Es por tu bien (2017)

Es por tu bien (2017)

Javier CámaraJose CoronadoRoberto ÁlamoPilar Castro
Carlos Therón


Es por tu bien (2017) is a Spanish movie. Carlos Therón has directed this movie. Javier Cámara,Jose Coronado,Roberto Álamo,Pilar Castro are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Es por tu bien (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Arturo, Chus and Hipólito ("Poli") are the brothers-in-law that their peaceful and happy existence shock suddenly: Valentina, Arturo and Isabel's daughter, decides in the last moment not marry with Agustín, leaving him alone in the own altar, in order to stay with Álex, a young perroflauta (Spanish for dreadlock) and anarchist, which free ideals opposite straightly with the totally conservative Arturo; Chus and his wife Olga discover that their daughter Marta is dating with Dani, a troubled boy and ni-ni (Spanish short for "ni oficio ni beneficio", equivalent to "without a penny to one's name") related with drugs; and Poli realizes that his daughter Sarai is dating with Ernesto, a Poli's former school partner and actually a playboy who works as artistic photographer, in addition that Alicia, Poli's wife, knew Sarai's relation but she hide it. Determined to break the relation in the belief that Álex, Dani and Ernesto aren't good for their lovely and perfect daughters, Arturo, Chus and ...


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