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Bleed Out (2018)

Bleed Out (2018)

Judith BurrowsStephen Burrows
Stephen Burrows


Bleed Out (2018) is a English movie. Stephen Burrows has directed this movie. Judith Burrows,Stephen Burrows are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Bleed Out (2018) is considered one of the best Documentary,Drama,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After a routine partial hip replacement operation leaves his mother in a coma with permanent brain damage, what starts as a son's video diary becomes a citizen's investigation into the future of American health care. Using undercover footage, court testimony, verité scenes shot over several years and interviews with people on all sides of the story, the film goes deep inside a flawed healthcare system. Part medical mystery and legal thriller, part investigative journey and meditation on family, this personal story is a cautionary tale.


Bleed Out (2018) Reviews

  • Outstanding


    Heartwrenching and real!! Explained and exposed just how crooked the medical system is. Hopefully this can get the conversation started for change!

  • Absolutely Jarring


    The lack of accountability and the convoluted healthcare systems entirely discriminates against the individual... It was really sad to see such a vivacious woman be confined to bed and broken from the inside as much as she was broken on the outside. Great job to exposing this deep and misunderstood issue.

  • Timely, and Horrifying Rally Cry for Justice.


    This film takes-on the healthcare industry's profit methods and lays it out for everyone to judge for themselves just how macabre, horrifying, cruel and inhumane it has become; a grotesque distortion of what the Hippocratic Oath guarantees.

  • Eye Opening


    This is the kind of informative documentary every American needs to see.

  • Wow


    I never review movies, but after watching this documentary I had to. Wow one of the best documentaries I have watched this year. I felt so many emotions while watching. I cried, laughed, and felt anger and sadness throughout different parts. Seeing their mother and her family fight to regain a normal life was so heartbreaking. It makes me emotional again as I write this review. I don't understand how the jury and the judge did not hold those medical professionals responsible for this family's avoidable pain and suffering. The family's defense had more than enough evidence, I just dont understand. And I don't understand how the nurses and doctors never took repsponsibilty for their part in causing the family so much emotional and physical pain. It just seemed like none of them really cared about her as a person. They seemed so cold and heartless. Hopefully as this documentary gains a larger audience, those involved will be fired and medical license taken away. I never realized how truly messed and money focused our healthcare system is.


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