Bapi Bari Jaa (2012)

Bapi Bari Jaa (2012)

Arjun ChakrabartyMimi ChakrabortyShalmi BarmanAnindya Chatterjee
Abhijit Guha,Sudeshna Roy


Bapi Bari Jaa (2012) is a Bengali movie. Abhijit Guha,Sudeshna Roy has directed this movie. Arjun Chakrabarty,Mimi Chakraborty,Shalmi Barman,Anindya Chatterjee are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Bapi Bari Jaa (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Five childhood friends, Bapi, Dola, Jijo, Hasna and Riju are just out of college who hangs out together. Bapi, the younger son of a rich jeweler in Kolkata happens to be the money contributors for his friends. While Bapi joins his family business, other friends are looking out for jobs. Jijo gets into a relationship with Hasna. Riju thinks that he is into a relationship with a girl five years older than him. One day Riju's world was shattered when she introduced Riju to her fiancé, and calls him her brother. Riju got himself drunk, and all the friends left him alone outside the bar. While returning from the pub with Dola, Bapi realized that he must have got some feelings for Dola. One day, when Dola came to Bapi's house, he asked Dola who is Bishwayan da? They got into an argument and Bapi kissed Dola. Dola freed herself and told that they are just friends, but gave Bapi another kiss on his cheek. Further, she told that Bapi is not manly enough and lacks any mystery in his life. ...


Bapi Bari Jaa (2012) Reviews

  • Easy & Enjoyable..


    The best & comfortable part of this movie is its "simplicity". As the fourth joint-venture of the Director-Duo "Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy", it was bound to be worthy. The youngster theme with modern emotion-conflict worked well. At 20, a girl looks more mature than a boy; Innocent-Childish Debutant Arjun Chakrabarty (Bapi) & Sweet-Sexy Mimi Chakraborty (Dola) expressed that flavor perfectly. Tulika Basu (Bapi's Mother), Shalmi Barman (Sheuli) (worked as trigger in the film), Anindya Chatterjee (Jijo) & Tista Dutta (Hasna) kept tempo by fair & decent job with their roles. The maid-servant of Bapi's family is the Bonus-Track! Cinematography (by Sourav Goswami) was fantastic, specially with the focus-play. Some framing of outdoor shots reminded me of "Slumdog Millionaire (2008)" more specifically- near to the end, When Dola with Yellow Tops went to meet Bapi, looked some-what-like Latika (Freida Pinto). The music (by Jeet Ganguly) could have been better. Erotic track "Sajna Barse" & crispy "Grow Up Bapi" are the notables among six. Reasonably recommended.

  • Good Entertainment


    I enjoyed the every single moment of the movie but I don't think it would be the same experience if I would have watched it with my parents or someone senior. But, hai, who cares? Mimi is fantabulous! I, personally, got convinced by the plot and all the characters. The first song that was shot in a bar seems to be a bit creepy and not-to-the-mark. Otherwise, rests are quite OK and well shot. I did enjoy the gang, their attitude and all funny misdoings. Scripts was well written incorporating good sense of humor. The very last shot where Mimi and Arjun kiss each other in a busy, public place with lots of staring eyes to them is bold and one of its kind. Hats off to the directors. Movies should be such fun and refreshing. I think I will watch it again.


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