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Age of Summer (2018)

Age of Summer (2018)

Peter StormareBrian Van HoltJake RyanDiarmaid Murtagh
Bill Kiely


Age of Summer (2018) is a English movie. Bill Kiely has directed this movie. Peter Stormare,Brian Van Holt,Jake Ryan,Diarmaid Murtagh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Age of Summer (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A determined teenage boy struggles to find acceptance within the Jr. Lifeguards of Hermosa Beach while juggling relationships and challenges in the summer of 1986.

Age of Summer (2018) Reviews

  • A perfect summer movie


    A warm, heart touching retro piece that will take everyone back to that special summer of their youth. Set in a quiet Cali beach town, it brings together a cast of seasoned veterans and fresh new faces that come together perfectly in their roles. The cinematography is spot on and makes you feel like you experienced the challenges of life with them. Percy Hynes White, who is truly coming into his own in so many genre, is spot on perfect in his role as Minnesota, struggling to discover who he is and fit in and he shines as a future star. Jack Ryan is the classic nerd and nails his role. Charlotte Sabina rounds out of the cast with her complex but grounded surfer girl. If you're looking for that perfect summertime movie to chill with, this is it.

  • Nostalgic, funny and beautiful


    This will remind everyone of their favorite summer. The movie is beautifully shot in a California beach town and in the ocean in a way that makes you feel you just spent your summer there. The story is universal. Funny and real and surprisingly emotional. The kid actors are excellent. Percy Hynes White is perfect as the kid trying to fit in. Jake Ryan is funny as a nerd. Charlotte Sabina gets her confident but complicated surfer girl character just right. I highly recommend.

  • Reminisce Your Coming of Age!


    This movie brought back memories of another movie I watched many moons ago. That movie was called "Lifeguard" and starred a young Sam Elliott. This movie was as enjoyable and as picturesque as that movie and gave me a nice feeling, reminiscing how I once as a teen found my way to fit in. Hard to find the words to describe that feeling we all felt as we were coming of age and turning that corner in life. This movie delivers the goods, great job pulling it off by actor Percy Hynes White!

  • Surf, sand, sun, and shallowness


    Judging by the high ratings (Two 10's? Really?) it looks like the filmmakers have been busy casting their votes here on IMDb. The cinematography is indeed quite good but everything else is fair at best, and quite often grossly deficient. Starting with the tired old plotline of a kid from the Upper Midwest who's suddenly plopped into the So Cal cool zone (Side Out, Beverly Hills 90210, Tribes of Palos Verdes, et cetera, et cetera...), it begins by rehashing familiar stereotypes and then essentially goes nowhere. The paper-thinness of the characters is perfectly exemplified by the male lead, who nicknames himself "Minnesota" apparently to underscore his newbie-ness to one and all (we never do learn his real name). From there, we're treated to endlessly cringeworthy moments as our hapless, prepubescent-looking and implausibly naive hero tries desperately to be accepted by the "cool kids" while mooning over his unattainable heartthrob Brooke, who is not only "out of his league" as he puts it, but clearly out of his maturity level and seemingly out of his entire species. The film is set in 1986, for no apparent reason - there isn't much to establish a mid-80s atmosphere, and there are a number of obvious, careless anachronisms (board shorts were not yet in vogue back then, tatted up guys were confined to trailer parks, and nobody had ever heard of a "fist bump"). All in all this has the feel of a vanity project by a writer/director who was most likely a hapless, androgynous Minnesota tweener among surf gods in 1986 Hermosa Beach himself. But the real victim of this waste of good scenery - aside from the audience - is the LA County Junior Lifeguards, a truly worthwhile summer program that has taught vital beach and ocean skills to generations of kids. Here, it's depicted as a cliquish and exclusory group run by an abusive bully. If this movie were all I had to go on, I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near it.

  • A nice little movie


    A coming of ager. There are no big moments, but a series of small ones. It's the type of movie in which any of the cast or crew might move onto bigger and better things and you'll look back and say, "yeah, I saw that coming."

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