Ungli (2014)

Ungli (2014)

Shraddha KapoorRandeep HoodaSanjay DuttKangana Ranaut
Renzil D'Silva


Ungli (2014) is a Hindi movie. Renzil D'Silva has directed this movie. Shraddha Kapoor,Randeep Hooda,Sanjay Dutt,Kangana Ranaut are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Ungli (2014) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Four friends Kalim (Angad Bedi), Gautam (Neil Bhoopalam), Maya (Kangana Ranaut) and Abhay (Randeep Hooda) form a gang called the "Ungli" gang which fights against corruption prevailing in society. Their job is to target corrupt people and punish them in a very unique manner. Due to increased popularity and their high profile targets they are sought by Mumbai police department as "wanted". Their case is the responsibility of ACP Ashok Kale (Sanjay Dutt) and inspector Nikhil Abhyankar (Emraan Hashmi). Nikhil disguises himself as a college student and joins the ungli gang with hidden motive of arresting them. But soon, his heart changes after learning the story of why ungli gang waw formed. Meanwhile, Kaale is compelled to seek help from the gang when Nikhil helps him expose the gang's greatest target, B.R. Dayal (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his son Anshuman. Kaale instigates a sting operation against the Mumbai police and is successful in preventing his transfer. Kaale thanks the "Ungli" gang...


Ungli (2014) Reviews

  • Interesting in parts!


    'Ungli' has a good premise & to an extent, it does justice to it. But, overall, the Writing Material, despite its noble & genuine intentions, doesn't work entirely. Its interesting in parts, not totally. 'Ungli' Synopsis: A gang of friends decide to take justice into their own hands & turn into vigilantes. Things take a turn when a cop goes undercover to grill them. 'Ungli' makes an honest attempt to take upon the burning issue of corruption that exists in our country even today. The film begins well & the 'Ungli' Gang give us some gripping sequences, but the pace drops as soon as the Cop enters the scene. The second-hour doesn't hold appeal & the culmination looks hurried. Despite a crisp running-time of 113-minutes, 'Ungli' still isn't able to rise above its flaws. Rensil D'Silva's Screenplay works in bits & pieces. A much tighter second-hour was needed. Milan Zaveri's dialogue, however, are super. D'Silva's Direction is ordinary. Cinematography & Editing are mention-worthy. Music by Various Artists is tuneful. Performance-Wise: Sanjay Dutt delivers a restrained performance. Emraan Hashmi is sincere, although the length of his role is surprisingly short in the first-hour. Randeep Hooda is ever-effective. Kangana Ranaut doesn't get much to do. She looks gorgeous, though. Angad Bedi & Neil Bhoopalam are fair. Neha Dhupia is passable. On the whole, 'Ungli' is a half-baked fare.

  • A very good effort in trying out something different but 2nd half makes it a spoilsport


    It was Rang De Basanti which ignited the fire within the common man to fight against corruption and turned out to be an event film . UNGLI had all the ingredients that makes it a perfect hard- hitting flick but 2nd half spoils the mood and it is a like a matar paneer without salt. Plagued by corruption arising in every part of the society, 4 friends form a group called UNGLI to fight against it in their own way. After bold attempt in Kurbaan , Renzil D'Silva does a fine a job as a director. However the screenplay looses the steam aftermath. The beginning of the film and narration of story of the protagonist is beautifully depicted . The later reel flips and falls flat heavily with unnecessary song and less-impacting climax. Screenplay could have been better. Dialogues are good. Editing required extra effort. Cinematography and art direction is bad. Among the actors, only Randeep Hooda stands out while none could make impact with their performance. Emraan Hashmi is as usual wooden face. It is high-time he should start looking for better roles. Kangana Raunat fails to make impact this time. Sanjay Dutt is OK. Overall , a very good effort in trying out something different but 2nd half makes it a spoilsport. Average 2/5

  • A film on the fight with corruption with new concept & climax.


