Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun (1993)

Warwick DavisJennifer AnistonKen OlandtMark Holton
Mark Jones


Leprechaun (1993) is a English movie. Mark Jones has directed this movie. Warwick Davis,Jennifer Aniston,Ken Olandt,Mark Holton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1993. Leprechaun (1993) is considered one of the best Comedy,Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

When Dan O'Grady returns to the U.S. after stealing some Irish leprechaun's pot of gold, he thinks he can settle down and enjoy his newfound wealth. He thought wrong. The leprechaun followed him and O'Grady barely gets away with his life, having locked the little monster in his basement. Ten years later, J.D. and his spoiled daughter Tory move in. By accident, the leprechaun is released and almost immediately the annoying creature starts to look for his gold, not displaying any respect for human life.


Leprechaun (1993) Reviews

  • funny


    this is one of those movies that is meant to be scary, but really is not. i just happen to love that kind of movie. it's great for sitting down and watching with a group of friends for a good laugh. they figured this out later when making more leprechaun movies and not even trying to make them scary. i love the leprechaun series. warwick davis is my hero. if you're up for a good laugh, i suggest getting a group of your friends together and watching this. you must have a good sense of humor and an open mind. if you enjoy this, watch the rest of them. they get more outrageous as they go. i don't recommend this to people who do not find joy in watching silly movies.

  • Horror movie, not short on laughs!


    Other members of the IMDb may have rated this "1", and that's up to them, but I thought Leprechaun was a real fun horror movie. I have seen the other films in this series but the first was entertaining. Low on budget yes, but never boring and always whimsical. Warwick Davis, the small actor who plays the leprechaun, is very good in this role, as he is in all his movies. He may be lacking in height but not talent. A brilliant performance by him, and even Jennifer Aniston isn't that bad, and I usually find her a turn off in movies. Humour, horror, and lots of pace. I gave it 7 out of 10.

  • Get "Lucky" with Jennifer Aniston!


    "Leprechaun" is Jennifer Aniston's only big screen appearance before she became a star on "Friends", and WOW! she looks hot! I'm not a fan of hers, and I've never watched "Friends", but she is drop-dead gorgeous in this film, 23 or 24 years old and just beautiful! Oh yeah, there's a leprechaun in this movie too... I really liked this cheap, low-budget B horror flick. It's bad, but I'll be darned if it's not engaging and compulsively watchable. Much of the credit has to go to Warwick Davis, the evil leprechaun. It's not that he's particularly clever or funny, but he's very engaging, and in spite of myself, I kept wanting to see where he'd pop up next, even when it was predictable. I want more Leprechaun, luckily(?) there's another 5 movies to watch in the series. This film is the truest definition of "It's so bad it's good" that I've come across in recent memory. A lot of fun!

  • Well, at least this series gave Warwick Davis steady employment.


    This movie is not very good, but it is not entirely bad either. It has its moments, though overall it is rather stupid. What we get here is a killer leprechaun so what does one expect? A leprechaun who constantly says "I want mi gold". Not an unreasonable request for the most part, though he does tend to go a little overboard with the killings to get what was stolen from him. Then again he proves to be quite civil if you return his property, unless you short change him. This made me almost pull for the leprechaun to chop open the moron who just had to swallow a piece of the leprechaun's gold. This is not a great or even a good movie, but there is enough in here to at least be entertained for an hour and a half. Plus, Jennifer Aniston is in it too.

  • Forget about Willow!


    One of the most popular Horror flicks from the 90's. It's as bad as you have heard but accomplishes on the entertaining factor for B-movie lovers. If you're a Horror fan you might have not seen this one, but for sure you have at least heard of it. It's cheesy, yes but it's entertaining. At least there's some gore, and a likable villain in the style of Freedy Krueger. The plot is cheesy but easy to follow. You have the ingredients to spend 90 minutes of popcorn fun. Now, this one could work as an actual regular PG-13 low budget Horror movie. The Slasher genre was dead by then but Leprechan remains as one of the efforts to generate life to the genre. Watch out for a young and very, very cute Jenifer Aniston and a devilish performance by Warwick Davies.


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