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706 (2019)

706 (2019)

Mohan AgasheRaayo S. BakhirtaDivya DuttaNarendra Joshi
Shravankumar Tiwari


706 (2019) is a Hindi movie. Shravankumar Tiwari has directed this movie. Mohan Agashe,Raayo S. Bakhirta,Divya Dutta,Narendra Joshi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. 706 (2019) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Mumbai based top surgeon Dr Anil Asthana is missing since last 11 days his much younger wife Dr Suman decides to take charge of the hospital in his absence.Suman meets a young patient Neeraj suffering from rare disorder and finds from him that Dr Asthana has passed away after his car met with an accident somewhere in Lonavala.DCP Shekawat investigating the case travels with his team and finds truth in the story.Shekawat sends Neeraj's video to a spiritual person Dinkar in Benaras who tells him that Neeraj is possessed an that he cant revel more details on phone and that that he will have to come to Benaras for the same.


706 (2019) Reviews

  • Want my 2hours back


    This movie is total waste of time and data. The boy seems dead through out the movie .. no expressions.. No horror .. no suspense .. nothing .. wish could rate it 0/10

  • Horrible


    I usually don't rate movies but this movie compelled me to relogin into my IMDb account after so long just so that I can give it a 1 start rating! This movie is so boring, predictable, zero suspense, horrible acting, horrible background music! The list is just endless. Divya Dutta seems like she will doze off in the next scene! The kid who has been possessed acts so bad that it's a torture (he seems to be a privileged kid as there are like thousands of talented child actors!) This kid didn't stand a chance! Overall it will take you back to 20 or better to stories made 50 years ago!

  • 2 Hours of Yawn


    What could have been a good story, had the screenplay go down the film like that of Reema Kagti's Talaash. While the story has nothing to offer but boredom, the acting is obviously good. the repetitive background music was also an irritating addition. The film is a badly made joke.

  • Horrible, Worst Direction


    Poor direction through out the show, its not an horror movie. No suspense, no thril. Nothing worth wasting your time. Horrible old story and worst direction and sceenplay.

  • one time movie


    The movie started well and is very interesting at start only, later you start to loose interest.. it could have been better but can be seen as a one time film..

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