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A Novel Romance (2015)

A Novel Romance (2015)

Amy AckerDylan BruceCamille MitchellTammy Gillis
Mark Griffiths


A Novel Romance (2015) is a English movie. Mark Griffiths has directed this movie. Amy Acker,Dylan Bruce,Camille Mitchell,Tammy Gillis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. A Novel Romance (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Liam, a big hit novelist hits a writer's block for his next work. He takes a break in Portland, where he falls for the journalist-cum-book critic Sophie. Considering Sophie's past , rough love life with a celebrity sports star, Liam keeps his identity concealed. But can he keep it secret forever.

A Novel Romance (2015) Reviews

  • Really Enjoyable


    This movie really surprised me. When I read the premise I was quite skeptical, believing that this movie would be another one of Hallmark's cheesy rom-coms (not that that's a bad thing!) but I quality of this movie was great! The lead actors were fantastic, particularly Amy Acker who delivered a great performance. I thought the writing of this movie was really great, as it didn't end in the cliché way I thought it would. I liked that the characters faced more strife and trouble in their relationship than the average Hallmark romance. 9/10 stars. You lost the last star in the finale moment. Just a teensy bit corny. Otherwise a great flick. Recommended.

  • One of my Hallmark favorites


    First off, I have to say that this is one of my favorite Hallmark Channel movies ever, in my top 5. Amy Acker was very vulnerable in her character, but not unbelievable. Amy plays a young woman who meets a man on a flight and they become attracted to each other. She does not know that he is a bestselling author, while he has to listen to her unknowingly criticize his latest novel. She has been burned by public humiliation in a bad relationship before and his parents died at an early age, so they both are wary of trust and she vows never to date a famous person again. They date and fall in love, and in particular her three friends help her see that she shouldn't judge him based on someone else. Of course, she finds out who he really is in a very public way and she ends things. Even when he apologizes and it is clear she loves him, she refuses to be in the public eye. But in true Hallmark fashion, with a little help from her friends and his agent, they reunite and have their happy ending. This was a true pleasure to watch and a very believable portrayal of what a real relationship could be like. No doubt, it is well worth watching.

  • Must see . . .


    A Novel Romance with Amy Acker is a must see. All of us have been in relationships even marriages where some of what is revealed in this movie must be dealt with. I'd never heard of Amy before but if you're a fan you will love her in this film. All acting is superb but Amy's performance is stunning, yet vulnerable, beautiful, charming, witty, and sweet. A realistic love story with enchanting sweet romance that only Amy could portray but all can relate to. I must admit I've already viewed it more than once. I'm a new fan of Amy's thanks to her in this movie. Man or woman have a glass of wine sit back and enjoy the movie and then think about encounters in your past or maybe one you would like to have in the future! Fun, very sweet, very romantic and very enjoyable . . . a must see!!

  • 83 Minutes That I'll Never Get Back


    "A Novel Romance" was not only cliché, but actually painful. I watched this movie on my laptop and I honestly had to pause it so I could breathe and move on. Not in the "oh this is so sweet I'm blushing and forgetting how to breathe" way but the "let me close my eyes for a moment as I consider how a two year old could have better written, directed and starred in this movie" way, a "let me focus on breathing so I don't throw up from all this cheese" way. The entire thing was cheesy and predictable. Every moment was hard to watch and while I'd like to think myself an appreciator of cliché romcoms, this was something else. By now I've watched enough films to know that you shouldn't be constantly reminded that people are acting, there should be a level of suspension of disbelief. For goodness sake, some Disney Channel Original TV movies are better than this. I think that the concept of the film was okay, but that it was the execution in every sense, that ultimately let "A Novel Romance" down. A good script, performance and cinematography should make you feel something, move you, and the only thing that this film made me feel, was queasy. 1/10

  • ***


    This is typical Hallmark fanfare where a guy who lost his famous parents in a plane crash turns to writing novels. He meets a girl who just broke up with someone famous and since no one knows that he is the famous writer, he doesn't say anything to her about his identity. The picture becomes devoted to his inability to tell her or something occurring as he is about to. With the typical Hallmark trait, she leaves him after she finally finds out, but what is true with all Hallmark films, love conquers all. Our heroine Amy Acker is appealing but she suffers from almost a childish voice which may become annoying as the film goes on. Charles S. Dutton, the philosophic like owner of the restaurant, plays a widower in the movie and relates everything to his dead wife. Anyone notice that the guy who owned the book company is a almost-look alike for our president and the girl wanting an autograph closely resembles Chelsea Clinton.


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