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1945: From This Day (2018)

1945: From This Day (2018)

Tim SeyfertAlexander GuineyFergus ReesGareth Bennett-Ryan
Rick Roberts


1945: From This Day (2018) is a English movie. Rick Roberts has directed this movie. Tim Seyfert,Alexander Guiney,Fergus Rees,Gareth Bennett-Ryan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. 1945: From This Day (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

In Germany's Hurtgen Forest, during the final days of World War 2, an exhausted and overwhelmed band of American army paratroopers fight for survival amid a deadly hidden threat, escalating internal conflict and seemingly impossible odds.

1945: From This Day (2018) Reviews

  • A movie in search of a plot.. and a script and actors...


    I didn't think the movie deserved the 3.2 IMBD rating, but it certainly didn't deserve the 9.0 given to it by the mother of the writer, director, producer. The acting was really bad, as was the script. There really wasn't a plot of any kind, just a bunch of American soldiers with British accents walking through the woods arguing and shooting. At least the uniforms and props were good! Except for the Captain that had the single silver bar of a lieutenant painted on the back of his helmet. And why was a Captain saluting a Private that he just promoted to Sargent? May favorite lines were "You can't condem an entire country because of a few bad actors", obviously you CAN condem a whole movie for having nothing but bad actors. And don't forget "better wash the blood off his hands so he doesn't get caught red handed"!

  • worst war movie I ever seen


    The uniforms were good and somewhat correct. That's all the positive I have to say about this movie. The acting was bad, soldiers didn't have any military experience. They didn't even study their topic right. Nothing in this movie was about the Hurtgenwald. It's been 20 years that a movie annoyed me this much.

  • If you want to never pick up a gun in your life, this is it.


    This movie is blunt and real not hiding the absurdity of being a soldier. You really have to listen to the quick and blunt conversations between the soldiers and read between the lines since it's a very short film. Everything is there for a reason and symbolizes individual aspects of an all out war. Everything from conflict of leadership to kill or be killed regardless of age. Don't mind the bad reviews, people just missed the whole point. There doesn't need to be a plot, you just have to understand the people.

  • Renactors shoot a movie


    I give them credit for trying. Uniforms and props were decent, but honestly, as a war movie it was akin to watching paint dry. If you are into lots of random talking and little action, then this is for you.I was being generous with the four stars.

  • Well done early effort by the film makers!


    Solid effort; skillfully and quickly develops the main characters, making the most of the movie's short running time; full of sharp dialogue and tense scenes while remaining realistic and, ultimately, insightful. The English accents of the supposedly American soldiers seems like something that could have been avoided, but I look forward to seeing the director and writers work with a bigger budget.


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