55 Steps (2017)

55 Steps (2017)

Hilary SwankHelena Bonham CarterJeffrey TamborJonathan Kerrigan
Bille August


55 Steps (2017) is a English movie. Bille August has directed this movie. Hilary Swank,Helena Bonham Carter,Jeffrey Tambor,Jonathan Kerrigan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. 55 Steps (2017) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama movie in India and around the world.

When patients' rights lawyer Colette Hughes goes to meet her new client, Eleanor Riese, a patient in the psychiatric unit of a San Francisco hospital, she has no idea that besides taking on an uphill legal battle to improve treatment for mental patients in hospitals, she is meeting a woman who will make it her mission to transform Colette's workaholic life.


55 Steps (2017) Reviews

  • Oh hello, helena bonham carter! Says, The Oscars...


    When I saw this movie, I didn't have an idea as to what to expect. I clicked it because I saw HBC plus, Hillary Swank... I mean come on, those 2? Who wouldn't be interested in a movie that has them as the lead stars... Ok so, Helena gave an award-worthy acting on this movie. She was impeccable! I couldn't say much about hillary because her acting here is just ok, her role didn't really bring out the best of her acting ability. All in all, you should see this film because of the powerful message it wants to convey! I highly recommend this.

  • Timely and touching movie, based on a true story


    Very timely and touching movie which is based on a true story. Timely release due to current events in the media. Enjoyed Helena and Hilary's portrayals of Eleanor and Colette. Hope movie is shown to a wider audience in the future.

  • Relationships, Communication, Compassion!


    This movie is nothing less than a gem. What makes it so compelling is that although the issues are clearly and boldly presented, we never lose our connection to the individuals portrayed. The balance achieved is rare. Also, Eleanor and Colette are such different women, but the evolution of their relationship is believable and astutely rendered. Above all, how wonderful was it to see a story about generosity, compassion and high ideals?

  • Moving and meaningful, and needed


    Exceptional, inspiring story that is exceptionally, poignantly told. Bonham Carter embodies this most dignified of heroines, who withstood inhumane treatment beyond all reason and yet retained her own captivating humanity. Eleanor Riese was a warrior. Thank you to all the women and men who persevered to make and win her case and later, to get this unforgettable movie made.

  • An Important Movie with Tremendous Acting


    55 Steps tells the very important story of Eleanor Riese and her personal and legal struggle to gain control over her medical treatment and her life. Helena Bonham Carter is amazing as Eleanor. The movie is based on Eleanor's legal case and the efforts of her lawyers but is really about Eleanor's growing friendship with her lawyer Colette Hughes, played by Hilary Swank in a typically strong performance.


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