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Secuestro (2016)

Secuestro (2016)

Blanca PortilloAntonio DechentVicente RomeroMarc Domènech
Mar Targarona


Secuestro (2016) is a Spanish movie. Mar Targarona has directed this movie. Blanca Portillo,Antonio Dechent,Vicente Romero,Marc Domènech are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Secuestro (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Víctor is a child who is found casually roaming by a country road. His mother, Patricia, a well-known lawyer who specializes in media trials, soon learns of her son being found. Victor is taken to hospital and his mother soon follows, where it is explained by the mother that Víctor is deaf and mute, but can communicate using sign language which is why Victor didn't answer any of the questions asked by police. In the police headquarter Víctor explains that he was kidnapped by a strange man when he entered his school. The police identify a possible suspect named Charlie, a man with money troubles and an 8-month pregnant wife. Charlie is unable to explain where he was when Víctor was kidnapped. Patricia, seeing the inability of the police to arrest Charlie, contacts her former love interest and Victor's father, Raúl, starting a chain of events, the consequences of which will be out of control.


Secuestro (2016) Reviews

  • Quite a good movie, worth while


    I have become a fan of Spanish movies, they seem to have what it takes. And so does this movie. It's a decent thriller, has a nice story with a few twists that keep you interested. Not very violent or scary type of thriller, but more of the action type. And I felt that it wasn't predictable. The basic idea is that of a mother and the things she would do, or get through, to save her kid. It's not exactly award-winning, but I enjoyed it very much. And so did my husband, and he is usually picky. The only scene I did not like is one that suggests animal violence, but don't worry, no animals do actually get hurt, and you can see that in the movie. So it is a nice movie that would please you and it definitely isn't a waste of time.

  • Nice thriller with plenty of suspense, tension , intrigue, twists and turns


    This suspenseful film deals with a little boy, Domenech, wandering across the countryside, who allegedly has been kidnapped during school hours . He is son of a prestigious advocate at law, Blanca Portillo. When her child's alleged kidnapper, Andres Herrera , is realised for lack of a solid proof, the notorious attorney goes into action . While two Police Inspectors, Dechent and Romero, begin investigating the weird deeds, revealing the schoolboy was abducted by a hooded man . Step by step mystery starts to be unfold .Then things go wrong, including unintented and strongly horrible results. This is a highly suspenseful and cerebral mystery thriller full of plot twists about bizarre facts happen to an advocate and her son, including an unexpected and disastrous denouement near the ending .Well-paced film with some really brilling scenes and disturbing images. It contains drama, tense events , shocks , and thrilling sequences especially in its final part. Hitchcock-style psychological thriller being surprisingly good and compellingly realized. Blanca Portillo gives a fine acting as the well known and reputable solicitor who when his son is abducted takes matter into her own hands with unexpected consequences. The charming kid Domenech plays decently the born deaf , introverted and friendless 12-year-old boy who suffers mobbing . Supporting cast is pretty good with important secondaries such as Antonio Dechent as the obstinate Police Inspector, Vicente Romero as the stubborn sub-inspector, Jose Maria Pou as a corrupt judge , Nausica Bonnin, Paulina Galvez , Miguel Angel Jenner, Andres Herrera, Macarena Gomez, and special mention for the veteran Jose Coronado at a brief appearance. A very good musical score by Marc Vaillo, including intriguing and exciting sounds . Adding a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere by cameraman by Sergi Vartroli who displays a luxurious environment. The motion picture was well produced by Joaquin Prado and Mar Targarona herself, and stunningly written by Oriol Paulo, all of them creators of a lot of hits. The film was compactly made by Mar Targarona . She is a notorious producer , including titles as Orfanato, El habitante incierto, X3PD, Vivancos, Quien mato a Bambi , Las manos del pianista and El cuerpo directed by Oriol Paulo. Mar has directed a few films such as Boix photographer of Mauthausen and series as Muere mi vida and Abuela de verano . Rating 7.Above average Well worth watching

  • What is it worth?


    Spanish thrillers are on the rise some would argue. And they would have good reasons and examples that prove their point. One of them is right here. I generally do not like to talk about plot or anything story related and I do think that just the tag line for this is enough. You can feel with the mother and understand at least on some level what she is going through. Having said that, it's not like she chooses always the best way to handle things. But imagine if it was your kid. Now of course some things that happen are coincidental, but that does not mean you can't watch it again for various reasons. Just the way it develops and where it lands are enough to make this a satisfying view ...

  • Who is the cat and who is the mouse?


    "Secuestro" is written by Oriol Paulo, the writer-director of the superior thrillers "El Cuerpo" and "Contratiempo" (both highly recommended), and writer of the suspenseful "Julia's Eyes" (also recommended). "Secuestro" may not be quite up to those movies, but it's still an absorbing, twisty and intricate thriller. Paulo once again places ordinary people in an unusual situation that just spirals out of control. This film may not blow you away, but it will surprise you. *** out of 4.

  • This Is An "OH S**T!" Movie


    This was a great movie. We have a dishevelled, slightly bloody boy found walking a secluded road who, when taken to the hospital and questioned by both police and high priced attorney mom, states that he was kidnapped. A suspect is identified and question but with no incriminating evidence, is released only to be seen following mom and son the next day as well as a disturbance at their residence in the following days. When mom believes that the cops will not be able to manage the culprit, she takes matters into her own hands. Never a good idea, folks. This movie has more than a couple of twists and I never saw a couple of them coming. That qualifies it as awesome in my opinion. It's not the same old story that is played out all the time. The only complaint I have is that I had to read subtitles and that's a pain but this movie is one of the reasons I watch foreign movies. Check it out. This one is worth it.


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