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Beauty Mark (2017)

Beauty Mark (2017)

Madison IsemanJeff KoberLaura Bell BundyDeirdre Lovejoy
Harris Doran


Beauty Mark (2017) is a English movie. Harris Doran has directed this movie. Madison Iseman,Jeff Kober,Laura Bell Bundy,Deirdre Lovejoy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Beauty Mark (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

An empowering story inspired by true events, BEAUTY MARK follows a poverty-stricken young mother who is forced to move when her house is condemned. With no money and no options, she must confront her abusive past in order to save her family.

Beauty Mark (2017) Reviews

  • Must See Relevant Thriller


    Fast-paced and disturbingly real this film kept me engaged throughout. It brought me from anger to tears without being overly dramatic or sentimental but by being honest and faithful to Angie's struggle.

  • Deeply moving


    I had the pleasure of seeing the NYC premiere of this incredible film, made by the insightful and smart filmmaker Harris Doran. It is a story that is needed to be told in this delicate yet brutality honest way. In any other hands it would be false. See it, you will not be disappointed.

  • Important movie for a serious issue


    I have worked for an organization that supports children and families dealing with child sexual abuse for a number of years. This gritty, accurate movie does justice to the range of emotions and the hard decisions many people face who encounter the life changing trauma that accompanies child sexual abuse. This is the kind of movie that can both entertain and educate an audience and it balances those two roles very well. Anyone who gives a damn about protecting our children need to watch this and listen to the unfortunate but absolutely critical message the director Harris Doran has for the audience. Well done!!

  • Difficult story beautifully executed


    Each time I watch this film, I find something new. This important story about abuse and taking back your power even when the odds are against you is fabulously acted and deftly directed!

  • very well made out movie with really good acting and good storyline..


    This movie deals with the difficult topic of child sexual abuse and how its most often the ppl we know and those who we think can be trusted are the ones perpetrating this abuse .. very sad and gripping story of a woman trying to deal with her past as best as she can and trying to build a semblance of a normal life from her childhood which has been irrevocably scarred by a sick twisted monster who shows no signs of repentance or issues with his behaviour ..


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