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Amityville Exorcism (2017)

Amityville Exorcism (2017)

Marie DeLorenzoJeff KirkendallJames CarolusAustin Dragovich
Mark Polonia


Amityville Exorcism (2017) is a English movie. Mark Polonia has directed this movie. Marie DeLorenzo,Jeff Kirkendall,James Carolus,Austin Dragovich are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Amityville Exorcism (2017) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

On a sacred mission to exorcise once and for all the ancient evil force of Amityville, the pained priest, Father Benna, visits the new home of Jeremy Ducane, and his young daughter, Amy, after a series of strange occurrences. In the house's dark basement, evil-infused lumber from the original Amityville House in Long Island seems to pollute the entire place, as Amy finds herself under attack by a demonic power that thirsts for her soul. Now, a sinister red-clad entity demands sacrifice. Can the Amityville exorcism banish the malevolent force to the depths of hell?


Amityville Exorcism (2017) Reviews

  • Amityville Exorcism: The absolute pits


    Amityville has been tagged onto plenty of horrors in an attempt to gain credibility and the majority have been terrible, this however is by far the worst. Watching these 76 minutes was beyond a chore, it was cruel and unusual punishment. I believe in sitting all the way through a film, this is one of those times I regret it. Hyper low budget with a fittingly poor cast, soundtrack, editor and director. The cinematography is some of the worst I've seen and the whole thing was painful to watch. It tells the story of a priest called in to save a possessed girl in a house that contains some of the wood from the original Amityville house. The movie has no redeeming qualities beyond the cover. Staring at that cover art for 76 minutes would be more entertaining. The Good: Great cover The Bad: AWFUL acting Dreadful cinematography Random flashing images are moronic Hilariously bad soundtrack Dumb, dumb, dumb Things I Learnt From This Movie: Drinking Jager from the bottle during the day suggests the person is scummy.....or lucky

  • Who are these people?


    This movie couldn't even be rated as "B" movie, a low "Z" at tops. WOW can't believe someone even came up with this idea and then even had to balls to get "actors" (and I use that very loosely) to spend time on making it. Worst movie and acting EVER!!! I would not waste my time on watching this train wreck unless you need a good laugh. Movie looks like it was filmed on a Iphone at best. I think I need to go drink some bleach after watching this. How can someone even take credit for this and to think that Amazon charges for you to watch it? Maybe the video will end up in a bin at the Dollar Tree for fifty cents. I have lost all hope in humanity and anyone that would think this was a good idea.

  • Terrible movie asusal in the name of Amityville


    The Amityville Exorcism (2017): I hate all the Amityville B Grade movies.All of them are so terrible except Amityville Asylum which is also a bad movie but better than others.So I gave this exorcism a try.So how is it? Plot: Terrible Plus Points: Whaaaattttttttttt....No Way...... Minus Points: In every Possible Way.. So,Amityville Asylum is awful at all levels and simply a terrible watch. My rating 1/10 (Please allow 0 option too)

  • Demonic lumber?


    Someone kills a family with a hammer. Years later this same person confesses to a priest and asks the priest to go to a house to exorcise it. So because of demonic transference, some lumber ended up demonized and the house he's referring to was made with pieces of that lumber and it was the cause for him killing his family. At the house live Amy and her alcoholic dad. The priest makes it over there and as luck would have it around that time Amy start becoming possessed herself when a guy dressed in red appear, so the priest will have to perform an exorcism and the house and then Amy. Yup, Amityville Exorcism is a zero budget horror movie combining the fashionable exorcism sub-genre with the deceptive Amityville title. It has nothing to do with the Amityville franchise. It has that cheap camera look, weird synth sounds, cheesy visual effects, poor acting, etc. It seems to be a two-man operation. Yet there is actually some skill involved. The director seems to have an idea what to do. I was actually going to rate this higher because I thought that the crew didn't have a whole lot of experience, but it turns out the director has directed 39 movies in three decades. The first thing a filmcrew should know is when it's feasible to make a movie and when to put a project on hold. If you've been directing movies for 30 years, why come out at this point with a no-budget movie?

  • Budget constraints!


    There were definite budget constraints! In all aspects of the 'movie'. No acting budget. No writing budget. No technical budget. I think the front cover would have been the most expensive part of the whole production. I watched it, as something on the side while I was working, and it quickly became a distraction, akin to the shrill of an alarm clock. The premise is simple enough, much like previous Amityville tie-ins, official or otherwise. You remember the one with the haunted lamp, that's this, but imagine they couldn't afford a lamp, so they just made a piece of haunted wood... i'm not kidding! They should have renamed it 'Amityville: 2x4'. It quickly morphs into an elderly film students attempt at a tragic family, trapped in a poorly written Exorcist for Bible camp children. The board game 'Atmosfear' had better special FX, they should of asked someones kids to do it, it would have looked better! I wouldn't waste your time on it really! Everything here has been done before and quite a bit better too.


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