Bhindi Baazaar (2011)

Bhindi Baazaar (2011)

Kay Kay MenonPrashant NarayananPawan MalhotraAdil Feroz Khan
Ankush Bhatt


Bhindi Baazaar (2011) is a Hindi,Marathi movie. Ankush Bhatt has directed this movie. Kay Kay Menon,Prashant Narayanan,Pawan Malhotra,Adil Feroz Khan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Bhindi Baazaar (2011) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Set in the underbelly of Mumbai; in the notorious by-lanes where 'Greed is a Culture' and 'Deceit becomes a Compulsion' 'Bhindi Baazaar Incorporation' revolves around gangs of pickpockets who consider pick pocketing as an art. They use their intelligence as a canvas and their spontaneity as a brush to survive in this dangerous lively hood. 'Bhindi Baazaar Inc.' is the story of a pawn and his calculated moves to reach the end of the chessboard. Revolving around a crime syndicate who are in the business of pickpocket, the film starts with a game of chess between two characters 'Shroff' and 'Darzi'. Each move unfolds their story and eventually the motive of their meeting. The story unravels the quest of a small time pickpocket 'Fateh' next in line to be a MAMU (local area-head). The screenplay underlines the gritty politics, hierarchy, rules, commands, intelligence, wit and betrayal within the business.


Bhindi Baazaar (2011) Reviews

  • Majority Audience may not accept it!!!!


    Before giving my opinion on this movie i will like to tell u this incidence which will give u a whole lot of indication about this movie. When i was watching this movie in hall, next to me there were 4 ladies sitting nd watching this movie. After interval when movie started,hardly after 10 minutes they left the theater nd their wordings were "it's too much...oh god"..... So it's quite clear that this movie is strictly not for family audiences.....n one more thing that baffled me was that on first day of this movie the hall was hardly 10 % it's the biggest irony of Indian cinema where the movies like ready have opening weekend worth 42 crores nd movies like this nd shaitan may not cross 50 lakhs.... Now coming back to movie it is definitely inspired from Tarantino's movies....the dialogs were really harsh nd realistic...which doubled the impact of this movie.... The way of telling the story was great nd unique...the whole narration was done with the help of game of chess and all the characters were depicted in the game of chess. Nothing was spoonfeeded to tested the smartness of people...the use of flashback was awesome....there were some hot scenes which sometimes felt required nd sometimes forced. No doubt that many people specially in India will find it offensive but then as i already said this movie is not for everyone..the people who enjoy the hardcore crime cinema will surely like it... i don't know why but i felt that this movie was one way or not, quite similar to Hollywood epic " once upon a time in America" and the people who enjoyed it and movies like pulp fiction, goodfellas etc will surely like it.... The last 2 weeks were quite good for me with Shaitan nd then Bhindi Bazzar after suffering from the thing called "ready".... People who look for different cinema should go for it..... but be sure to keep ur kids at home nd not ur brains :-D

  • Everybody Wants To Be A Mamu


    Ankush Bhatt's 'Bhindi Baazaar' has all the ingredients of an intriguing crime thriller. It's shot with style and there are plenty of twists. The story is interesting but at the same time the writing is flawed. The first hour is repetitive and tends to drag at points. Certain subplots are underdeveloped. The characters played by Pavan Malhotra, Kay Kay Menon and Deepti Naval were among the most interesting and yet they are underused in the story. Darzi's romantic track is portrayed like a typical Bollywood romance with too much plot convenience and a little out of place with the overall feel of the movie. The style of camera-work and editing is a little too erratic and overdone in the beginning. The score should have been more subtle in these sequences. The rawness of the slum and its detail are well captured. The item number should have been left out. Pavan Malhotra is brilliant and so is Kay Kay Menon but an actor of his calibre is wasted. Same goes for Jackie Shroff. His character seems to have been added merely for plot convenience. Prashant Narayanan does tend to go over the top at times but otherwise he's fairly good. Vedita Pratap Singh is adequate. Shilpa Shukla is not given much to do but she makes her presence felt. Deepti Naval is superb. Gautam Sharma is passable. Perhaps it's the presence of his more experienced costars that overshadow his performance. The dark humour is effective. If the whole film was treated as a dark comedy, this may have been a better film overall. Yet, despite its flaws, it's still an enjoyable movie. The twists are manifold and most of them work except for the final one which, again, appears a little too convenient. Once one is gets passed the repetitiveness of the first half hour or so, there aren't many boring moments (with the exception of a few hiccups, such as the romance between Darzi and Simran).

