Becoming Bond (2017)

Becoming Bond (2017)

George LazenbyJosh LawsonKassandra ClementiJane Seymour
Josh Greenbaum


Becoming Bond (2017) is a English movie. Josh Greenbaum has directed this movie. George Lazenby,Josh Lawson,Kassandra Clementi,Jane Seymour are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Becoming Bond (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary,Biography,Comedy,History,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The stranger-than-fiction true story of George Lazenby, a poor Australian car mechanic who, through an unbelievable set of circumstances, landed the role of James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), despite having never acted a day in his life. Then after being offered the next seven Bond films and a $1 million signing bonus, he turned it all down.


Becoming Bond (2017) Reviews

  • Surprisingly good film - much better than I expected


    George Lazenby has become a polished story teller about all his Bond experiences. They are very interesting and he has become, over the years, very good at telling these stories and presenting them in both a fascinating and very humorous manner. We were in stitches. The wonderful thing about seeing a film in a festival setting is that there is not an empty seat to be found, and that every chair has in it a responsive audience member that is hanging on every word and laughing out loud en mass. George, who has retired to somewhere California told one of his stories to the right ear. Someone who knew a couple of young, up and coming, very talented film makers. Who after several 3 and a half hour lunches listening to George decided they wanted to make a movie with him. This was a wonderful screening at this years Hot Docs film festival with a wonderful Q&A where I was able to both speak with the film makers themselves as well as George who picked up when the director called him from the stage. He shared some additional insights through the auditoriums sound system but we all would have loved to see him. Very good show.

  • A wonderful Bond actor in a terrific Bond movie


    I did not know about Mr. Lazenby's background (as a model and non-actor), so I'm even more surprised at the great job he did performing as James Bond. He had a smooth delivery and looked right at ease in the role. I never understood why he didn't star in another James Bond movie until this film. It was great listening to his life story, and I'm glad he did well after the Bond role. It's too bad he was black-listed after the Bond movie 'cause he had a great screen presence. Wonderful person and full of life - thoroughly enjoyed "Becoming Bond."

  • A hilarious and touching story


    Watched this late at night expecting fully to fall asleep halfway through. Well that didn't happen. Ended up watching the whole thing! The re-enactments of his story was very well done and had the perfect touch of comedy to it that made it hilarious. It wasn't over the top hilarious, but just enough to keep you interested in the story. His life was also rather interesting to hear about. There were so many things that I never knew about him. This exceeded my expectations and so therefore, I'm giving it a 10. One of the most entertaining Biography's I have seen. This is a must see for any James Bond fan.

  • The best ever comedy Bio? Lazenby was definitely stirred but not shaken.


    The interviewer asks Lazenby early on in the film, if what he is saying is actually true. I was asking myself the same question, and when Lazenby answered yes, it sealed the deal on this Documentary. As it stands, it is the best comedy bio documentary life story I have ever seen. And quite frankly for all I know, it may be the only one. Really quite historical in a way, since I would think no one could have ever known why he quit after only one Bond film, until this Bio Documentary. What he said at the end really sealed it, which I wont spoil. What an amazing life trip for this man, which seems better than most, regardless of his turning down more Bond films. Its very funny and worth the watch.

  • Genuinely Hilarious


    I saw "Becoming Bond" as someone who isn't even a Bond fan, and hasn't seen half the films. The unlikely story of George Lazenby is told so entertainingly and engagingly, however, that Lazenby's solitary Bond flick "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is now on top of my Netflix queue. The filmmakers brilliantly turned Lazenby's own magnetic (and at times hard-to-believe) retelling of his life into a hilarious drunk-history-style re-creation that also manages to inspire. Great film.


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