Tiger House (2015)

Tiger House (2015)

Kaya ScodelarioEd SkreinDougray ScottDaniel Boyd
Thomas Daley


Tiger House (2015) is a English movie. Thomas Daley has directed this movie. Kaya Scodelario,Ed Skrein,Dougray Scott,Daniel Boyd are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Tiger House (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Kelly sneaks into her boyfriend's house but tonight, she's not the only unwelcome visitor. Now, she must draw on her reserves of strength and skills of dexterity to escape. As the situation spirals out of control, the suburban house becomes a terrifying arena for violence.

Tiger House (2015) Reviews

  • Ignore cevolatile review


    If you watch the movie, most of the plot holes are explained, (locked windows, the boyfriend takes the key from the lock to stop the girl leaving early on in the film, the mother does scream when untied but her lover is lying on the floor with his head a bloody pulp from a baseball bat!) I could go on closing the holes, but suffice to say, It's not a great film, but I have seen a lot, lot worse. The cast is good and acting OK, but it is a story told many times before and in many cases better. I think it is a vehicle for some up and coming stars Kaya Scodelario and Ed Skrein to put on their CV as both are now in big budget Hollywood movies, Maze Runner and Transporter:Refueled respectively. GT

  • I love UK films


    What I have noticed about UK films is they are quite a bit different then US films, less big effects, more realistic, etc. The movie never turns out how I think it will and ends up as something else. What we have here is a suspenseful movie about a house being burglarized. It was well acted and suspenseful. I felt the writing maybe could have been a bit better but it was what it was. I guess I had hoped it would scare me more then it did but it wasn't bad. I like films with a strong female character and this seems to fit that description well, although she is younger then women we usually see as the strong roles, but it works. It shows how someone would behave if they become part of a big scary situation. I enjoyed it but feel people should come in with realistic expectations. This invites comparison to The Purge which I felt was a misfire, and not really enjoyable at all. This film however takes a house invasion and is able to keep suspense and interest with it, which I don't consider an easy task.

  • Girl Power


    Once again low budget film makers have created an interesting film that rivals some major releases when it comes to creativity. The end result may not be the greatest movie ever made but at least you have a group here making an attempt at something new. With the loss of drive-ins across the country as well as double features a thing of the past, direct to DVD is the only way these independent films get made. And on occasion you get something decent. Kaya Scodelario stars as Kelly, a young girl desperately in love with boyfriend Mark. But Mark's mother isn't fond of the young girl, seeing her as someone from the wrong side of the tracks and just trying to latch on to her son. So the pair do what any young couple does, she sneaks into his bedroom at night via the second floor window. Their romance takes a dive when Kelly reveals to Mark that she is pregnant, something he's not too happy about. That night gets worse as the pair are surprised by the sound of someone in the house other than his parents. Checking things out Mark finds a group of kidnappers in the house who take him and his mother hostage and his father, a banker, to the bank as a plan to rob it. Kelly, aware of what is going on first tries to get out the window forgetting that Mark locked it the night before and has the key on him. She quickly hides beneath his bed and tries to figure out just what to do. An altercation resulted in the leader of the gang Shane (Dougray Scott) being severely wounded. He sends part of the team with the father and two men stay with him. Of course, the bed they choose to leave him in is Mark's. As the movie progresses Kelly is left to her own devices to find a way to either get help or take on this trio of bad guys before the rest of the gang returns. Rather than go the route of "Die Hard" ingenuity or Rube Goldberg contraptions, the screenwriters here have Kelly employ whatever she has on hand to her advantage. Her first feat is to get out from under the bed and make her way around the house. Then she begins to find ways to deal with the problem first hand. This would make the film a variation of the hostage turned heroine but rather than leave it at that more complex situations are brought into the mix. A secret that turns the story on its head late in the game comes off surprising but in review makes sense. The movie leaves you with an ending that's quite satisfying for all involved. Some have really ripped this movie to shreds in various reviews. For me it wasn't award winning material but it was a pleasant enough 80 minutes that was far superior to many films that are released this way. The acting of all involved was quite good, especially Scodelario as Kelly and Ed Skrein as a member of the gang with a penchant for violence. The movie won't be one that you'll remember long after seeing it but for an evening's entertainment it does a fine job.

