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Alien vs. Ninja (2010)

Alien vs. Ninja (2010)

Masanori MimotoShûji KashiwabaraDonpei TsuchihiraMika Hijii
Seiji Chiba


Alien vs. Ninja (2010) is a Japanese movie. Seiji Chiba has directed this movie. Masanori Mimoto,Shûji Kashiwabara,Donpei Tsuchihira,Mika Hijii are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Alien vs. Ninja (2010) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A comet crashes into a Japanese forest and a group of mighty ninjas must fight a group of killer Aliens before they reach their village and kill everyone.

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Alien vs. Ninja (2010) Reviews

  • Fun film of the year!


    Plot? See title. Low budget? Yep. Filmed on digi-cam? Yes. Terrible CGI? You bet. Men in rubber suits straight out of Power Rangers? Oh man, you've seriously got to see it to believe how cool it is! Word to the wise: if you can't appreciate flicks like The Story of Ricky, you may not like this. It's an action-comedy, the effects add to the fun, there are plenty of cool bits and if you like kung fu this should leave you pumped-up. Watch this film! (An extra line to make the 10 minimum, please ignore)

  • The title says it all except the film is great deal of fun.


    I saw this at the world premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival and it was a great deal of fun. Its a film where the title tells the whole story and if you're good with that you'll have a great time. The plot of the film has a fireball fall to earth "several hundred years ago"(nudge nudge). In it are some aliens which go about tearing up the villages. Into the mix are a bunch of ninja who stumble upon the creatures and decide to take them on. Thats it. This is a very knowing, very bloody, very fun film that doesn't try to do anything other than entertain. Most of the effects are very good, though the monsters are very much men in suits, which is fine. I mean they aren't reinventing the wheel just trying to have a good time. High art its not. High fun it is. Crack open a cool one, get some popcorn and some friends and enjoy.

  • It was actually quite cool...


    Another fantastic hyperactive movie comes out of Japan. In the wake of the recent years releases of over-the-top movies that come from Japan, "Alien vs Ninja" is right up there along with movies like "Tokyo Gore Police", "Meatball Machine", "Samurai Princess", etc. These movie are amazing with their low budget, excessive amounts of blood and gore, and totally crazy story lines. The story told in "Alien vs Ninja" is very, very simple. A group of ninjas are out scouting when a meteor crashes near their village. And a vicious alien has come to Japan, spreading havoc and destruction. Now it is up to the ninjas to stop the aliens before it is too late. "Alien vs Ninja" borrows elements from movies such as "Alien", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Army of Darkness". The alien, though it looks cheesy, was actually a nice enough touch to the movie. And you just got to love the way it sort of resembles a mixture between Godzilla and the aliens from the famous American sci-fi franchise. Oh, and it was also hilarious the way you could see it was just a dude in a latex suit from the way of the sleeves and pants were reacting to his movements and its general appearance. Moving on... The outfits worn by the ninjas were actually really cool, lots of nice details and rather cool appearance they had. The special effects were good enough, though at times it was obviously fake. But with a movie of this caliber, this hyped up speed and action, you don't really mind the low budget effects. And frankly, they were working quite well most of the time. The small creatures that went inside people's nostrils and throats were cool as well. "Alien vs Ninja" has a lot of fighting scenes in it, and these work quite nicely as well. They are well-choreographed and looks good on the screen (despite the cheesy alien). All in all, I found "Alien vs Ninja" to be surprisingly good. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire movie. Highly recommended for fans of Japanese movies, and for those liking gore and high-octane action.

  • Seriously?


    My god, I laughed and laughed...with it and at it. I was of course expecting a romp, but not.."this". They knew what they were filming from the start and it shows beautifully. Choreography was great, cinematography ditto. As to people dissing this work of art I only say : loosen up, guys! "revdkooi771" said that aliens and ninjas looked cheap blah, blah. Of course they look cheap, look at the budget. Look at the title of the movie. Does it reek with seriousness? I think not. It's like I buy a Justin Beiber CD, listen to it and say it's bad, the music is amateurish...of course it is and it's our fault if we can't turn on our brains and deduct that before we waste time, money and remaining grey cells. But hey, everyone has a right to speak his mind

  • Alien vs. Ninja (2010)


    A great little romp of Japanese cartoonish madness. If you love weirdly titled, poorly shot films, then this is for you. It has bad CGI and even worse suits/puppets. How can I possibly defend it? I enjoyed it dammit. It had action, adventure, betrayal, and never let its budget get in the way of imagination. The little alien critters were grotesquely simple, while the big alien dudes were uncomfortably phallic. The comedy mostly came from bizarre deaths, and though these were more normal than usual (for this type of movie) the sword fights were more than convincing enough. This is the kind of film that young teenagers make with their friends on a nice summer afternoon. Only difference is, that here we have grown-ups that should know better, and with that immaturity comes innocence and excitement.


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