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The Outdoorsman (2017)

The Outdoorsman (2017)

Brent MorinSasheer ZamataIrene ChoiTim Christian
David Haskell


The Outdoorsman (2017) is a English movie. David Haskell has directed this movie. Brent Morin,Sasheer Zamata,Irene Choi,Tim Christian are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Outdoorsman (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Jason has made up his mind: he's going to live in the wilderness for a year. One problem: he's never been camping. While he's preparing, he meets Mona, a goal oriented corporate type who has just suffered a nervous breakdown at work. They fall in love but ultimately Jason must decide: follow his dream or his heart.

The Outdoorsman (2017) Reviews

  • A great romantic comedy with a messsage


    The Outdoorsman is billed as a romantic comedy but it has some serious messages along the way. Jason (Brent Morin) the main character is very engaging and I rooted for him throughout the entire movie and actually cried when he had his small failures (not a spoiler.) Mona, Sasheer Zamata, has her own struggle but the 2 together on the screen was a delight. Very funny and very touching. HIghly recommend this independent film !!


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