    After a long time, finally Ungli movie has been released. In which we can see little bit younger Emran, Kangna & Hooda. While Sanjay Dutt is looking very old. Neha Dhupiya & Neil Bhopalam (24 fame) are also here. Shradhha Kapoor is in Dance basanti song and Mahesh Manjrekar & Raza Murad have special appearances. This film describes the fight by the Mango People (Aam Admi) to the corruption, directed by Rensil D'Silva. Story is nice and new. Ploting of emotions and songs are also admirable. One of the plus points is dialogues by Milan Milap Zaveri. Some are too funny, while some are having a perfect punch to hit hearts of the audience. Music is cool and listenable. Sachin-Jigar's Dance Basanti is nice. Paakezah is my favorite. Background score is okay. Sanjay has played his character well. Others have small roles or I can say nothing extraordinary. So, all are fine as per the film, not individually. Kangana looks innocent with her curly hair. Emran and Randeep act as usual. Rensil has directed the film nicely. Some point of time, it is little bit slow and boring. Concept is new. Even climax is also remarkable. But, I felt some portions slow. If that portions could have been faster, the film will become a marvelous one. Although it is a nice workpiece, but box-office collections will not be higher than 50-60 cr. I would suggest this film to the youth of our country. It's not a predicting movie, I'm sure you will enjoy it from starting to ending. You will get more than your expectations.

  • Better but could have been best


    Story A bunch of four, Abhay (Randeep), Maya (Kangana), Goti (Neil) and Kalim (Angad) after an unfortunate incident create a vigilante gang called the Ungli gang. Plagued with corruption, in every faction, every strata of the system, the gang picks up momentum and people's love by a series of action. But soon enough they find a fan replicating what they do and an application to join the gang. Everyone is skeptical of Nikhil (Emraan) who poses as a law student but is actually an undercover cop, on duty to expose the Ungli gang. Nikhil has their smarts and sharpness. But, Nikhil too believes in their ways. Will he take them to task or join their movement? Performance Emraan Hashmi is great. Donning his wicked smile, he plays a lackadaisical cop who finds his real calling in changing the system when he associates with the Ungli Gang. He brings out Nikhil's dilemma of being torn between what's right and what's not. There is a simmering intensity in Nikhil no one except Emraan could have brought out. Following up close is Randeep Hooda, who is robust and never over the top in this film. He is great in every frame and with the same grit. Sanjay Dutt shot his last scene with them and he still has his iconic punch to his persona. I miss watching mode of Munnabhai and such roles and the little stint in Ungli will make you crave for it. Kangana Ranaut, Neil Bhopalan, Angad Bedi were all great in their parts. Kangana does not have a very meaty role in the film but she is radiant and great in the scenes she has. Direction & screenplay Films like Ungli are never about its actors but about its director and its writing. Rensil makes a compelling film which doesn't shy away from taking on the system, much like his dreaded gang. Ungli prides itself in being a cross between a formulaic entertainer and relevant cinema and it makes for an interesting watch. The only times Rensil loses tempo is when the film's melodrama steps in. Luckily not enough time or energy is wasted on that. It's a slow boiling thriller that doesn't have the darkness of Kurbaan, which was again a fantastic watch, but tackles it all with intelligent humor. The punches in Ungli have a certain sincerity, that flows from the film's goodness and novelty. I am so bored of watching potboilers that Ungli is a whiff of freshness that has an enticing narrative which will keep you interested all through. And when you try predicting, Rensil's climax will brilliantly throw you off. What's another sparkling part of Ungli is its theme songs and Neeti's voice will resound every time the gang accomplishes a mission. The last word I think it's putting too much of a responsibility on a film to instigate a social change. It's job is to primarily entertain and make better cinema. Ungli's novelty is its highlight point. Benefitting from sharp writing, lucid narrative and a few clapworthy zingy dialogues which have the punch, I do think Ungli is one of 2014′s most novel concepts. Well rendered and acted with zeal, don't miss five people showing an entire system, the finger. I am going with 7/10.

  • Go For This Ungli Gang


    After the very famous and popular TV series 24:India Renzil D'Silva is coming with Ungli and i must say he truly deserves thumbs up for the screenplay and story.Sometimes its hard to plot a story very well with a social message but Renzil has done a superb job.A special appreciation to Milap Zaveri for his dialogs and very good punches. Undoubtedly Emraan Hashmi is superb as cop and as Ungli gang member.He is perfect for this role for dialog delivery as well as acting and attitude.Sanjay Dutt is as always nice in every scene.Randeep Hooda surprisingly awesome this time.Kangana Ranaut,Neha Dhupia,Angad Bedi,Kader Khan and Arunoday Singh have done nice job too. 4 people make ungli gang just for justice of common people when their friend who is Kangana Ranaut's brother been a victim of injustice.Inspector Kaali put Nikhil to catch them.But due to some circumstances they both shake hands with ungli gang and exposed the whole corrupt system. Overall,don't think and just go watch movie.Its a another superb movie delivered from Emraan and surprisingly from Karan Johar.RECOMMENDED !!


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