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The Afflicted (2011)

The Afflicted (2011)

Leslie EasterbrookKane HodderJ.D. HartMichele Grey Hartsoe
Jason Stoddard


The Afflicted (2011) is a English movie. Jason Stoddard has directed this movie. Leslie Easterbrook,Kane Hodder,J.D. Hart,Michele Grey Hartsoe are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. The Afflicted (2011) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Leslie Easterbrook plays the lead role of 'Mother Maggie', a disturbed mother of four who delivers an unimaginable level of abuse to her children while defending her actions with her own twisted interpretations of the Bible. Three daughters live in constant fear of being beaten and abused by their mentally disturbed mother. Escaping the wrath of their mother seems impossible and proves to be deadly. Based on a true story, The Afflicted takes you inside the lives of those who live in constant fear with no escape.


The Afflicted (2011) Reviews

  • Whatever mother says......


    It took me about 45 minutes into the movie before I realized that this movie was very loosely based on the life of Theresa Knorr and the horrors she inflicted upon her children. I read the true crime book "Whatever mother says" a few years ago and that was hands down the most awful real life story I have ever read in my life. This movie does not even begin to come close to the book. After watching this horrible effort of a movie, I realized that the unspeakable acts of Theresa Knorr cannot be turned into a good movie. If you want the know the real story, you should read the book. It is completely different, apart from a few of the horrors shown in the movie, but the book is actually a hundred times worse and more painful. Read it to educate yourself in the world of true crime, but be prepared for a disgusting ride into reality.

  • Very well acted but flawed horror film.


    Maggie (A great, if slightly manic performance from Leslie Easterbrook, aka Callahan from Police Academy!) is a god fearing Christian woman, married to Hank (A nicely done cameo from Kane Hodder). When their marriage fails, due to Maggie's uncompromising fire and brimstone style views, Maggie becomes bitter, resentful and beset with financial woes. Taking to the drink, she begins endlessly watching the public access TV show of the Cowboy Preacher (JD Hart), who comes to visit at times. Spare the rod and spoil the child, the family must stick together, is what the cowboy preaches from Maggie's TV. As the financial difficulties worsen, Maggie begins to fancy she can converse with God, and that her children should pull together, and chip in anyway they can. If that means doing things they normally wouldn't do, then so be it. And if any dissent ensues, well, Maggie is more than willing to dispense her own quite vicious brand of discipline, because spare the rod, and spoil the child, after all... The Afflicted is a well shot and well acted horror, with good performances all around, from a nice cameo from Hodder to an excellent (if again, slightly ott) performance from Easterbrook. It's also pretty grim, with a bleak tone, and will probably inevitably draw comparisons with The Girl Next Door. However, my main beef with this was that it requires serious suspension of disbelief, and I'm actually wondering if it really is based on a true story as it claims or if this is just a marketing ploy, the way Wolf Creek was supposedly based on a true story, when in reality it was simply loosely influenced by a number of true life cases. The kids, who are all between 17 and 18, one of them a guy, have ample opportunity throughout the film (at least by default anyway) to either escape, report or even overpower Easterbrook, yet don't. This detracts from any tension, and makes it hard to take the whole thing seriously. Most if not all of the supporting characters outside the family are stereotypical rednecks, and towards the end, you're just kinda waiting for things to finish. The Afflicted isn't precisely a bad film, it's more of a flawed one, but overall, I found it neither stand out or substandard. It just failed to leave a lasting impression on me, well made and well acted that it was. 5/10 probably worth a look actually, to make one's own mind up.

  • Move over Mommie Dearest!


    I really liked this film! Don't get me wrong... it's not enjoyable or an easy film to watch but I highly respect how disturbing and depressing this film was. I originally wanted to watch it on Netflix because I saw Leslie Easterbrook is in it (I'm a big fan) and what I found was a riveting, well-performed thriller. Some elements of the film were a bit hard to believe but all in all I wasn't disappointed. If anyone gives this movie a lousy rating just for being disturbing than they don't understand that it was supposed to be disturbing. This isn't a happy family film. In fact, it's a hopeless film all the way through. There's no playing with emotions here. This is a heartless story about a human monster.

  • Dear potential viewers, don't let low ratings dissuade you!


    From my experience, a lot of the reviewers on IMDb can never be pleased! I have seen amazing movies like "The Afflicted" suffer the wrath of those who want to turn a blind eye to reality. The subject matter of "The Afflicted" is that of a true story, and this movie is an excellent depiction of what really happens! Unlike many other movies, this movie causes the viewer to actually feel something. Even if those feelings are anger, remorse, and disgust, the movie has still gripped your attention and caused an emotion. Isn't that what makes a movie successful? Not every movie should show lovers dancing in fields or show zoo animals bonding with humans. A happily ever after ending does not constitute an excellent movie. America needs to grow up! A true story of bad parenting should be rated higher than Toy Story! This movie reminds us to be more aware of our surroundings instead of watching "feel-good movies" that are dumbing us down! Hollywood has spoiled us with movies of redemption, and victory, and above all else, fantasy.

  • Overall well done


    Pretty enjoyable movie overall. The story is interesting enough and the cinematography is actually pretty good overall, especially considering the budget. The acting is well above average in this budget range, Kane Hodder makes an interesting appearance in essentially a cameo role, it would of been nice to expand more on the back story and give him more screen time but that might of been a decision made for budget reasons. The Good Overall acting - Leslie Easterbrook was really good when she wasn't way over the top, all in all a real solid performance the type that should bring her a lot more opportunities. J.D. Hart was fantastic, again some of the script called for him to be over the top but he really did a great job. Michele Grey and Sims Holland both did a great job with very challenging rolls, I expect to see more work from them in the future. Cinematography - overall very good, some real nice shots, most of the film is visually interesting. Some of the hand-held was a bit to choppy for my taste, but that's a taste issues more than anything else, overall great job. Story - the story itself is interesting. The Not so Good Nothing that will ruin the movie experience but a couple glaring problems. The Whys - why they didn't take action sooner or attempt to do something will baffle you, you might even find yourself yelling instructions at the TV as I did. More pre-production time ironing out the whys would of gone a long way. More back story - so we care more, are more invested in the characters and have a better idea of what caused everything. Again this may of been a matter of the budget restraints with some of the actors and time to shoot. All in all a good movie, a pleasant Netflix find for me. Might not be something you would watch more than once but definitely worth your time the first time around.


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