Eaten by Lions (2018)

Eaten by Lions (2018)

Antonio AakeelEmily SpowageChristopher HollinsheadGeorge Jewell Hanson
Jason Wingard


Eaten by Lions (2018) is a English,French movie. Jason Wingard has directed this movie. Antonio Aakeel,Emily Spowage,Christopher Hollinshead,George Jewell Hanson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Eaten by Lions (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Omar and Pete are half brothers. When their parents are eaten by lions they embark on a journey to find Omar's real father. What follows is a funny, heart-warming journey of self-discovery for both Blackpool. The Choudray family represents a truly contemporary example of modern multicultural Britain - but what will the brothers make of their eccentric newfound family? Will they be going to Mecca or Mecca bingo? In contrast to the old fashioned stereotypes about Blackpool, the comedy is sharp, current and non-stop.


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Eaten by Lions (2018) Reviews

  • Eaten By Bad Acting


    This is terrible. First of all, the lead actor looks 'handsome' but can't act to save his life. The rest of the cast also can't act and struggle with badly written cardboard dialogue. Finally, the writing / dialogue is trying way to hard to be 'super witty' and comes across as super forced. Poor. 4/10

  • Eaten by Lions


    Comedy drama. Starts very strong with a heart-warming plot and frequent LOL humour. Two half-brothers Omar and Pete are on a journey to find Omar's estranged father after their granny (who looked after them) passes away. Pete is played by Jack Carroll, who UK viewers might recognise, but might not know why? He was a very young comedian and runner up in a recent Britain's got Talent contest. I think he was well cast and showed he can be a first rate actor as well. Also stars Johnny Vegas, another well-known UK comedian, who wasn't used enough, he stole every scene. This is a great British film, which unfortunately really loses its way during the Rolls Royce sketch.

  • Lots of laughs paper over the cracks


    The film isn't perfect and has a slight feel of cheap TV movie but the gags are written well most I've laughed at a film in quite some time and is mostly well written. The storyline gets by and great cameos by Johnny Vegas and others hold it together. Overall an enjoyable film even if it didn't feel slightly tacky and jumpy storyline wise at times.

  • Funniest film I've seen in ages


    Amazing so very funny was remembering bits all night and chuckling to myself. Really worth a watch . Good story good acting . Really well made film

  • BBC Three special


    A movie you'd expect to be shown on BBC Three. I ventured out of town to see this as it wasn't showing at my local cinema. Good turn out at the screening. I found it funny as did the audience. We all had a good laugh. Recommended

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