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Atone (2019)

Atone (2019)

Robert RuslerColumbus ShortScott ElrodStephen Farrelly
Wes Miller


Atone (2019) is a movie. Wes Miller has directed this movie. Robert Rusler,Columbus Short,Scott Elrod,Stephen Farrelly are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Atone (2019) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

Former special ops soldier, Laura Bishop, shows up for work at the largest church in America and is forced to take down a team of hijackers when she learns her daughter is trapped inside.

Atone (2019) Reviews

  • One (wo)man Army against church robbery !


    I just watched latest movie 'Atone 'which is released on February 26, 2019 per IMDB information. Surprisingly it is a good movie. Very similar story line to 'Peppermint' of Jenifer Garner with some difference. Story is of a mother of daughter to fight against a gang of nasty goons who hijacking a church for their demand. Movie is full of action and thrill till the end. And you feel tension throughout the movie. As me we should must learn to fight against the wrong side although it would be very dangerous or deadly. Must watchable for action and thriller lovers. Do not go with low ratings. Moreover movie is only one and half hour long whereas torture drama movies are mostly lengthy ( best example : The House That Jack Built for 2 and half hours long ). However there are some loose points too in the movie that the church seems like a bank with high security! What is the past of Lara? Why did not Lara tell her daughter to go to the police for help when she escaped? But you can overlook this in the flow of action movie. Must watch for your value of money and time.

  • its clumsy mr.miller


    Wes miller, it sounds like a speedy director,has composed this thriller that simply makes my toetips burn from the bad acting, bad timeline and edited timeline, with an original idea but so lost story about a heist and hijacking of ......a church(?)....and this church are bulletproof and terrorsafe with state of the art surveillance and security force that are just armed with a mouthfull of nothing, and the head of security shines his twinkling cowboy revolver and has his own plan,the rest of the crew though have no guns,no tazers ,no sticks to beat the enemy with. its so filled with holy spirit in the start that they totally forget to lock the doors that day,namely the day that the new security chief starts in her job. and this freak manages to lock herself out of the building, while the heisters equiped with assault rifles and god nows what, and masks to disguise their faces , where each thug has its own color from gold and silver to blue and white. how stupid do you think real terrorists are mr.wes miller? every geek with a mind of itself would never attack a target not being able to differ between his ''armed brothers''. i think you should rewrite the story to a bank,casino or a brothel to beheist, and use one color on the outfit next time. im an old grumpy man that can take a lot but this was like tide on astronomical low caused by high pressure in the producers cylinder head, that makes me krank. i couldve said so much more,but the editor of this site may not like it,and will shred it, but this is my sincere review . no recommendations from me

  • LMAO!


    Seriously what the hell was this? The acting was so terrible that I was in stiches with laughter. Reminded me of Steve Martin's movie within a movie "Chubby Rain"! I don't think the actors got paid for this movie. They themselves paid just to be in front of the camera! LOL

  • What did I just watch?


    The overall scheme of the movie ( That I perceived ) was that apparently there were some jug heads with a vendetta who sought vengeance against the thieving pastor who basically took all and gave nothing back. The overall morality of the movie was acceptable, but it seemed forced, overwhelming, and misplaced. In the movie, the church had prison-like features ( For almost no reason ), a "high security" (which consisted of two people ), and an irregular plot. It wasn't long before I noticed the very poor directing and acting, let alone, some of the worst editing I've seen in a movie that considers itself< at the least, a "B" movie. As far as editing, there are many scenes where the blood doesn't match up with the previous scene. These cuts are one of the most important things to viewers. The plot was shaky. I half way understood where it was going, but in the end, the director just gave up and wanted to finish quickly. The conclusion was a ( for the most part ) a happy ending, excluding personal deaths within the movie, but, very inconclusive and had not left an opening for a sequel, or at the very least an answer on how things happened. Also, five minutes, is five minutes. If you're going to place a specific time in a movie ( ex. 5 min ), and be so elaborate as of how much that time means, then execute that time in a timely fashion. Overall, I rate this movie a 3/10. Spend your time watching something better.

  • Response for ops-52535


    Nice name, is it from real experience or Halo etc, lol. Even modern operators use something to distinguish themselves from others. This can take on any number of combinations to include color. Been done since before the Roman's. Most of today's operators are small teams that rehearse so much, with location mock ups and each other they know each other without even using these tools. simply body type and movement, voice, on and on. You live and train day in and day out you know them, even in the dark. For lesser trained, yes, color is often used, still is... there is still a color of the day, voice and password challenges, for when electronic and other means fail, batteries fail etc. This will not change and will continue to be the fall back forever, as will the good old code book. Your comments are naive and not rooted in reality or actual experience. yes, we have many tools and gadgets today to distinguish ourselves from our enemies, but when these fail we have the old faithfuls to fall back on. And yes, this still often means a color, a patch, placement, voice, words, answers, on and on. As for the movie, Church's are prime target's for terrorist and all nut jobs. Because they attack what they don't understand or agree with or are afraid of, period and try to inflict maximum damage to the public for fear and economic factors. Some of your other points are valid, however, you will always have human error, and even equipment failure in every day life, all the time, every day. This is easy to exploit and even create... Honestly, I agree, terribly disappointing overall with not just this but all movies today... it is like a cookie cutter machine just slamming them out for out of theater market or something. They honestly can't be making money lol...


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