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Beyond (2015)

Beyond (2015)

Ray TrickittCircus-SzalewskiJade HarlowAmanda Christensen
Joe Penna


Beyond (2015) is a Spanish,French,English movie. Joe Penna has directed this movie. Ray Trickitt,Circus-Szalewski,Jade Harlow,Amanda Christensen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Beyond (2015) is considered one of the best Short,Drama,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A multi-era tale about a man's struggle with immortality.

Beyond (2015) Reviews

  • MASTERFUL Storytelling


    Thoroughly and completely masterful! Absorbing from beginning to ending. Richly fascinating and unforgettable! How difficult it is to review something which transcends explanation without revealing one iota of the gist of the presentation. This film is best best explained without any explanation. It unfolds with a mysterious premise from another time and seamlessly evolves into another. The mystery continuing to transfix us to its poignant conclusion. JOE PENNA has wrought a tour-de-force and RAY TRICKITT has moved us with an understated but affecting catharsis. Recommended without reservation.

  • Tolerable sci-fi movie that elaborates underwhelmingly on a pretty good premise


    "Beyond" is an American short film from 2015 that runs for over 40 minutes, so fairly long for the genre, and was directed and co-written by Joe Penna. He is on a bit of a breakthrough path right now working with Mads Mikkelsen not too long ago and he has a film with Anna Kendrick for next year out I think, so his earlier works and it's a lot more than one get some more attention these days too. The fact that the cast is not too well known here and even I as a big film buff don't know any of the actors including lead actor Trickitt does not really hurt the film. Ther performers are solid. By the way, you should know this is a film about time travel, so if you like the idea or one could almost say the genre, then this one may be for you. I won't go in great detail into the story we have here, but yeah I think it wasn't bad, but the general idea and also the cast offered the opportunity for a much better film than it eventually turned out to be. This may have to do with my personal bias that science fiction is much closer to being my leastg favorite genre and not my favorite genre, so if you like it more, then you will probably give it 2 stars more at least. It's not a bad film by any means, but had some lengths for me despite the relatively brief running time and well subjective approach goes into basically every review to some extent, intentionally or subconsciously, so all in all i give the film a thumbs-down and recommend checking out something else instead.

  • Excellent film..Very unique


    This is a must watch short film. Very engaging and entertaining at the same time.

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