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Quanta (2019)

Quanta (2019)

GENRESScience fiction,Drama


Quanta (2019) is a English movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Quanta (2019) is considered one of the best Science fiction,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A physicist's life-long work comes to fruition when he is reluctantly partnered with a gifted young assistant. Ego divides them when they receive an unknown signal from space.

Quanta (2019) Reviews

  • Something went wrong


    It's hard to know where to start with this, it has some really interesting ideas but it seemed to get partway into exploring them and then ditching them for another idea completely. it's starts out with an aging scientist trying to prove a theory regarding dark radiation which after some setbacks (setbacks are a cool band by the way) he is given a lab at a university on the condition that he teams up with some early 20s guy who is abrasive etc. they accidentally discover an alien signal, download it and give it to someone to help translate it, at which point that storyline seems to end in favour of a storyline where they use the machine that picked up the alien signal to upload data directly to to the younger guys head; it's not clear whether it's the alien data or just random data but the upshot is that he can now smell the ingredients in the older guys cup of tea and other heightened senses, this storyline seems to go nowhere as the next storyline of arguments over who owns the rights to the invention comes into play. the young guy randomly sleeps with a female friend he's known forever, cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, they split up for a bit and then he turns up to the ultrasound, says sorry and she forgives him - the female friend isn't mentioned again. the young guy also shaves off his hair, walks around the street naked, the older guy somehow walks into him, takes him back to the lab and extracts the data the younger guy uploaded and then sets fire to the machine he's worked on his entire life that can pick up alien signals, discover dark radiation and instantly teach people anything because...I don't know - whatever. he avoids being legally punished for this because some people committed suicide or something (I assume the company that took his machine tried it on them and he knew about it) I gave it 3 stars because the acting was decent and the ideas were good but everyone involved in this movie must have some kind of severe case of ADHD or something.

  • Terrible Script!


    Another low-b film that goes nowhere and ends nowhere. The script has the same horrible dialogue that so many low-b films have. I wanted to like this film coming out the gates but as the minutes rolled by, I realized that I was wasting my time. A discovery. Something cosmic about said discovery. Disagreement on how to handle the discovery. Government (or in this case a University) wants to hide and control the discovery. Sadly, the entire film is about the arguing of the discovery rather than exploring the discovery. Seriously! This film is a lot of the same that we've seen in so many other small films yet nothing new or interesting. Watch at your own risk, the risk of wasting your time. the good news is that after watching this film, I quickly began to forget what I had just watched, so almost as if it had never happened.

  • Science geeks and techies should love this film.....which by the way is not a 'short' film.


    This is a very watchable movie from down under. Full of science lingo and tech jargon that's sure to please anyone interested in that sort of stuff, which I am. There was enough solid sounding math, science, and technology terminology to keep the film grounded in this universe though. The acting and overall production was quite pleasing given the low budget type film, which by the way was way better than most other low budget films I've seen. The overall premise of the film was solid and had good mystery and fulfilling drama with characters trying to solve impossible problem, working out the details to get problem solved, animosity and confrontation between characters, family drama, character flaws, compromise, global impact, etc, etc....The script was also brilliantly written given all the math and science lingo that went into this film, plus it moved at a good pace so you didn't get bogged down to much in any one of the plot points. Although a little bit of the acting was cheesy, most of it was very good and I never felt like fast forwarding or turning it off. Plus none of the characters committed the ultimate sin of 'people doing totally unrealistic and stupid things that nobody in any frame of mind would ever do'. I hate that type of drama, which is rampant, and I start yelling at the TV. Those writers need to scratch their heads a bit more and make it more believable. There was none of that in this film. The production was also very high given the budget and the props and technology displayed were spot on and led to the credibility of the film. This is a film you should see if science and technology are your thing. Way to go.

  • Bit of a mish-mash of reasonable ideas poorly presented.


    One wouldn't necessarily hold that the acting wasn't adequate, or that the production was poor for a low-budget offering, and the premise, which immediately reminded me of Contact (1997), is also intriguing. Unfortunately, however, the overall presentation just seemed lacking in any real drama. I wasn't in the least invested in the characters or even the outcome and some of the things which occur seem to have been put in to try and flesh out the story somewhat. It could have been something pretty good, but, in the end, I was just left with a ho-hum feeling of disappointment and missed opportunity.

  • Am satisfied


    Might not be what hoped for but trust me, made my night.... I luv this..... It's inspiring, I mean, I had to recommend it..i got what I wanted from it.... ➕ I Luv d tune

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