Alone for Christmas (2013)

Alone for Christmas (2013)

David DeLuiseKim LittleDavis ClevelandGerald Webb
Joseph J. Lawson


Alone for Christmas (2013) is a English movie. Joseph J. Lawson has directed this movie. David DeLuise,Kim Little,Davis Cleveland,Gerald Webb are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Alone for Christmas (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

When a family visits Grandma's house on Christmas Eve, they leave their dog at home alone. And when burglars try to take the presents from under the tree, the dog must use every trick it knows to stop them.

Alone for Christmas (2013) Reviews

  • Awful


    This is the worst film I've ever seen! I can't believe that this film was made in 2013. The effects is ridiculous. I think that this film budget is 10$... Just look at this film 36:33. It's "really a REAL car".. And there are many other fails. So I think this film is BULLSHIT! Maybe the idea of the film is good, but the staging is horrible. When I was watching this movie, for me it was hilarious because of the "amazing" effect and disgusting at the same time. For example let's take some shots of the film. Just look at 01:04:27. I really don't think that man can drown in a shower cabin. 01:04:56 - there water looks very "realistic". I think that 7 year old child would notice these fails. So in my opinion this film is worthless.

  • Home Alone meets Look Who's Talking and you have Bone Alone(aka Alone for Christmas)


    Comparing briefly what Bone Alone was reminiscent of, it is not as good as the first two Home Alone films or the first Look Who's Talking but is on the same level as Look Who's Talking Too and Home Alone 3 and is better than Home Alone 4(almost anything is in all fairness) and Look Who's Talking Now. I disagree with the first two reviewers, Bone Alone to me wasn't great but it also wasn't that terrible, if anything it was a mixed bag with some good and some bad. Good: For a low budget movie, Bone Alone does look surprisingly decent, the scenery is very nice and colourful and the camera work is better than most low-budget movies, not entirely smooth but far from choppy. The soundtrack is bright and breezy, there are some well-engineered if in some cases somewhat familiar slapstick traps, there are some refreshing twists in others, and some effects are alright. The acting is mixed but much more watchable than expected to be, Kevin Sorbo gives the best performance with the best comic timing of the movie. David DeLuise is both sympathetic and amusing. Oh and the dog Bone is just adorable, with Bill Pomeroy doing a competent job as the voice of Bone. Bone Alone is a short movie and whizzes by though with some lulls in the middle. Bad: The comic timing is very off in places, too over-earnest and forced. Kim Little, who usually isn't so bad an actress, is disappointingly erratic as the mother and Davis Cleveland is very annoying, if not quite as unwatchably obnoxious like he is on Shake It Up(one of the Disney Channel's worst shows). Not all the effects are particularly good too, some in the trap settings and executions are very slapdash. In regard to the comic timing too, that the dialogue is very corny and awkward does them no favours and the characters you never do engage with, the criminals being among the dumbest committed to movie celluloid. The story being predictable is to be expected but a few scenes in the middle feel drawn out and it is never plausible that Bone can fool the criminals in the way he did. The whole movie is lacking in heart and can feel harmless, also for a movie supposedly set at Christmas there is not much of a sense of the festive spirit. All in all, could have been better could have been worse. Mildly watchable family entertainment on the whole. 5/10 Bethany Cox

  • I LOVE Christmas movies, even some kinda dumb ones. I LOVED "Home Alone"; I LOVE dogs. I DID NOT LIKE this movie.


    This movie had a semi-interesting premise, for a Scooby-Doo cartoon episode, but, alas it wasn't a cartoon. It was trying to pass for a real family-friendly movie. Kevin Sorbo was in it, but this was decidedly NOT your typical Kevin Sorbo film, other than the fact that it was completely unbelievable and memorably this mess he played the baddest bad guy and, as such, a total loser. The basic concept is that a family leaves for Christmas and leaves their Australian Cattle Dog at home, supposedly safe and sound. Would-be thieves invade, and the dog, who of course has audible thoughts, has to defend his home. Cute? No. In reality this was tediously unfunny and a waste of time.....although it WAS at least pro-dog and anti-criminal. Otherwise just silly. And not in a good way. The only valid message I could find was that it's not cool to ditch your dog at Christmastime (or any other time). Dogs are loyal members of the family and at the very least feel badly when they're left behind. Beyond feeling lonely, dogs left home alone can be put at unexpected risk if criminals invade....not THAT much risk, though, as it turns out, if the criminals are merely clueless, greedy morons. Seriously, no matter HOW much you adore dogs and enjoy Christmas movies, I really wouldn't bother with this one. And I'm the owner of a freaking AWESOME Australian Cattle Dog. This gimmicky stunt flick might amuse a few not-very-bright kids, but

  • This review may contain spoilers and criticism about some of the scenes!


    I'm sorry to sound very negative at the first place, but I have seen many many movies up till this very moment and I'm very sad to say that this movie did not make me laugh at all, the camera and the scenes are very terrible, starting from the SNOW when it's sunny, burglars sneaking inside the house in the middle of the day, the producer put some effects on the video to make it look darker, but it really made it worse... The burglars seem very stupid, the guy's stuck and they're pulling him down instead of pushing him up, the dog is the super hero there, which was kinda nice but still there are flaws, like okay, he was doing stuff but the action is kinda cold like it's not very intense, the writer was running out of ideas I guess. Then there's the poses and the music, they don't actually match what's going on, I mean the burglar calls his relative and he joins the next thing you know, they're standing behind the door and giving the devilish evil laugh the three of them, just couldn't see to understand what's going on. One more thing, if you guys are actually praising the director, and actually saying that the movie has it's chance to be compared to Home Alone, you're totally wrong, in fact home alone made me laugh my butt off, this one made me wanna think why did I buy that movie in the first place. I'm sorry and thanks for your time!

  • Wonderful film


    As the title says, wonderful film full of laughs that will keep you smiling the entire time. Including a wonderful cast such as David DeLuise(Wizards Of Waverly Place), Davis Cleveland(Shake It Up), Kevin Sorbo(Hercules), & Chris Kattan(SNL). The dogs are great for dog lovers, and are really cute. The criminals are funny but scary, just like the ones in the Home Alone films. Speaking of which, it is basically another addition to the Home Alone movie series, except instead of a kid kicking the criminal's butts, its dogs. Wonderful idea and nicely filmed. I hope for a sequel for sure! Any lover of Family comedy's, or lover of "The Home Alone Series" will LOVE this film.


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