Alien Dawn (2012)

Alien Dawn (2012)

Michael AbruscatoTiffany AdamsAlex BellRachelle Dimaria
Neil Johnson


Alien Dawn (2012) is a English movie. Neil Johnson has directed this movie. Michael Abruscato,Tiffany Adams,Alex Bell,Rachelle Dimaria are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Alien Dawn (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

2012. The dawn of destruction. As giant alien machines enslave and feed off humanity, the few remaining survivors band together to form a armed militia that will be the last stand against total extinction.

Alien Dawn (2012) Reviews

  • New all time low for Sci-Fi


    Up till now, the accepted gold standard for the worst film ever made has been Plan Nine from Outer Space, directed by the incomparable Ed Wood. But I'm here to tell you all that Neil Johnson has surpassed Mr. Wood with his Sci-Fi epic, Alien Dawn. I've never posted anything on IMDb before, but I felt that the magnitude of the awfulness of this film had to be addressed. Oh, and the reviewers who gave it 4 and 5 stars? Really? Seriously? One guy even said, "I've seen a LOT worse in the 'War of the Worlds' genre than this." Please! Be serious! Some people rely on this site for guidance when renting movies. I downloaded the thing off the net for free and I STILL feel robbed.

  • War of the Worlds rip-off


    what can I say, right in the beginning of this movie seems to start of as if they were in the same movie War of the Worlds (2005), possibly following tom cruise around. I wouldn't be surprised if they just stole the computers and script from the production team of WotW. There is no redeemable quality of this stink fest. Worse than even the worst made for TV Scify Original movie. Stay Away, Far away................ P.S. On another note, I doubt that this movie will ever even see the light of day. I just had the misfortune to get a screener. P.P.S. I don't even wont to waste anymore time on such a horrible movie, but I have to add 2 more lines of text, just to submit this

  • OK El-Cheapo Sci Fi movie


    I've seen a LOT worse in the "War of the Worlds" genre than this, but just because there's worse out there doesn't make it good. The aliens come. Of course their technology is far advanced of ours. We don't know why but we can guess. They hit the whole planet with weapons we can't begin to fight back against. Yet somehow a rag-tag bunch do fight, and even achieve a victory. Is that this movie? Well actually that's "Independence Day" - but they are much the same overall plot. Just don't expect so much from here. The acting is stiff but tolerable. There are glaring plot holes but then there always are. The special effects were adequate but then these days you can make amazingly good special effects on your home computer if you know how. If it's a cheap enough rental and you're bored, try it.

  • Avoid at all cost - low cost nonsense


    If you want to make your worse enemy suffer, make him (her) watch this piece of cinematographic "art" from start till end. Guaranteed to achieve the wanted result. I still have to understand why somebody will finance (even with a miserable amount) such a nonsense? I am not an old, grumpy purist, I do enjoy digestible science fiction - been a fan of easy-minded St..-Tr.. all my life, but this is unwatchable, seriously. The evil alien machine theme is with us for over a hundred years now but this has to be the worst implementation yet and I've seen a lot of recycle bin stuff in my life due to my editing work. 1) Beaten up theme = no plot whatsoever 2) Awful CGI = Painful to watch in a conscious state 3) Appalling acting = Actually no acting as such AVOID, life is short!

  • Alien Star War of the Worlds Dawn


    I'm only 7 minutes into this War of the Worlds and Star Wars ripoff and my eyes and ears can't take much more. The flashbang, choppy editing or whatever it is that is causing my screen to flicker with every explosion and the jumbled together Star Wars sound effects has me on the verge of cutting myself to make it through. The acting is horrendous. If the makers would have put half as much money into the plot and some decent actors instead of CGI-ing the hell out of everything, then maybe I would have rated it a 4. I only gave it a 2 (instead of a 1) because I applaud anyone who can go out and get a movie produced and marketed (no matter how crappy it may be). This one is to be avoided like the plague. If the CGI, plot, acting and editing would have been better, then I would recommend it...but alas, I cannot. Better luck next time guys (if there is a next time).


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