Tail Sting (2001)

Tail Sting (2001)

Laura PutneyRobert MerrillShirly BrenerGulshan Grover
Paul Wynne


Tail Sting (2001) is a English movie. Paul Wynne has directed this movie. Laura Putney,Robert Merrill,Shirly Brener,Gulshan Grover are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Tail Sting (2001) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Prepared for a routine flight across the Pacific, lonely widower and pilot Jack Russell maneuvers his jet into the sky and unknowingly tightens the gap between his passengers and doom. Lying dormant in the craft's hull is a secret shipment of genetically engineered Scorpion fetuses, the creation of Dr. Jennifer Ryan and her team of biochemists for the purpose of discovering a vaccine. At the same time, Yaffi and his brother Sudan sneak onto the airplane speaking in hushed tones about a conspiracy of their own; to smuggle themselves into America. One of Jennifer's most trusted colleagues uses this opportunity to break into the cargo hold and steal the Scorpions. Each fetus sleeps submerged in a jell liquid inside its own glass container. While transferring the fetuses from their secure metal unit the scientist is discovered by security. A desperate fight ensues, containers break, and the Scorpions open their ugly black eyes.


Tail Sting (2001) Reviews

  • I want my one dollar back.


    Oh my goodness. I rented this movie with a one dollar coupon and was sad to find that it was the only time in my life I was upset about wasting a dollar. The Good. 1. The movie ended. The Bad 1. The movie started. 2. In one scene a boom mic operator can clearly be seen in the back of the shot behind a cargo net moving the mic up and down and hither and yon. 3. In another scene a man is sucked out of the plane - past the plane door onto a sound stage and through a trap door - I was unaware planes had sound stages and trap doors - even the big ones. 4. In the same scene as above a gaggle of debris is being blown (in the classic "stuff gets sucked out the open door shot") yet the oxygen masks are hanging straight down. 5. The scorpions grow from about a foot in length to about six feet in length in about two minutes for no apparent reason. 6. Scorpions - like ants and bees and England - have queens . . . apparently. 7. The scientists who genetically engineered the scorpions continually refer to them as insects while I, admittedly not a scientist, am pretty sure they are arachnids. 8. The "queen" scorpion, without aid of a trap door or opposable thumbs and without any reasonable explanation whatsoever (even a simple explanation like "because") becomes locked in the cockpit and the pilot needs only to close the door to trap it inside - it remains here for a long time. 9. The shot of the plane landing at LAX is the same shot of the plane leaving Australia leading one to believe LAX is surrounded by Victorian style homes and an 18 hole golf course. 10. The autopilot is simply a little metal box with a switch and a light titled "Auto Pilot" and it is activated without consideration of other flying wackiness like coordinates or destination - even The Langoliers had that. 11. No Rutger Hauer - sad, it is a movie of his finesse and caliber. 12. The cockpit windows are completely black despite repeated shots that the plane is flying during the day. The Somewhat acceptable. 1. The "hackers" look like real hackers should - pale, overweight and not prone to things like human contact or socializing. Overall - a bad movie. So bad it makes a movie like "Turbulence III: Heavy Metal" look like an Academy Award winner for Best Picture. The script was bad, the actors and actresses and boom mic operator even worse and the plot and character development was nowhere to be found. The special effects were atrocious - sure there were no CGI effects but the puppet effects were so horrific it would have been scarier with Gonzo, Grover, Professor Honeydew and Beaker as the queen. Save yourself the sorrow of wallet victimization. See "Turbulence III: Heavy Metal", see "The Dead Next Door", see "Left Behind II: Tribulation Force" - don't see this . . . please . . . for the children.

