'D' (2005)

'D' (2005)

Randeep HoodaChunky PandayRukhsar RehmanIsha Koppikar
Vishram Sawant


'D' (2005) is a Hindi movie. Vishram Sawant has directed this movie. Randeep Hooda,Chunky Panday,Rukhsar Rehman,Isha Koppikar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. 'D' (2005) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After his mother passes away, Mumbai-based Deshu returns from Dubai to condole his married sister, Kumud, and retired police constable father, but becomes embroiled with the police as well as the underworld after he witnesses a brutal homicide. Hounded by both the police and goons affiliated to Mangli, he decides to enter the criminal world of Hashimbhai, a rival of the later, and begins his career by killing Mangli. His rise in the gang is phenomenal, and his association with Bollywood beauty, Bhakti Bhatnagar, creates jealously amongst Hashim's sons, Shabbir and Muqarram, who also feel demoralized and threatened, and use every opportunity to instigate their father against him, while the Mumbai Police assign 'Encounter Specialist' Inspector Razaak the task of doing away with Deshu.


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'D' (2005) Reviews

  • One of the best movies


    In the era when Shahrukh khan's over-acting is considered 'thrilling' and rated as top-notch by the Karan Johar circus... this movie proves that this new actor has the acting skill and confidence to make these over-hyped Khans run for their money. This movie respects audience's intelligence and does not pursue the lowest common denominator by adding stupidly choreographed 'balle balle' songs. This movie is about reality, it is about death and it is about the brutal war for survival. It is imaginative enough that doesn't bore the audience with obvious and unnecessary dialogue and director's clever use of music focuses on character's emotions and the underlying fear that governs everyone's behavior. See this movie and compare it with the more 'mainstream' family oriented movies and you will see why RGV is one of the best director in the industry. Here the hero does-not cry, he is sober and mature enough to think and act. This the Khans will never be able to do. 10/10

  • Pretty darn cool!


    I loved it. A mish-mash of RGV's previous gangster flicks. Simply loved 'Randeep Hooda' as 'Deshu'. How cool is that character? Seriously, he's one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME. I just loved the simplicity of this movie. No stupid camera gigs. No special effects on gun-shots. The focus is entirely on telling a good story and it keeps u riveted like other gangster flicks haven't. 'D' never drags. Hooda has some screen presence.....this guy really commands ur attention. He emotes through his eyes and is downright chilling in some scenes. He's also gifted with a strong voice. I can definitely see him going places. People expecting another cheap kichri of Satya/Company will be surprised by how entertaining and well made this flick is. Definitely recommended!

  • Another hard hitting movie about the Mumbai Underworld.


    Ram Gopal Varma does it again yet another movie which draws you into the reality of Underworld and introduces you to the machinery of Mumbai underworld. D is a story of a young aggressive man Deshu who gets into the Underworld and changes the orthodox ways of its operation.He defies the ongoing practices and with his courage he is in the driving seat just after some time he joins the gang. "Randeep Hooda" comes as a surprise this young chap from Haryana delivers a performance which is really amazing. Last time when we saw Randeep Hooda he was in a small appearance in Monsoon Wedding.But this movie shows his potential.He resembles to Chandu of Company but definitely does it better than Vivek Oberoi. Satya and Company were on the same lines of D but definitely SAtya is the best among the three.D-company music wise is not up to the mark but songs are hardly part of the story. performance wise the movie is a full of good performances CHunky Pandey gives a great performance and fits to the role.Then there are artists like Goga Kapoor Sushant Singh who can never go wrong.Isha Kopikar had very little scope but her costumes and body language was perfect for the small time when she was on screen. If you enjoyed Satya and company this movie is a sure go for you.Don't expect any mercy from Varma productions because there is ample of on screen violence and tension like the previous two flicks. 8/10

  • An effective movie


    Another mafia movie out of the RGV factory. First of all, set expectations right to enjoy the movie. Don't expect the brilliance of Satya, raciness of Company, or the impact of Ab Tak Chappan. Then you will end up actually enjoying the movie instead of panning it as just another mafia movie. I am surprised that they didn't promote this movie as the prequel to Company. Hollywood would have milked the angle. Hindi movies need to start doing it. But it is a "prequel" to Company, no questions about that. When seen in that angle you understand the motivation behind making the film. The biggest plus of the movie, like other RGV movies there is no sugar coating. The scene where Deshu is sitting and eating lunch in the chawl is so realistic of chawls in B'bay that you almost can touch and smell it. There is no Yash Chopra grandeur. The romance is gritty and real. There isn't too much dialogue in the movie which furthers the impact. There is no real need for it, you can extrapolate the dialogue from the situations. The background music is fitting. Another plus point of the movie is the focus on the story. The movie never veers from it. The story is about the rise of common man to that of a mafia don (Deshu). There aren't any sub plots to divert the attention of the viewer. The acting for most part is top notch. Rukshar (Bhakti Bhatnagar) who plays Deshu's girlfriend is the only one who doesn't command a screen presence. So whats the biggest minus ? Like I said before it doesn't leave you breathless a.k.a Satya. You have appreciate the mumbai tapori/mafia/colloquial setup to some degree to like the movie. If you are a fan of the afore mentioned movies. Its a must see.

  • ** The Trilogy is complete **


    One of the most unusual things in Bollywood is a sequel or a trilogy. Ram Gopal Varma completes this circle with "D: Company". Another hard hitting and realistic look at the Mumbai (Bombay) underworld scene. Deshu is a Dubai-returned common man who gets involved in the gangster world and soon starts taking over established names in the business. This leads to peer rivalry and of course, endless daylight shooting on Mumbai streets. The movie takes another shot at the politics-movies-police-underworld connection without sparing anyone in the process. This movie has the "Ram Gopal Varma touch", as we have come to know it, written all over it. His previous outing with "Satya" and "Company" were equally amazing although none can match the raw power Manoj Bajpai brought to Bhikoo Mhatre(in Satya) or Ajay brought to Mallik(in Company). In this one, Randeep Hooda makes an excellent job as the aggressive yet ruthlessly calm "Dheshu" or 'D'. This movie ends where "Company" starts. So, in a way, one can see this movie as a prequel to "Company". Performance wise there are many amazing surprises. For one, Chunky Pandey makes an excellent comeback as Raghav - D's right hand man. Then there is the Varma favorite Isha Koppikar as his love interest. Goga Kapoor, Yashpal Sharma and of course, the talented Sushant Singh also chip in powerful performances. On the whole "D:Company" turns out to be another enjoyable Varma production. Giving it a 10 out of 10 for keeping us in touch with the reality for once.


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