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Birthmarked (2018)

Birthmarked (2018)

Matthew GoodeToni ColletteAndreas ApergisJordan Poole
Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais


Birthmarked (2018) is a English movie. Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais has directed this movie. Matthew Goode,Toni Collette,Andreas Apergis,Jordan Poole are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Birthmarked (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

In 1977, two respected scientists, Ben Morin and his wife Catherine quit their jobs at the university to conduct an experiment they think will revolutionize our understanding of human identity. The project aims to raise three children contrarily to their genetic predispositions to prove the ultimate power of nurture over nature. They want to prove that everyone has the same potential to become anything. Maya, a newborn girl adopted from two feebleminded parents, is raised to be smart, while Maurice, a newborn boy adopted from two anger-prone parents, is raised to be a pacifist. Finally, their own biological son Luke, who comes from a long lineage of scientific brains, is raised to become a revered artist. The experiment will reveal little scientific truth, but rather lead Ben and Catherine to discover the true value of family.


Birthmarked (2018) Reviews



    While the top 2 reviews of this film on IMDB at the time of me writing this (only 200+ ratings) are correct in most ways, and probably written by intelligent people, I feel that if u just watch this movie without even reading anything about it. Ie...I just hit play on NFLX without having any expectations of seeing a quality movie, you're experience of watching a wonderful movie will be fulfilled. Yes one of the reviews is correct in stating that there could've been more science, better experiments etc....one listed the faults of some of the characters, but the characters having faults make this a realistic movie. A movie not about science but a family drama, which I usually can't even sit through. This is not even close to the type of movie that I give 9 stars to. Just check it out with an open mind and maybe you'll like it as much as I did. I felt that every actor or actress in the film did an excellent job.

  • Different!


    I love how each character relates to each other, the humor, the concept, the twist. Maybe its not the best of movies but it is definitely a must watch !!!

  • A Nothing Film


    What a silly waste of 90 minutes. The movie makes no sense. The adults are shown to be supposed scholars, which is far from the case. The only smart characters are the three children. Watching the father encourage his young son to have sexual stimulation by forcing him to watch old vintage photos of naked women was, at the very least, disturbing. And the fact that the boy walks out shows which one is the smart one. Billed as a comedy, I found nothing at all humorous in the story. I am sure there are pseudo-intellectuals who will find hidden meanings and symbolism here, but I found it to be a waste of time.

  • surprising


    A great critique of society. today's families are actually experiencing such feelings. It is important for them to make children like themselves. Do not rely on low ratings. Keep the blu-ray, keep it. Toni Collette is awesome. the children actors are also very good. and Stephen Rennicks' music is tremendous.

  • It's watchable but not good.


    This movie is a pale imitation of a Wes Anderson film. It has an interesting premise with good actors, but ultimately come out flat.

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