  • Eye-Wateringly Awful-But I had a great time laughing at it


    My friends and I had a movie night in which we each brought a terrible movie. This festival of atrociousness contained such esteemed titles as 'Chairman of the Board' (starring Carrot Top), 'Benji,' 'Like Mike' (starring Little Bow Wow), 'Murder She Purred,' and of course, 'Tail Sting.' So how bad was Tail Sting? Well, let me put it this way, my friends and I were all in agreement that Tail Sting was worse than all of the other movies combined. The end of the Matrix Revolutions made six billion times more sense than this entire movie. Ever heard that Richard Geni comedy routine about Jaws the Revenge (if you haven't, you should)? Mr. Geni could make an entire HBO comedy special out of this joke of a movie. The production values of this movie are exceeded by elementary school educational film reels, while the acting could have been done better by Chester, your friendly neighbourhood homeless person. *Spoilers Ahead* But all of this is understandable. They had a poor budget and could only afford to cast the washouts from the Gong show. But a poor budget is no excuse for a script that allows a woman to kill a giant scorpion by hitting it over the head with a laptop computer. I mean honestly. I would have gladly written them a better script for free, AND MY WRITING STINKS!!! Now should you see this movie? YES. Show it to your family, your friends, your enemies, your pets, your English teachers, and complete strangers. THE WORLD MUST SEE HOW BAD THIS MOVIE IS. If you are the sort of person that delights in laughing at terrible movies then this is a must. Make sure you watch this with a large group of friends late at night so you can revel in this movie's putridness. Better yet, buy it for one of your friends. Cheers

  • One of the most hilarious comedy's out there


    I can't say enough good things about this movie. This movie was just wonderful. A friend and I watched this movie in it's entirety and we both laughed intensely hard at it. Even if it was supposed to be a horror movie it was so funny. The budget for this film looked like it was maybe 100 bucks. 1. Their was major bad dialogue in it. Their was one scene where this one woman named Courtney in the plane is talking to this creepy German goth guy named Gunter this is their conversation. Courtney: "Your weird." Gunter: "Sex." What the heck does that even mean????!!! This was a point where I laughed intensely at. 2. There was equipment constantly heard or seen. I recall in one seen where the two middle eastern fellows were trying to fix the landing gear on the aircraft and for a whole 3 minutes you could see a boom mike. It was bobbing in and out of the top of the screen. Also there was a scene where the captain of the aircraft was climbing out of the cargo hold and he has his foot grabbed by a scorpion. After a short while the "Creature" lets go but when it goes away you can here the sound of wheels of a skateboard underneath it. Also in the scene where Gunter is grabbed by a scorpion you can see one of the "Muppet" operators beneath the scorpion. 3. The scorpion's were so badly made I couldn't believe this movie was made in 2001. They honestly looked like some one had made them while sniffing glue. They kinda looked like they were made out of real cheap paper mache. I could go on and on about this movie but I'll stop here but in all honesty if your looking for a real scary horror movie DON'T rent or buy "Tail Sting". If on the other hand your looking for possibly the best comedy ever made DO rent or buy this excellent film and watch it with your friends.

  • Almost makes "Snakes on A Plane" look professional


    I have a sick weakness for cheesy budget Air Disaster/Mishap/Hijack type scenarios. Tail sting however is just too much. I only paid £0.99 from Tesco Extra (UK supermarket) and even after a further 10% staff discount was applied I consider myself robbed. The movie is too stupid to be serious but doesn't seem to be an attempt at humour either. I can only assume it was made as some kind of straight face challenge. Hard to believe that Amazon are charging £15.99 for it. I was considering listing it on eBay but I don't need any more negative feedback. The best thing about is the case it came in, as I can reuse it for something else.

  • So stupid its funny!


    I swear in all my years I have never seen a movie as incredibly bad as tail sting. but something about this movie just made me laugh almost like I've never laughed before. heres a few of the laughable things in this crap fest. *Warning Spoilers Ahead* 1.this movie has the special effects calibur of THE MUPPETS SHOW and I'm not kidding, the scorpions look like something a four year old made with paste and construction paper! 2.the characters were sooo stupid i mean the scientists kept saying that scorpions were insects...wait wait aren't scientist suppost to be smart? 3.the humor in this movie was utterly retarded, so retarded in fact that i wanted to throw my DVD player out into the middle of the road, grab a baseball bat, bash it as hard as i can, then wait for a car to come and run it over every time they made a joke. 4.some of the most plot holes I've ever seen in a movie, how can a scorpion go from 5 inches to 3 feet in a few minutes? DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE unless you like to laugh at the pure cheesiness of bad movies. i give TAIL STING a 1/10


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