Bee Team (2018)

Bee Team (2018)

Bobbi MaxwellKj Schrock
Evan Tramel


Bee Team (2018) is a English movie. Evan Tramel has directed this movie. Bobbi Maxwell,Kj Schrock are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Bee Team (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Family movie in India and around the world.

When their hive is in trouble, it's Zip and Zap, the super amazing Bee Squad Squadron, buzzing to the rescue. The alarm goes out that someone has stolen all the honey from the hive and Queen Bee Eleanor needs someone to track down the thief. The bad news is that Zip and Zap are just too small for the mission. But that won't stop our fuzzy little buddies from stretching their wings to solve one honey of a mystery. Come fly along with two unlikely heroes, and a farm full of friendly animals, on the biggest pint-sized family adventure ever.


Bee Team (2018) Reviews

  • A groundbreaking sucess


    Bee Team, is, in short, an amazing, incredible, movie. It is one of the greatest animated movies I have ever seen, and among the top of Evan Tramel movies. It has a very emotional story about 2 young bees overcoming impossible odds. I will not spoil the very ending, but their is an unexpected plot twist coupled with an amazing important message about humanity. The Movie also fits in very well with the established lore of Evan Tramel Movies, taking place after the Earth, bombarded by Squeak's attacks on reality, as seen in Space Guardians (2017), and all the remaining uncorrupted Animals have left Earth to escape the ruined planet (Star Paws (2016)). It also references the existence of super powered farm animals as seen in Down on the Farm (2017). The characters in it have many connections to the other Wownow Masterpieces. Overall, this movie is incredible, and I highly recommend it to any connoisseurs of animation or movies in general

  • Nightmare Fuel for the Nightmare Bus driven into Nightmare Canyon


    There are some animated movies made by people that you just can't believe exists in a day and age like today's. Yet throughout the nineties and early two-thousands, we saw the likes of a Titanic animated movie, numerous direct to video sequels, and so much worse. Yet the Bee Team defies all expectations. Each bee is exactly the same and when not speaking, they blink stupidly with their mouths agape, the cold emptiness thinly veiled by a glossy shine on the surface of their eyeballs. Not to mention that bees are not the only monstrosities in this film: horses and dogs and mice, all accompanied by the most overdone voice acting I have ever heard in my life. The bees buzz randomly, as the horse whinnies randomly, and the dog barks randomly, all in between random unrelated words in a single sentence. This quickly becomes a horror movie, my friends. After the initial laughing fits cease (due from the shock and disbelief of existence), the movie becomes dull and incredibly horrifically hideous. The bees don't stop staring into a space between spaces. This movie is flabbergasting. I can't claim that I've consumed hallucinogenic substances, but I'm sure these monstrosities will haunt me for the rest of my life, all backed by a soundtrack that they couldn't have spent more than a day on I can only classify as "generic banjo." All in all, a fun watch. 8/10. Would recommend.

  • Best Movie of Our Time!


    The bee team please be in an acid trip when watching maybe in some way you'll maybe be able to watch this atrocity. The bee team has family heart and bees that don't blink for a whole hour worth the money for sure.

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