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#SquadGoals (2018)

#SquadGoals (2018)

Sheryl LeeParis BerelcKennedy Lea SlocumCorey Fogelmanis
Danny J. Boyle


#SquadGoals (2018) is a English movie. Danny J. Boyle has directed this movie. Sheryl Lee,Paris Berelc,Kennedy Lea Slocum,Corey Fogelmanis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. #SquadGoals (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Ambitious high school senior Samantha Hodges is a serious journalist, both for the school paper and for the yearbook, but she's just as serious about her friends, Nate, Gillian, and Rudy, all of whom are vying with her for a full-ride local scholarship to college. Very close to her mother, Emily, who is the school's guidance counselor, Samantha finds her reporting taking an investigative turn when two of her classmates--and contenders for the scholarship--are murdered.


#SquadGoals (2018) Reviews

  • High Hopes


    I frankly can't believe it, I expected more from this movie, but it just couldn't provide that wow factor. I'm no expert, it seems that the people making the movie could've provided more time and effort. The name of this movie attracts, but the movie is totally ironic. :( -By Will

  • No


    The premise is boring. The script is written like someone who has no idea how people talk. The acting is cringy. Listen gave this movie a shot but it is overall terrible. Really don't bother.

  • Deadly Scholars? or #Squad Goals?


    This movie is So Bad, it seems they are even trying to 'Hide' the movie by changing the title. While the original title (by Google and Netflix) both list the title as: 'Deadly Scholars' but IMDB has it listed as '#SquadGoals'. The secondary comes from the fact that it is mentioned several times in the movie. Now this movie had some potential as a 'Who Done it', but all of a sudden its as if everyone was on a countdown to get it done and get it done Terrible and Fast. The final 10-15 minutes will make your mouth drop because it is so damn stupid! The killer makes a confession after they were just told by a BBF who they thought was the killer, and instead of agreeing and framing the co called killer, the REAL Killer confesses! To a High School BFF... And...well...omg... I just can't relive how dumb of an ending it was. Honestly, it did start out out ok, and did have potential but I just don't know what happened at the end. Now THAT is The Real Mystery.

  • Pretty lame


    This had potential. It was going the right way to build up with the deaths, but then on about 5 minutes we suddenly find out the reason for it and who was behind it. It could have been way better and the acting was quite clunky.

  • Low budget Emma Stones new movie is not very good.


    A truly terrible movie. Best to avoid this one!!!!

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