatural and forced, as if they have no idea what they are talking about. Best avoided.

  • This is one hour and thirty minutes of your life, you'll never get back...


    If you love Texas hold'em, do not watch this movie. Actually, it doesn't mater if like it or not, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! The acting in "Aces", was just horrible. It makes porn actresses look like possible candidates for an Academy Award. And the cast of this movie are just as credible as Elijah Wood in Hooligans. Because, we all know one of these playboy models majoring in math and kicking ass at the poker tables. Then again, good actors wouldn't have covered the predictable and shallow plot in this movie. Saying that it's more interesting to watch paint dry, would be an exaggeration, but it's very close to it. If you're interested in Texas Hold'em, I'd recommend you watch a show called "Tilt", that aired on ESPN in 2005. It's tense and exciting, and have some good poker scenes. In general, it's good television, something "Aces" isn't.

  • a bad version of rounders


    First of all I knew what I was getting myself into when I watched this film. I knew it was going to be badly produced, acted, etc. But that doesn't explain the mess this movie was. Plot holes were common in this movie. The acting was hilarious. But most importantly, the audio was very awful. It wasn't really the camera shots that bothered me as some of the cinematography was actually pretty good. Yeah some of the camera shots prolonged but they did well for the 5 dollar budget this movie equipped. The audio was horrible. It was not at all clear and it would be amazing if they even boom-miked the actors. The three girls were hilariously awful except maybe Brooke (Lacey Toups). But she still wasn't anything special but very attractive. The whole plot was three girls would cheat their way in poker games by simply putting a dye on all the aces. Than Toups character would put on x-rayish glasses that would see the dye so the other players couldn't. Eventually Toups' character got tired of cheating and wanted to win for real. It was also funny how this movie was "unrated" when it very much could just be labeled as an R rated movie. The f-bombs were very badly placed and seemed to be thrown in their to give in the R/unrated rating. There was only one nude scene that had nothing to do with the movie and was hilarious how badly the director tried to fit it in the storyline. I have to admit, the producers had connections because it is at the videostore that I work at.

  • Worst Poker Movie of All-Time


    This has to be one of the worst poker movies I've ever seen. I've played poker at low and high limits and in casinos and private games. The only accurate part of the game the director and screenwriters got right was the fact that we do indeed use cards to play hold'em. The ending was lame, not even slightly plausible. The lame montage that shows the lead character going to the ghetto to play hold'em was downright laughable. Oh, and the acting, in a word, horrible. I gave it a 2, because the director managed to remember to remove the lens cap before shooting.


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