  • It teaches all the makers a valuable lesson that "Masterpieces cannot be made deliberately, but they get into existence just BY CHANCE."


    In the present times, amidst so many classic underworld films, if a director still chooses to make his project on the subject of Gangsters and Gang wars, then he has already taken his first step towards a disaster. Ranging from the cult SATYA to the latest ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI, the viewers have seen so much of this overused stuff that it is now extremely difficult to impress them once again with all similar kind of content. And that's exactly the main problem with BHINDI BAAZAAR INC. since the film has simply got nothing new for the viewers in its over lengthy duration. Right from its first scene, its entirely predictable and hugely tiring to see all those repetitive scenes, seen numerous times before played by different actors in distinctive movies. In addition to this the film has a major problem in its performances particularly in the male department. Apart from the three veterans Kay Kay, Piyush Sharma and Pawan Malhotra almost all in the remaining cast have performed a little over the top as if they are really a part of something big being made by the director. In fact, from the start itself the director seems to be hugely in love with his project and in this over enthusiastic state he goes on to shoot many arrogant kind of sequences which completely fall flat. For example, at one side we are shown Pawan Malhotra as a BIG DON of the area and on the other hand we are introduced with his boys who are just small Pocket-maars operating in the BEST buses. Really a great thought put in by the director and his writers. Putting it differently, in BBI we get to see all old and over-cooked stuff which neither looks very good nor tastes better than all those previous HITS offered to us in the same genre. The makers very shamelessly try to use almost everything to make it a worth watching movie like double meaning dialogues, use of eunuchs to generate some laughter, girls using their body to win over the Dons and much more but sadly nothing works at all in the movie. However the only novel thing in the film is that this time, the wife of the BIG DON also goes on to murder her cousin justifying her own status of the Don's wife. In the performance department, Pawan, Kay Kay, Piyush and Deepti Naval, all are fine in their routine roles, written without any newly added perspective. Giving it a second thought I also feel as if all these veterans remain under-utilised in the film which is a indicative failure for its director and writers. Surprisingly there is Jackie Shroff too in a cameo and he looks great on the screen but is wasted. The debutant Gautham is OK but Prashant Narayana keeps hanging on the thin line between acting and over-acting. So he should urgently take an alarming note of that. The two girls Shilpa Shukla & Shweta Verma get nothing more to do other than abusing or showing off their bodies. Musically, the 2 short versions of its songs go un-noticed and the cinematography captures the outdoors-slums well but I felt the background score a bit loud and again over-done. On a closing note, I strongly feel that BHINDI BAAZAAR INC. simply teaches all the young film-makers a valuable lesson that "Masterpieces cannot be made deliberately, but they get into existence just BY CHANCE with the un-intentional efforts of a talented team put together." So if any director starts directing his project with a vision of making it a Classic or A New Milestone then he has just taken his very first step as WRONG. Even Ram Gopal Verma didn't know what kind of epic he was making as SATYA and even Manoj Bajpai didn't have the faintest idea of how big he's gonna be as Bhiku Matrey in the History of Bollywood. But that's what Film-making is. Here masterpieces get made while having fun on the shoots and flops are produced in the attempt of creating Classics. And that's my conclusion about BHINDI BAAZAAR INC.

  • Waste of talent(of the actors) and time (of the viewers)


    Clichéd plot, 50% of actors are either inept or have overacted, the title merely suggests that the events take place in Bhendi Bazaar, their are aplenty loose ends as well. A veteran like Kay Kay Menon is underutilized, the only reliefs are Pavan Malhotra as 'Mamu' and Piyush Mishra as 'Pandey'.

  • Movie keeps you engaged through out !


    This will be a good 2hrs trip of" driving a ferrari on a 14 lane expressway, sadly with a lot of speed brakers"!!! Either you take the foot off pedal at evry speed-braker , or just ignore them and enjoy the ride with little discomfort!!! This movie is based on the local goons (paaketmaar), gang wars of small scale , reflecting a good overall picturisation of the local area . Movie is written quite well few ignorable errors. The creamy mouthful bite of your burger will be the character's relevance with chess board and Dialougue delivery!!! The movie has got great actors who we love to watch , amidst piyush mishra and kk menon , prashant narayanan has done a marvelous job . It sure as hell doesnt fill the shoes of Satya and Once upon a time in mumbai but will give you a similar feel. I am still in awe with the chessboard relevance and the last scene where a cricket ball barge in from a window and messes the chessboard and its relevance with the scene !!! Mindblowing!!! May not fascinate evryone, but the ones who liked satya , pulp fiction will love it ! Worth a watch!!


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