Atharintiki Daaredi (2013)

Atharintiki Daaredi (2013)

Pawan KalyanSamantha AkkineniPranithaBoman Irani
Trivikram Srinivas


Atharintiki Daaredi (2013) is a Telugu movie. Trivikram Srinivas has directed this movie. Pawan Kalyan,Samantha Akkineni,Pranitha,Boman Irani are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Atharintiki Daaredi (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The Nanda family based in Milan,Italy is a very powerful family with a huge business empire. Raghunanda(Boman Irani), his son(Mukesh Rishi)and his grandson Gautam Nanda(Pawan Kalyan) manage their billion dollar business.Raghunanda asks his grandson to fulfil his wish of reuniting him(Raghunanda) with her daughter.In the past, she is asked to get out of the house for having married a pleader without their family's consent which leads to a heated and a shocking thing ,which is later revealed in the film. Gautam promises his grandfather that he would reunite him with his estranged daughter Sunanda(Nadiya) ,who lives far away from them in Hyderabad, he decides to travel to India and bring her back. But as he reaches Hyderabad , he come to know that his uncle(Rao Ramesh)is at the airport who returns back to Hyderabad from Chennai.His uncle in fact has a stroke while driving back and Gautam takes him to a hospital and saves his life. In the hospital he sees his aunt for the first time.He is...


Atharintiki Daaredi (2013) Reviews

  • A Flawless Family Entertainer.


    This shaved 'Simham' has taken a great leap for his previous movies and now came back with a bang.! Apart from PowerStar's previous works.. This movie stands apart because of its unique way of storytelling. Trivikram Sir did the magic dialogues and story , yet again.! I just salute to the way he writes those #Powerful one-liners which really has a lot of meaning in it , and let me tell you , you need to be very good in Telugu to interpret his dialogues. Just fabulous..! Pawan Kalyan did complete justification to his character. Praneetha is very luck to get a role in this PowerHouse's film and she did well too. #Samantha was nice and bubbly in her innocent and yet not so innocent character , she proved herself in second half. Nadia was really well in getting the emotions right. Boman Irani is really an asset for the film , great actor. Devi Sri Prasad's music and his cameo in 'NinnuChoodagane' was nice and enjoyable. And as usual , Trivikram Sir in his TM way narrated the story to the audiences in a very entertaining way. Flawless.! First half has a heavy dose of emotions and Second half takes a turn in the story and is hilarious with Brahmanandam's entry. MS Narayana was very supportive with his pranks and suggestions as a adviser for PSPK. A highly recommended film for those who value 'Relationships'. A complete and neat Family Entertainer. Rating - 4.5/5 "Ekkada Neggalo Kaadura.. Ekkada Thaggalo Thelisinavaade Goppodu..!"

  • I am beginning to wonder where the old trivikram sir had gone


    First of all the movie was OK and worth watching once, just because of lack of other entertaining movies at the time and of course the main reason would be Pawan Kalyan, apart from that it is nowhere a trivikram sir's movie who produced evergreen masterpieces like nuvve nuvve, athadu, khaleja which even now stand for top trp ratings in the television. Trivikram sir really failed to portray the role of Nadia on whom the title is based. 99.99% of the film she has the stubborn face except at the climax scene where she suddenly realizes her arrogance and leaves her hatred. The dialog " just pelli chesukunnaanu anthe kadha" I mean how can her character be liked after such a dialog. The only reason for this movie to cross all the industry records is Pawan Kalyan fans and their support to their hero to fight the piracy devil which hit the movie before its release. As of Pawan Kalyan, I am very happy to see him getting into success track as he is a very capable person who deserves the fan base he has. But Trivikram sir is really loosing his signature in his recent films just to elevate the hero image....thats too sad.

  • Fabulous movie


    Pawan Kalyan is back. It is an awesome movie and Pawan didn't let his fans down with his action and style. Pawan looked so posh, cool and he is freaking so very handsome. He performed so well with his outlook, body language, timing and his trademark antics. He carried himself so well and he is the perfect fit for the character. Emotional scenes and comedy are above brilliant. Trivikram's direction is just brilliant and it is purely a family drama entertainment movie. He chose perfect character for Pawan and Pawan blended with his role and mannerism so well and his action was marvelous. Definitely this is one his best movies and saw the maturity in the action and he is very impressive. Nadiya is the heroine of the movie. She is a perfect fit for the role. Nadiya carried her dignity with style throughout the movie and the Saree's are just awe-inspiring. Songs are beautifully composed by DSP. "Aradugulla Bullettu" is just mind blowing song. MS Narayana rocked with his comedy and all the comedy timing was well maintained.

  • Nothing new but a star saves it


    Atharintiki daaredi is a complete in and out entertainment based film.It got nothing to offer in terms of story but it got all ingredients to fulfill the masses where pavan kalyan has huge following. casting is filled with right actors but some characters are forcibly added who have nothing to do with the film.Music was the major asset of the film and cinematography has no complaints.Editing is strictly average and film runs nearly 3 hours. First half of the film is OK.The main Strong point of the film is its entertainment in second half with pavan kalyan type of comedy.The director who uses logic as main part in his films was missing.This film contains strong entertainment episodes to overcome the fluctuations in story and how one could not appreciate the dialouges of trivikram? He is the best dialouge writer and pride of telugu cinema. The film is mainly targeted to family audience but it got potential to draw all type of audience.See it with no expectations and you will be entertained.

  • Pawankalyan's invitation to families for a Get together at the Cinema Hall


    Atharintiki Daaredi-My Review Powestar Pawankalyan this time gives a treat for family audiences.. A movie with all elements with enough package to cherish for 3 hours Powerstar PawanKalyan terrific performance, especially in emotional scenes, his acting is just awesome.. Mass punch dialogs brings out claps and roars from the crowd.. Though old story that is revolving around movies for years, it is well triggered and has been shot perfectly.. Good work Trivikram .. Nadhiya is powerful in her acting that class,arrogance everything is classic.. Samantha just fulfills her portions, Same with Pranitha.. Nice acting from other supporting actors too.. Brahmanandam comedy track not that impressive, Ali was fine.. Locations were good, Fights are Mass pampering and BGM by DSP is perfect though repetitive. Boman Irani is a true legend. Songs are good to watch.. My favorite picks "Aaradugula Bullet" and "Bapu Gari Bommo" Prasad Murella's cinematography fulfills the vows of a typical commercial family melodrama.. The scenes doesn't have any excitement or interesting twist but on the other hand presence of Pawan compromises those flaws.. His presence is so much impactive for this movie Thumbs up for Powestar.. On the whole, Atharintiki Daaredi- Pawankalyan's invitation to families for a Get together at the Cinema Hall Rating: 3.75/5


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