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Flip That Romance (2019)

Flip That Romance (2019)

Julie GonzaloTyler HynesCardi WongJacqueline Samuda
Mark Jean


Flip That Romance (2019) is a English movie. Mark Jean has directed this movie. Julie Gonzalo,Tyler Hynes,Cardi Wong,Jacqueline Samuda are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Flip That Romance (2019) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

As Spring blooms, rival house flippers who once dated, Jules Briggs and Lance Waddell, end up owning dual sides of a dilapidated duplex. They decide ownership of the entire complex will be signed over to the flipper whose renovated side rents for the most money and start a flipping contest. Word of the "dueling duplexes" reaches the editor of Innovative Designs, who offers the winner a magazine spread. They lock horns trying to out-DIY each other, rekindling their romance along the way.


Flip That Romance (2019) Reviews

  • Too much fighting.


    Yeah, maybe it was the mood I was in, but I got very tired very quickly of the constant bickering and over-competitiveness of the two principles. It was particularly egregious on the part of the woman, who let her emotions run away with her and bid more than she could afford and over the maximum she agreed on with her partner. Just to get one over her ex-boyfriend. She was too hostile for me. I was really frosted by the imaturity and foolishness. Julie Gonzalo was okay as the female lead, but I loved Tyler Hynes as her love interest. He's resposnsible for most of the stars I gave this one.

  • Terrible Movie


    I like Hallmark movies but I'm getting tired of the main female character being a witch with a chip on her shoulder. Why does Hallmark think all women are like that?

  • Okay, nothing special.


    Is Julie Ganzalo the next star that Hallmark is looking for? Maybe. She's very attractive and can project strength and vulnerability. But I just don't get that it factor yet. The shame of this movie is once again Crystal Lowe is wasted as a secondary character. She should be the star of her own movie. #Postables.

  • I Agree


    Could the lead character, Jules, be anymore sophomoric?!

  • Best Hallmark movie I've seen in months!


    I love the banter and chemistry between the two main characters. Definitely keeps your attention through the whole movie. The guy who plays Lance is probably my new favorite male hallmark actor!

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