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DMTSoup (2014)

DMTSoup (2014)

Chris BudziszewskiTom FooleryFilip HajdukVanessa Budziszewski
Chris Budziszewski


DMTSoup (2014) is a English movie. Chris Budziszewski has directed this movie. Chris Budziszewski,Tom Foolery,Filip Hajduk,Vanessa Budziszewski are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. DMTSoup (2014) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After being exposed to an ultra-rare powder, a drug dealer is met by a spiritual force that induces a life-altering ultimatum; to track down and kill a guidance counselor turned fugitive. This experimental film is filled with original content that engages and challenges the viewer. While its main goal is to entertain with every frame, DMTSoup is above all else, a fresh take on modern cinema with a heavy tie in with the score. Which elements are real and which are due to the drug-induced state of the main character? Only time will tell.


DMTSoup (2014) Reviews

  • Great Job . Well done indie film. Not about real DMT experiences, fyi.


    I was hoping for a film that was going to depict a realistic DMT experience and somehow weave that into the fictional plot described in the plot summary here on IMDb. Unfortunately that is not the case. So, DMT advocates such as myself will have to look elsewhere in that regard. That being said, the production values are damn good for a low budget film with what I assume was a limited crew and resources. I 100% concur with the review from David-Da-Balm and suggest that you watch this film if you have gotten this far in reading reviews of it. The highly critical review is way off base. Obviously this is not a Hollywood film and cannot be judged as such. I have watched plenty of small budget indie films and this is certainly one of the good ones. Cinematography, editing, storyline, and especially the background soundtrack and audio are all superb. The shots are all well chosen and the cuts are all smart and done well. The first stoner scene was also a great depiction of a weed smokeout session if not a DMT session. The two main actors have really good screen presence and are quite likable. Overall the film has a really polished look for what it is. Tom Foolery and Chris Budz, you have my vote of confidence and I will be looking for more from you guys in the future. SPOILER - I will say that I was not thrilled with the ending for purely personal reasons. Theatrically it was fine, but I am a huge advocate of DMT use and find it to be one of the most life affirming uplifting experiences one can ever have. Yes it can be scary, but it is almost always a positive and beneficial experience. The ending definitely belies this fact and does not promote the use of this substance as I would have liked it to do. Still I think the film is worthwhile for those with alternative tastes. Do not let this film dissuade you from trying real DMT.

  • A fresh out-of-the-box experience worth taking!


    There's simply nothing out there like it. From the composition of shots, the outrageous situations, the originality of the story, and the awesome power of the score, it all comes together in one neat feature jam-packed with clues and hints begging for a repeat-viewing. If curiosity hasn't already cued your interest, and you prefer watching the same old 'hollywood movie' with tired clichés where every detail is spoon fed to the viewer, maybe this isn't for you. But for all those looking for a fresh take on a drug experience,sending the viewer on for an original ride that's silly and thrilling at the same time, look no further. 9/10

  • Superb


    Im not going to tell you that you have to watch this film or to avoid it like the plague. My personal opinion for a movie created by two fellas is that it is fantastic. As with all things, some people don't get or just don't like it. A lot is hidden to the watcher, and once you figure it out, everything make sense! My advice would be, to watch this film as soon as possible. If you like the film, then you'll be glad you followed this advice, as you will love it. If you don't like it, then fine, but at least you tried it.

  • People doing drugs. The end.


    Not worth seeing. It's pretty amateur camera work (most of the effects you can find on your smart phone), poor acting, virtually no plot, a bunch of clichés about life and drug users and a mysterious figure who looks like he probably got dressed at a $0.99 Halloween sale. All in all it makes very little sense and ends up nowhere. Clearly this has been over-hyped by whoever made it. Look at one of the previous reviews. It's obvious that it's not written by someone who is genuinely reviewing it, but as someone who's trying to sell it. Shame on you, you shameless self promoting tools.

  • Great Final Act! Worth the ride


    Confused at first, I was just about to wonder if there was a point I should stop my attention on the plot of the movie. Luckily the final act had a great selection of 'dooms' (wouldn't want to give anything out), and the overall impression had me questioning what was and wasn't real or happening. Some will disagree, but I enjoyed the ride. (Rating was to help bump this real 'indie' flick closer to its deserved spot.) PS Credit roll was as short as they get, pointing out the skeleton crew behind the scenes, nice touch. Had some Donnie Darko vibes as well, an alluding figure that speaks of future events, never a bad thing to fall within that category IMO.


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