A Harvest Wedding (2017)

A Harvest Wedding (2017)

Jill WagnerVictor WebsterMerren McMahonAndrea Brooks
Steven R. Monroe


A Harvest Wedding (2017) is a English movie. Steven R. Monroe has directed this movie. Jill Wagner,Victor Webster,Merren McMahon,Andrea Brooks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. A Harvest Wedding (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Sarah Bloom, an up-and-coming wedding planner in New York, is hired to plan the most anticipated wedding of the season. However, she learns the bride is from Sarah's home town of Williamstown, Massachusetts, and wants her wedding on the family farm, which is now being run by the bride's older brother - who is also Sarah's first love.


A Harvest Wedding (2017) Reviews

  • Very Nice, and breaks the mold in a few instances.


    A Harvest Wedding was above average due to the likability and good acting of the leads, Jill Wagner and Victor Webster. They played age appropriate, mature, and sensible characters with good heads on their shoulders. Because of this, the plot was not packed with silly misunderstandings, stupid behavior, or battles between good and evil. Jill Wagner has a real Scarlett Johannsen thing going on, though much more down to earth looking. Victor Green was almost too handsome, which made him an unlikely farmer, but his acting was good. Jill played a wedding planner, Sarah, given the gig of a high profile society wedding which would really put her on the map career-wise. In addition, a prestigious wedding magazine is doing a piece on the wedding because of the prominence of the family involved despite the fact that the bride, a super nice down to earth girl, chose Jill over much more established wedding planners. To add to the complications, the bride does not want a super-fancy formal spectacle, but a simple country wedding at her fiance's family farm. I liked that the mother of the bride was set up to be a momzilla, but knock me down with a feather, after a heart to heart talk with Sarah and her daughter, she stepped up and helped give her daughter the wedding she wanted, not what fulfilled her own elite society wedding dreams. In addition, the ending was a refreshing breath of fresh air. Without fail, In Hallmances, the big city career girl gives up all of her professional progress and achievements and moves to the country to be a wife. In this one, the farmer, thanks to his development of a method of roof top gardening, divides his time between the country and the city, allowing Sarah to pursue her dreams. This is a real departure for Hallmark. The final scene was a treat.

  • Another Schmaltzy Hallmark Offering


    Hallmark has dusted off one of its standard plots, changed a few of the details and delivered a "new" film. As ever, a former high school couple are reunited years later, when the one who left the bucolic small country town of their youth returns temporarily from the "big city" for family, relaxation or work and rekindle their lost love. Compromises in careers and life styles are made in pursuit of true happiness. But alas, not before facing some obstacles created by either a new love from the city who shows up unexpectedly or in this case, a potential new suitor from the city whose interest is unwanted and of course, misinterpreted. Will they or won't they get back together? Will old love conquer all? The answer is always yes - this is Hallmark after all; movie makers of the greeting card world. The main character Sarah is a wedding planner who is staging a ceremony on the farm owned by her old flame. The event is during the annual crop harvest - which in real life is not something farmers could or would thoroughly disrupt for a "society wedding" on site. Here though the farmer gives in because he can't resist the perky, overbearing and annoying Sarah. As another reviewer mentioned, the backdrop is lovely with its fall colors (although for the life of me I don't understand the confusion over the location that was expressed in that review. Just because the story is set in Massachusetts doesn't mean it was filmed there. Forget a Google Earth fan search! Hallmark ALWAYS attributes its beautiful Canadian filming locations to random US sites, as though audiences won't watch anything that isn't set in good old, 'Merican locales.) All in all, another Hallmark cliché.

  • Quietly good


    After 3 duds, Hallmark's Fall Harvest got one right. The story was almost believable, except for the very end which was off-the-scale unbelievable, but funny and cute. Yes it was sappy, but the story managed to keep us interested with some drama and small surprises here and there. Jill Wagner and Victor Webster, two veterans for Hallmark, were good together. Wagner did a nice job keeping Sarah fairly grounded despite many stressful situations both in her job and personal life. Wagner managed to stay the romantic focus of the movie despite two other gorgeous ladies in the story, the bride and her assistant.

  • Bland, bland, bland


    If you have ever seen a Hallmark movie, this one is typical "small town girl who lives in the big city returns to her roots and sees the light" fare. Hallmark makes little to no effort into making the environment believable, pasting some leaves in colors not known in nature on one big tree to make it seem like this is in autumn while all of the other foliage in the area have the green leaves of summer. Production values score: zero. The ending is totally unbelievable with the demise of the chef's kitchen by fire just a small bump n the road as the down home farm folk donate good wholesome farm fresh produce which he immediately (without a kitchen, apparently) turns into a gourmet meal worthy of a standing ovation. And, big surprise, the down home girl realizes the error of her ways and retuns to the old boyfriend. Gee, on what Hallmark story have we seen that before. And Hallmark continues is unblemished record of making all characters lily white with the exception of one person of color. No other nationality need apply for these syrupy movies. The plus is the two leads who are not twenty somethings. Hallmark loves their industrial strength curling iron - nearly all females in these sappy movies have the same version of hair style.

  • Woohoo! Another first review for me! Good Fall Harvest RomCom!


    I saw it on the exact day it premiered. That doesn't happen often, but I like when it does. And I'm also the first to submit a review, nice! Well, they say this takes place for the most part in Massachusettes, however, IMDb page says it was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Well, obviously there were some New York City shots as well. I think IMDb missed something in terms of where it was actually shot. I do believe most of it was probably in Canada. I haven't seen those colors anywhere last year or this year in Vermont and we are pretty close to Canada though. The fall colors definitely popped in this film and that was cool. But Williamstown, Massachusettes? Yes, there is such a place and it is located in the Northwest part of Mass, which is actually real close to the southwest portion of Vermont. So yes, possibly some harvesting areas are there. I was trying to picture it in my mind, but then I took the satellite view of Williamstown to see what kind of farming could be going on there, but it's inconclusive at best. Yes, filming location was suspect. Yes, they showed a street sign welcoming people to Williamstown, so maybe some of it was filmed there as well. Anyway, well worth at least one viewing. Solid 6 Stars from me!


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