  • Horrible plot makes movie unwatchable.


    Although the dialogue and characters in this movie aren't bad, it's practically unwatchable due to the lack of plot, and terrible directing and editing. Here are some problems with this movie: The house has at least 10 cameras inside, but no smoke detectors or burglar alarm? There are at least 5 scenes where the heroine tries and fails to open windows throughout the house. Why? Are they locked from the outside??? In one scene she unties her boyfriend and his mother and here are their reactions: The boyfriend sits there all self satisfied, useless and relieved as if he just got done taking a huge crap. The mother decides to scream at the top of her lungs as if it never occurs to her to keep her voice down. Later in the movie the mother inexplicably has a shotgun (the shotgun was left outside in the previous scene, so how does the mother who was locked in a cupboard now have it?) In another scene the bad guy is climbing a ladder to get the heroine. The view will find himself thinking "Hit him in the head as he is climbing the ladder" but instead she just screams and cries, even though she already stabbed him with scissors twice in the previous scene. The viewer thinks she finally worked up the courage to do something smart or effective, but no. There were only about 3 good scenes in the whole movie and here are some other plot holes: The criminals don't bring any supplies but when they suddenly need a power drill it's just laying on the table. Likewise when they need gasoline they find a jug of gasoline in the boyfriends bedroom! ALMOST NO ONE KEEPS JUGS OF GASOLINE LAYING AROUND THEIR BEDROOM! There are a LOT of problems with this movie and I don't want to go on forever but perhaps the biggest one that I haven't mentioned yet is the terrible editing/sound. Every shot and every scene, even the mundane ones like an argument between mother and son, has terrible spooky sound effects and noises as if this were a roman Polanski horror film. It might not have been so bad except it's in EVERY scene. So when the bad guys actually enter the house you already want to turn the movie off because you're so annoyed. And the editing: the house has 10 security cameras and every time we are watching a scene through a security camera the image flickers and distorts while all this scary music plays. It's as if they thought they were editing "The Ring". Also, every cut, every dissolve, is done with an accompanying horrible sound effect. This isn't even a horror movie lol! I don't know what they were thinking. I do want to mention that some of the dialogue and characters are pretty good, although each bad guy inexplicably wants to tell his life story to the heroine. The first time this happens it makes sort of sense cause the guy is really stressed and just sort of talking. But in the very next scene another bad guy tells her his life story! And these stories aren't even interesting they are much like the plot of the movie: nothing happens! The director apparently did Shakespeare and other off-Broadway plays before this his feature debut. You would think the directing would be better, but I guess all those years of doing plays left him with the unquenchable thirst to add endless sound effects and editing tricks to his first movie. He should have watched Glenn Gary Glenn Ross or The Six Degrees of Separation to learn how to translate play-directing to movie-directing. But he didn't and instead produced this piece of crap movie that I can't believe I finished watching. I'd love to talk about all the plot holes and stupid things that happen in the end of the movie (like the house exploding or the fact that the fire department never comes even though they live in a rich neighborhood). In conclusion, I wouldn't let the director or editor of this movie anywhere near another film project, ever (unless it was like Hellraiser 6 or some other stupid movie where a million spooky sound effects every scene might be fitting. I had a reoccuring thought while I was watching this movie and I still don't know the answer: "Boy that scene had a lot of problems, why didn't anyone care?" Maybe the director will write an essay one day explaining how movies turn out like this.

  • Generic but highly exiting!


    Indeed ignore other reviews written. This was a great watch. Kaya Scodelario was awesome and Ed Skrein really impressed me as well. I had seen him before in something I can't really remember and wasn't impressed, so when I heard he was doing the (unnecessary) Transporter reboot I was disappointed, this however was a great edgy performance from him. The whole film by the way was pretty damn edgy. Maybe a couple small holes here and there, sure, but most were adequately explained. I particularly love this type of home invasion, one location, against the odds story done on a shoestring budget. And it brought some old school nailbiting tension as well. I really don't understand the criticism. Of course this story has been done before, but this one definitely had it's own originality. This combined with gorgeous photography, a gorgeous leading tough girl, and an overall great cast, always nice to see Dougray Scott in action, he's just great at dying slowly, made for an excellent exiting watch. 7/10


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