Band Camp (2005)

Eugene LevyTad HilgenbrinkArielle KebbelJason Earles
Steve Rash


Band Camp (2005) is a English movie. Steve Rash has directed this movie. Eugene Levy,Tad Hilgenbrink,Arielle Kebbel,Jason Earles are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Band Camp (2005) is considered one of the best Comedy,Music,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Matt Stifler, the younger brother of the legendary Steve Stifler, who made it big as Hollywood porn-producer and shamelessly ignores the idolizing kid brother, may claim the title of Stifmeister as his heritage, but even for his horniest mates he's little more then a bad joke. When Matt alone gets caught red-handed for a prank with the school band's instruments, present high school counselor Sherman 'Sherminator' finds great pleasure in taking revenge on him for the misbehavior Steve excelled even worse in, so instead of expelling the little prick, he condemns him to take part in band camp at Great Oaks, where Jim Levenstein's still understanding dad is filling in for the feared problem counselor. As there are plenty of girls in the competing bands, Matt hopes to turn his (mis)fortune around by smuggling in camera equipment including a robot to shoot saucy, clandestine material for his counterpart to Steve's hit video "Girls Gone Wild", an at least as 'revealing' Bandies Gone Wild. ...

Band Camp (2005) Reviews

  • Pleasantly Surprised


    After hearing quite a few negative comments/remarks/reviews about this film, I had somewhat lowered expectations. Not to mention the fact that it was following what is undoubtedly the greatest comedy trilogy of our generation, and perhaps arguably any other. Attempting to follow the footsteps of any of the American Pie's is quite a task, let alone all three. Anyway, I expected disappointment. This was in no way as good or as funny as American Pie 2 or American Wedding, nor was it as groundbreaking as American Pie. But, there were certainly a lot of laughs. I was impressed at the acting of the guy who played Stiffler's younger brother. As someone who basically grew up with the American Pie movie series, I'll always enjoy those movies, and watch them with a sense of nostalgia, for I was in similar points in my life to all the characters at the times the moview were originally released. For that reason this movie actually made me feel old. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and am considering adding it to the collection. I'd say it's a solid 7-8 out of 10. Definitely worth watching, but not quite the caliber of the original three.

  • Surprisingly, not that bad


    I have to admit, that i was expecting the forth edition to the American Pie series, with its almost complete absence of original characters (Except for Jim's Dad and the Sherminator) to be dreadful. Thankfully its actually pretty good, Tad Hilgenbrinck (Matt Stifler) pulls off an incredible performance as the Stifmeister's younger brother; its like Steve Stiflers back (really he's that good) Matt Stifler is assigned to band camp, as punishment (revenge) by the Sherminator and that's where the trouble starts, more antic's involving instruments, cameras and Jim's dad follow and with plenty of laughs 'American Pie presents Band Camp' comes out with at least some credibility as a part of the American Pie Series. Missable, but worth a look 6/10

  • He's Stifler like tofu is meat


    Whoever owns the rights to "American Pie" is being pretty capitalistic about it. You can name twenty characters Stifler if you want, it doesn't change the fact that this is a rather uninspired effort to cash in which bizarrely works. You can judge it standing by itself, but just keep in mind it was never intended to stand by itself. So here Stifler's brother Matt (who's not even the same guy from "American Pie 2") is punished for pulling an on all levels pretty lame prank. The Sherminator meanwhile has become a school counselor and sends him to band camp, which as it turns out, currently employs Jim's Dad. It's like bad fan fiction came to life. So naturally he pulls more pranks on the rivals like, two. They get back at him like, once. The rest is filled up with very bothersome references to the actual "American Pie"-movies, semi-naked chicks and extremely irritating love subplots including a horrendously clich├ęd nerd you just can't possibly side with. Add a last fifteen minutes that's like the Siberian prison edit of "Family Matters" and you start wondering why it's still somewhat enjoyable. Perhaps it's the presence of Eugene Levy in yet another movie he's too talented for. The sunscreen gag was pretty good too I guess. This "American Pie presents" crap needs to end though, even if you don't give any thought to how a movie can present anything, it's still a thorn in the eye to the franchise.

  • ...and this one time, at Band Camp, none of the original stars showed up....


    Well, very nearly.... Jim's Dad (Eugene Levy) makes an appearance as does the Sherminator, but they are far from the main stars. At the same time, they also, by simple virtue of their connection to the earlier movies, outshine the newcomers. Not that any of the new cast are lousy but, and this is a big but, none of them stamp their authority on the franchise either. Now, franchises are categorised by two things, continuing situations and continuing cast members. The situations here are not unfamiliar, but most of the cast is. This leaves you, at least at first, trying to figure out the character dynamics. Fortunately, its not hard, since little imagination has gone into this "effort". Stiffler magically acquires a younger brother, that forms the main character of the film. To be fair, Tad Hilgenbrink does a pretty good Stiffler impression, but that's where the problem lies. He is so much like The Stiffler, that its difficult not to look at the situations and dialogue and think...this story was written for Sean William Scott. Overall, the film is a sub-par rehash of the kind of comedy that made American Pie good. The fact that none of the major stars of the original are onboard again just kind of makes me think that it wasn't good enough. Maybe this was a script too far. Of course, the original actors are all too old to convincingly play the characters they once were. But as American Wedding showed, the franchise can evolve beyond the school years, given a sufficient driving force. Anyway, Band Camp is easily the weakest of the Pie films to date and will do absolutely nothing to keep the franchise going. And perhaps, if this clumsy rehash of ideas is anything to go by, its a franchise that should be allowed to fade away.

  • Not one real good laugh and it focuses too much on one character.


    The charm and the success of the previous 3 American Pie movies were its characters. "American Pie: Band Camp" focuses mainly on just one character, Matt Stiffler, the younger brother of Steve Stifler who we all know from the previous 3 American Pie movies. Tad Hilgenbrink really isn't bad as the new Stifmeister and he impersonates his older 'movie brother' pretty well and convincing but he however isn't given exactly wonderful material to work with. It also is too hard and too much for him to carry this entire movie on his own. The movie could had surely used some better sidekicks and other characters to help and make this movie a better one. "American Pie: Band Camp" lacks some real good memorable moments and well executed jokes. There isn't ever really something hilarious or original happening in this below average straight to video teenage comedy. The story is too simple and it lacks some real depth and credibility. The movie also lacked some real good and fun witty dialog. It's a very flat movie with some simple and not always funny jokes and moments in it. It's fairly good entertainment to watch but it lacks the characters and memorable jokes and moments from the previous 3 American Pie movies. 5/10

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