Border (1997)

Border (1997)

Sunny DeolSunil ShettyAkshaye KhannaJackie Shroff
J.P. Dutta


Border (1997) is a Hindi movie. J.P. Dutta has directed this movie. Sunny Deol,Sunil Shetty,Akshaye Khanna,Jackie Shroff are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1997. Border (1997) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,History,Thriller,War movie in India and around the world.

The year is 1971 when the Pakistani Army is at war with the Indian Soldiers. The Indian battalion is posted in Longewala region in Punjab and are just 150 in number while the Pakistani Army consists of 2000 armed soldiers with tanks. This movie is a landmark in Hindi Cinema and watch how the drama unfolds and the Indian soldiers fight for the pride of their motherland. Commendable performances from Jackie Shroff, Sudesh Berry, Sunil Shetty and Sunny Deol and excellent acting by Akshay Khanna.


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Border (1997) Reviews

  • Indian Cinema no. 1


    Border (1997) is an bloody war film filled with an hour's worth of singing. The story is about a company of soldiers (most of the Punjabs) who must defend the India/Pakistan border at all costs. Tensions between the two countries were at the boiling point. The Pakistanis were preparing an all out assault on the Indian border. Based upon a real incident, the actors were great in their roles and the film makers made these characters flesh and blood instead of mere cardboard figures. Each has a tale to tell (in song with a lot of musical numbers). Who will win this incredibly high tensioned battle of survival? A great film. I enjoyed it very much. I have watched several Indian films before and if I can find more like these then I can find a new film industry to keep an eye upon. The D.V.D. I saw was in stereo with English sub-titles. Over three hours long and highly entertaining. The violence content is high and a must for action fans and history buffs.

  • Emotions, Actions, consequences


    This film is another working of a fantastic experienced talent of J P Dutta. the characters in the film really do shine, and bring out the best performances. The controversial topic of India-Pakistan is really highlighted in this film. The camera work is immaculate and the shooting in the backround of Rajasthan really is breathtaking. The music score by Anu Malik, is melodious and heart rendering. "Sandese Aate Hein" in time has become a patriotic anthem amongst many Indians. This alone implies the impact this film had on the Indian public, the brave sardars played by Sunny Deol and Puneet Issar highlights their love and the determination for India to defend itself against hostile enemies whoever they may be. An excellant production, my wish is for other directors to take a leaf out of Mr. Dutta's book, and make more films along patriotic story themes.

  • In the 1971 war, Pakistan Army opens Western Front by attacking Longewala Post which eventually turns out to be pathetic decision for them


    The Movie is an attempt to bring into limelight the Historic Battle of Longewala located in Rajasthan. The Pakistan Army opens Western Front against India to force away Indian effort to liberate Bangladesh from tyrant Pakistani rule. The Pakistani Army assuming that Indian Forces have only limited presence on Western Border attacks through Rajasthan in Longewala. The movie depicts true event and is not a piece of fiction as far as Battle is concerned. Its true that there was a company of only 120 men against almost 2500 Pakistani Troops along with over 60 Tanks engaged in the Battle of Longewala. The Indian Post at Longewala had strategic advantage of being at higher level and also was one of the prime reasons for shameful defeat of Pakistani Tank Column and Infantry at the hands of a handful Indians !! The characters have been carefully chosen and developed beautifully in the movie. The Battle appears almost real with men at their respective positions as in actual battle. The intensity is high and so is the depiction of morale. The Indian Air Force striking the Pakistanis in the morning was clearly seen although there was a little more role that IAF played in actual battle. The dramatic scenes are good enough to make you shed a tear for the unsung heros. Overall the movie is great considering the complexities involved in shooting a real war scene. Its a must watch for all the people who do not know about the battle that is considered a strategic one in defeat the Pakistani Army by Indian Forces in 1971 war. The movie is complete with patriotic moments,is well shot and well delivered. A must watch for every Indian....Also for those who like Real War Flicks!!

  • The Indian Alamo


    A very good war movie, despite somewhat expected chauvinist moments counterpointed by fluffy pacifist messages. Nice exploration of the inner personal dramas of the characters, and how it will affect their battle actions. Some battle scenes are very realistic; others contain elements of mystic heroism, yet the mix works well. The story has the same ingredients of the siege of the Alamo, but in a completely different cultural environment, what gives it a special appeal.

  • Best Indian War Movie Ever!


    Border is the best war movie with mind-blowing action. Everyone gave powerful performances, lead by my favorite star, Sunny Deol. He was perfect as the brave Sardarji armyman, and this is definitely his greatest performance of the 90's (even more intense than Ghayal, Ghatak, Ziddi). He is the true action hero above others. He is so inspirational and very commanding to the point that you truly feel the patriotism and determination and love for your nation. This is definitely, one of the most powerful and realistic (based on 1971 Indo-Pak war) action movies that I have ever seen. It is as others say, "Men at their best! War at its worst!" This is a must watch for all Indians who really do love their country. It is shocking that despite the fact that this was the biggest blockbuster in '97, it was practically ignored by the corrupt and biased media. Border should have swept nearly all awards (it was worthy of Oscars). Watch this movie! 12/10.


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