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Adhurs (2010)

Adhurs (2010)

N.T. Rama Rao Jr.NayantharaSheela KaurAnanth
V.V. Vinayak


Adhurs (2010) is a Telugu,Tamil,Hindi,Urdu,English movie. V.V. Vinayak has directed this movie. N.T. Rama Rao Jr.,Nayanthara,Sheela Kaur,Ananth are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Adhurs (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After Kasturi gives birth to yet another still-born child, her mother-in-law, with the assistance of a nurse, switches the dead child with one of two twins that impoverished Indira has just given birth to. The latter names her child Narsingh, who grows up to be a singer/dancer, and falls in love with Anju, the daughter of a DGP. While the second child is brought up by upper caste, Kasturi and Govind, performs poojas at a variety of weddings and funerals, and is in love with Chandrakala. Chaos will enter their lives when Narsingh will be abducted by a gangster, Baba Bhai, and held until and unless his biological father, an Indian Army Major, reveals a secret. Narsingh manages to escape, continues to elude the gangster and his goons. They then manage to hire an unknowing Chari to impersonate him and compel the Major to reveal the secret. The question remains: will naive Chari be able to pull wool over the Major's eyes?


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Adhurs (2010) Reviews

  • Awesome movie


    Jr NTR lives up to the expectations in everything. He brought many laughs in theaters with his Brahmin character and hilarious characterization. Narasimha part is quite routine. The movie totally belongs to Jr.NTR. His screen presence, voice modulation and dances are a treat to watch on big screen. The intense gaze coupled with some quirky punch dialogues in the early parts of the film give a distinct tone to Narasimha's role. On the other hand, Jr.NTR is chirpy, talkative, slapstick and innocent characterization as Narasimha Chari will definitely bring a smile on to your face. His dances took away the breath of audiences. Especially his steps in 'pilla na valla kaadu' received once-mores in theaters. Nayantara is slim and sleek while Sheela looted young hearts with glowing skin and sensuous garments. Nothing more is left for heroines than this to discuss.Brahmanandam is awesome as Bhattu. He is one of the pillar to the movie. Even if you see many number of times you can't stop laughing . Finally Single line is " Watch it for NTR's dances and his hilarious Brahminic performance and it's definitely watchable movie" .

  • comedy-action-drama


    well...i had no clue about dis film till i watched it..yesterday. it was a very good comic flick till date in Telugu film industry. NTR proving dat he can even tickle de audience wid his comic timing n scree presence.. adhurs is a very good family entertainer.. de roles of tarak and bramanandham were extra-ordinary.. people hardly stop laughing.. the comedy timing in de film brings it a huge applause.. the draw back of the film is its action sequences..! the climax is a bit odd as its far from reality.but the power packed performance of tarak n the way he dances makes us over look the drawbacks of the film! finally ADHURS is a must watch movie for its comedy n entertainment!! don't give it a miss!!

  • average flick...


    the movie does have a strong story to tell. but it does not meet with the movie. the movie is a much drag about to nearly 2:30 hours and action is not up to the mark and the stunts are not logical. the comedy was the key factor that saved the movie. songs are perfect and rock solid and action is good in parts. sentiment in the movie is not up to mark. and some scenes in the climax drives you crazy. the director looked for an action thriller that has a strong narrative. but failed to execute properly. the six elements i wish are story , action , romance , comedy , revenge and tragedy and emotion. the director delivered in comedy and action .. but rest elements failed. so this would be a pass off ticket and just waste of time.


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