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A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018)

A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018)

Frank GingerichMorgan GingerichAnnette O'TooleHarry Groener
David Wain


A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) is a English movie. David Wain has directed this movie. Frank Gingerich,Morgan Gingerich,Annette O'Toole,Harry Groener are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) is considered one of the best Biography,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

An old version of humorist Douglas Kenney tells the story of how he and Henry Beard parleyed their success in their campus magazine, Harvard Lampoon, into the commercial magazine, National Lampoon. Drawing upon their checkered lives and an aggressively puckish sense of humor, the pair created a publication that would redefine American comedy with outrageous drollery that grabbed the zeitgeist of the decade that expanded across various media. Unfortunately, for all his success, Doug Kenney with his overhanging insecurities, ego and irresponsible appetites began to consume him until he alienates everyone who ever cared and supported him even as they imitated him. In the end, this iconoclastic funnyman would come to a tragedy that comes when your comedy doesn't have enough distance.


A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) Reviews

  • Wonderful film


    David Wain tells a true story in a creative way, creating the kind of the film his subject would have written, although a little sadder. Every actor does a superb job, Will Forte hits the perfect melancholic note. Dom Gleeson as usual is excellent. This is a wonderful tribute to Doug.

  • Netflix's' Best In a Looong While


    Rarely do movies make me laugh out loud anymore. This movie not only made me do it repeatedly, but had me laughing hours later remembering some of the bits. Extremely clever, well told story of a brilliantly hilarious guy who I, and I would guess most of my generation (I'm 31), am not familiar with. This was truly a 10/10 and I hope Netflix makes more like it down the road.

  • Shirley doesn't live here anymore


    A driven joker pushes his way through Harvard and on to comedy stardom, but the fun begins to get manic ... Clever story telling that takes a while to get the right mood, but once it hits the American Hustle-style montage pace with the '70s period look it just rolls along. Plenty of decent laughs, but with good introspection by the lead actor. I didn't know much about this guy, and his stuff was just before my time, but I found the story really engaging, and of course there's the satisfaction of spotting a host of comedy stars at the start of their screen careers. Biggest laugh was Chevy Chase trying to pour a drink at the parents' new mansion. The meta narrative is amusing, with a pointed reference to the source of the movie's title, but it also pulls a clever trick in setting up a shock ending for anyone who doesn't know this man's life. Only complaint is that there's no killer line. Maybe: "All you had to say was don't call me Shirley". The performances are good all round, and the direction, editing and cheerful music keep it bubbling all the way through. Overall: Nice surprise, big recommend.



    A Futile and Stupid Gesture is about the creation of the National Lampoon brand and its creator Doug Kenney. This film follows Doug through his extraordinary heights and lows of his life in the comedy business. This film is directed by David Wain (Role Models), Wrote by Michael Colton and John Aboud (Penguins of Madagascar). It stars Will Forte (Nebraska) as Doug Kenney, Domhnall Gleeson (Ex Machina) and Martin Mull (Clue) as The Narrator. Along with a great line up of stellar comedians. What I liked about this film was it's direction and in my opinion pitch perfect interpretations of famous actors and directors. I really enjoyed Joel McHale as Chevy Chase and Will Forte as Doug Kenney. Most of the jokes are funny as well especially the ones featuring famous scenes in films and how they came about. My favorite scene would have to be the ending though which for someone who didn't know the story actually had me tearing up a bit. But some of the jokes do not hit for me, along with a dive in quality in the middle of the film which makes it last forever. means that it certainly isn't comic genius. However I do like this film and think you should watch it. Its a bit rough around the edges but it means well and for fans of National Lampoon films, this fil is defiantly for you. 7/10

  • A creative but cliched biopic on a unique man


    It's weird watching this immediately after Drunk Stoned Stupid Dead (Im also reading the Making of Caddyshack, which is basically about the making of National Lampoon) and.... Joel McHale as Chevy is inspired casting. A lot of the casting is - Will Forte and Domnhall Gleeson at the top and their scenes in the first half of the film making up the real heart of the thing (like Social Network but totally wiseass, which is fun). But that framing device is just pure WTF, and it ends on a note that maybe Kenney would have appreciated if he were alive, but he's not and we are and it feels so... I dunno. It's also strange to be living in 2018 and (as David Erhlich pointed out, im sure he wasnt alone) have a straight-faced take on the "wrong kid died" cliche that was mocked ten years ago in Walk Hard. Sure it did happen here, but Wain's treatment doesnt skirt the cliche, it just is one. There are enough fun bits here to make it watchable (grading sort of on a Netflix curve), and the actors are all trying their best. And... It's fine. Which is not the kind of praise Kenney would've wanted.


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