Beacon Point (2016)

Beacon Point (2016)

Rae OlivierJon BriddellEric GoinsJason Burkey
Eric Blue


Beacon Point (2016) is a English movie. Eric Blue has directed this movie. Rae Olivier,Jon Briddell,Eric Goins,Jason Burkey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Beacon Point (2016) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival.

Beacon Point (2016) Reviews

  • Disappointing Movie


    A movie that had so much potential but fell flat on it's face. The plot is never really explained, the characters are dull you really don't care what happens to them. It all points to Alien abduction, have they been spying on the human race? the movie seems to be going in that direction, but still some explanation of how and why they are here was needed, why did some humans die and others didn't after being abducted. It all seemed like a rushed script no real thought to the story, i would not recommend this movie,

  • Very Disappointing


    Gave this movie a 2 star rating and that's only because of the scenery. Thought I would watch this based on the cover pic (They have been watching.... Now they are here) Yeah right let me tell you if you expect to see that in the film you are sadly mistaken. This movie explains nothing, is it alien, is it a bad military plot or experiment Who the hell knows. If they had put a bit more though into the actual story it might have been an all right movie but please DON'T waste your time on this piece of crap

  • Fair but the ending just didn't quite work for me.


    Have you ever seen a film where the set-up ends up being nothing like the actual story? This is exactly what happens in "Beacon Point". It begins with a ranger being confronted by his boss for faking his past in order to get the job. He's fired but the two get in a shoving match and the boss is accidentally killed. Now you'd think this film would be about what the killer would do next and his next victims…but it really isn't where "Beacon Point" goes. Instead, the fired ranger acts like nothing happened and takes a group of campers on a trek through the Appalachians as if nothing happened…and then weird things start to happen. What exactly is happening is quite confusing…especially as you see things happen that leave you confused. For example, there's a guy on the verge of death one minute and later he's miraculously fine! There also are weird dreams that might or might not be real. The acting is very good in "Beacon Point" and I enjoyed seeing the Appalachian Mountain area of Georgia. I also appreciated how a lot was accomplished with a modest budget. But the problem is that the ending took a long time to materialize and left me feeling unsatisfied. The resolution to the problems the hikers are having just seemed to leave me flat. Not a bad film at all…but one that could have been better.

  • Hikers follow a suspicious tour guide into a trek of horrors!


    A group of hikers follow a guide onto a mountain of awaiting horrors. Beacon Point is a movie that leads you into unspeakable confusion, terror and anger before gently depositing you into a bed of utter nothingness. Hikers, set on finding the perfect view, follow a guide with a precarious secret. Even when lead past the scene of a what is determined to be an animal attack, they venture on to engage with an unknown entity. And what it wants, no human surrenders freely. Beacon Point started off with my interest peaked. I saw what I'd hoped to be full of potential, but it quickly fizzled out, leaving me flustered. I won't provide any spoilers, because you know I just don't do those, but I can say, when I discovered what was really happening, I wanted to end the movie then and there. It's always the same thing- especially when it comes to movies located in high mountain ranges or forests. The characters were slightly likable and the few jabs & laughs were fun. The side character, Zoe, carried purpose but her actions didn't speak for her previously shown situation, or her personality. Drake was the so-called male villain, but I liked him. He was stable in his instability and his acting was on point! The others were minor and insignificant, but they played their roles, allowing the movie to work. Sadly, none of the aforementioned changes the fact that at the ending left me feeling a bit cheated. I won't say it was awful, but it wasn't good either. I still rate it higher than most movies of this particular theme. Beacon Pointed released June 10, 2016 and is available on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and more.

  • I got about 55 minutes into it but realized I wasn't really interested


    This isn't a "bad" film but it just lacks a compelling plot to keep you engaged and walking. It starts out fine as we meet the characters and they start the hike, but I think there really isn't enough conflict between them to keep it interesting. Drake, the hike leader, is a little too underwritten of the characters. He has a secret--which we know--but he acts so nasty to everyone (instead of being a nice guy) that it sort of undermines the surprise of who he is. The acting across the board is fine, but I sense there was a lot of padding. At the 30 min mark, when we should be deep into the plot, it's still sort of aimless. And since not much of interest is going on, I was sort of bored. Kept watching, but even when the alien aspect was introduced, it still didn't goose the plot. Everything just settled back into the plodding narrative. It's then I checked and saw I was 55 mins into it with only about 25 mins left! So yes, it's a short film, but if they can't keep me watching an hour into it, something is missing--my interest. So I stopped and looked for something else to watch.


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