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Harvest Moon (2015)

Harvest Moon (2015)

Jessy SchramJesse HutchRowen KahnBarbara Pollard
Peter DeLuise


Harvest Moon (2015) is a English movie. Peter DeLuise has directed this movie. Jessy Schram,Jesse Hutch,Rowen Kahn,Barbara Pollard are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Harvest Moon (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

After her family has to file for bankruptcy, a young woman (Jessy Schram) travels to the country, in hopes of fixing up a struggling pumpkin farm that her father (Willie Aames) bought as an investment. Hoping to get the family back on their feet financially, she finds purpose and love.

Harvest Moon (2015) Reviews

  • Great Movie


    I found this movie a feel good movie that shows some good life values similar to the TV series Heartland. It was entertaining and good for the whole family to watch without swearing or profanity. A little country touch got me rocking in my seat. A breath of fresh air. As the title says Harvest Moon is actually the setting in which the movie plot begins. It shows that the city life mixed with a little country can work out, you might just have to get a little dirty. Two thumbs up!!

  • Predictable but harmless


    It's been done over and over : rich city girl, country boy, both come from different worlds so surely they can't get along? Well it's a hallmark movie so of course they do! Throw in the obligatory rich girl falling in a muddy puddle, and the country boy thinking she's too stuck up to get along with him or his family, and you have all the classics of a harmless family movie. Put it on in the background while you're doing something else and don't take it too seriously ! - nice gentle but predictable... no spoilers needed as you can already guess what is going to happen ... and you'd be correct !

  • A sweet, watchable film. Some Mild Spoilers


    There is a one other review to this very watchable film, thus far, and that 'review 's just absurd. The reviewer titles his critique -- "How Greed Conquers All" -- sounding like some raving Marxist crank. He calls the protagonist ['Jenny', nicely played by Jessy Schram] "Scrooge-like". I don't know what movie 'goddancredmond' watched-- but his characterization of 'Jenny' is just peculiar. In fact, Jenny's Very Rich family goes bankrupt, and she comes out to sell the one remaining asset - a pumpkin farm. It is unsellable because it is mired in debt. So Jenny turns to learn the farm so its value can appreciate so that she can then sell it -- but has a contract written that guarantees all the farmworkers are guaranteed employment in perpetuity. And is even good-humored about tricks that one of the hands plays on her, to discourage her from staying. "Scrooge?" Ridiculous. This City Girl gets up at 5 am to learn how to farm ... takes it upon herself to fix a porch swing and a fence ... does 'makeover's for all the women on farms in the area before a big barn dance. "Scrooge?" Ludicrous. Then Jenny starts to become attached to the farm and its 'family', and sees ways to improve their lot, such as marketing a specially bred violet ... a pumpkin-based cream that is good for the skin ... taught a young farm boy to dance, so he could get over painful shyness about a particular pretty girl. "Scrooge"? What in the H--l is this guy talking about?!?! In fact the principal problem with the movie is there is too little serious conflict, because Jenny is so sweetly likable and willing to learn, and help, and innovate. And a final major hurdle is flattened by a Deus-ex-Machina -- the last-second intervention of an old friend. Nonetheless, it's a sweet film - warming to watch . 'goddancredmond' is simply out of whatever mind he may still possess. And I regret my angry tone, but I like this film -- especially the character 'Jenny' -- and I am feeling somewhat as a guy who hears a girl he likes being badmouthed by a Neanderthal. Joe McCain - January 17th, 2016

  • Predictable and enjoyable


    Having moved from the city to the country, this is probably my favourite city/ country movie, even allowing for the fact that it is Hallmark and cheesy (aren't they all?). We're not true country folk - we can't talk about how many generations we've been in the valley - but there are few errors in the film that made us laugh. They're 'mistakes' but somehow they make the movie even more enjoyable. The fence didn't fall down. It's not a fence but a cockie's gate - I believe they're called wire gates in the US. Wire gates have their uses but if Brett wants to keep the cows, he's going to have to use something a lot stronger. Don't ask how we know. Brett tells Jen to leave her fencing tools in the paddock, even though a storm is coming. No, just no. Even if they're stainless steel, we don't know a farmer who would leave their tools in the paddock. Finding them again is part of the problem. They get up on horses to ride around the property. A few minutes later they would be back off again, instead of riding around romantically. 40 acres would probably suffice for a pumpkin farm. Add the homestead and the barns and that's it. No room for the wide open grazing land shown in the movie. 40 acres is a big walk but it's not the Ponderosa! A lighthearted enjoyable movie nonetheless .

  • Predictable


    Jessy Scram is this movie. Her bright smile and sunny disposition make this an enjoyable movie. Add two of the farmers kids and some of his hands and while this is a romance movie, it is really about all of these people, but especially Jenny. Two standard Hallmark themes rules here. The arrogant privileged rich witch shows her meddle in the end. And the struggling family business (farm, vineyard) is threatened with bankruptcy. Of course Jenny starts out as the enemy of all, and kind of deserves it at first. But over time she wins everyone's hearts. And the viewer's heart as well. Without her, the story is pure vanilla and predictable on almost all points. Most of the acting is OK.


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