Bombay Velvet (2015)

Bombay Velvet (2015)

Ranbir KapoorAnushka SharmaKaran JoharSatyadeep Misra
Anurag Kashyap


Bombay Velvet (2015) is a Hindi movie. Anurag Kashyap has directed this movie. Ranbir Kapoor,Anushka Sharma,Karan Johar,Satyadeep Misra are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Bombay Velvet (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Set against the backdrop of ambition, love, greed, and jazz - Bombay Velvet is the story of one ordinary man who goes against all odds and forges his destiny to become a 'Big Shot'. Jazz clubs, a passionate love story, a growing metropolis and a phenomenal hunger for a good life. Welcome to the City of Dreams. Welcome to Bombay Velvet.


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Bombay Velvet (2015) Reviews

  • a fugazi gangster flick, with fugazi villain and fugazi streetfighter. The movie was not at all gripping, too long n too predictable n boring.


    First, I was put off by the trailer because there were no tommy guns in Mumbai. Second, the female lead was too skinny to be from 60's. N third, u can make out that it was heavily influenced or inspired by Martin Scorsese films. I was not in the mood to see Bombay velvet but my dad called me n asked me to book the tickets as he felt it will be nice to experience 60's n retro look. But we all were cheated as there was no retro feel to it. There have been much better gangster films in Bollywood which were copied but still better n more engaging than Bombay velvet. Saathi, Aatish, Footpath, Naam, Dewaar, Once upon a time in Mumbai, Parinday. Forget Robert De Niro or AL Pacino or Ray liotta, Ranbir did not even come close to Aditya Pancholi or Sanjay dutt. The screenplay was bad. I found the movie too long and boring n very very predictable. I think Kashyap thinks we are not watching Korean films. My grandfather was from 50's and he had bulkier build with big biceps. Ranbir did not look like a fighter from 60's. He basically carried the same look from barfi. Was anurag trying to show the prohibition era of the United States. As i stated earlier, my 70 year old dad was with us n even he did not enjoy the movie compared to once upon a time..

  • "Bombay Velvet" fell really short on writing.


    "Bombay Velvet", Anurag Kashyap's most ambitious project riding on 90 crores, based on the "Mumbai Fables" by Gyan Prakash. It starts just after the Indian independence and tells the story of how the seven islands become Bombay, the reclamation, corrupt politician, organized crime, Jazz cafés and love story of Johnny Balraj and Rosie. Balraj comes to Bombay with his mother and wants to become "Big Shot" and he can go to any length to achieve his dreams. We all admire Anurag Kashyap for the cinematic brilliance and he has taken the affliction of taking the Indian Cinema to the next level. We all have seen "Black Friday", "Dev D","Gulaal", "GOW 1&2" and "Ugly". He is a man with panache and his movies deal with burning issues and fantastic subjects. However, "Bombay Velvet" fell really short on all aspects, it never embraces you as a viewer and it never connects with you. It has a world-class art direction, awesome sets of Bombay erected in Sri Lanka, fantastic cinematography and CGI. Every nuance of 60's Bombay has been put to the detail. The background score is mostly loud but some songs compliment the scenes. It runs for 150 delirious minutes. However, the writing is never convincing, it tries to be "Godfather", "Goodfellas" and "Scarface" altogether. The culmination is pretty sour as we never understand the sudden changes. There are many subplots which do not add anything to the story and left open. Ranbir's character is powerful but it is confused between a gangster and a lover. Anushka Sharma doesn't have much to do except lip sync and some exaggerated scenes. Karan Johar looks phony as a slick and stylish villain but he is flat throughout the movie. Why did he laugh so much on the word "Tender", it looked awful? Satyadeep Mishra has done a good job. Kay Kay impresses as always in a small role. We could also see Varun Grover's stand-up comedy presentation in the café. This could have been a way better film if some more time would have been invested in writing because it has some instances of being a masterpiece.

  • A Letdown!


    Anurag Kashyap's 'Bombay Velvet' has finally arrived. But was all the hype & hoopla worth it? The answer, in my personal opinion, is a No! Reason? Well, despite a budget of early 100crs & all the visual splendor on display, this magnum-opus fails in its scripting level, which is its biggest disadvantage! 'Bombay Velvet' Synopsis: An ordinary man goes against all odds and forges his destiny to become a 'Big Shot'. 'Bombay Velvet' is visually terrific & the Art Design is truly remarkable. There is no doubt that 'Bombay Velvet' is highly ambitious & passionately made, but where this biggie falters is its Script. And no film, no matter how big your budget or how rich in treatment, can rise above a weak Screenplay. 'Bombay Velvet' which is based on historian Gyan Prakash's book Mumbai Fables, is a soulless exercise of the yesteryear's. Kashyap & his Team of Writers deliver a story full of loopholes. For one, you don't feel for any of its characters. Be it Johnny Balraj, the protagonist, or his lady-love, Rosie. You never feel ecstatic when they rise above the odds or feel sad when the powerful bodies intend to destroy them. The love-story is ordinarily treated, while the aspect of ambition & crime combined, is lackluster to say the least. The first-hour is a blend of love & creed, while the second-hour is twisted mix of thrills & grotesque action. Sadly, nothing really works! Kashyap's Direction oozes dreamlike ambition, but its his Shoddily Written Screenplay, that spoils the fun. Technically, the film doesn't falter on any level. Right from the richly done Cinematography, the dazzling Art & Costume Design or Amit Trivedi's mesmerizing Score. Its all done with pure skill. How one wishes, if the Script was half as strong as its technicalities. 'Bombay Velvet' has one more ace & that's Ranbir Kapoor, who's simply superb as the power hungry protagonist. Ranbir displays rage, affection & helplessness, with remarkable conviction. He's doesn't fail to engage, even when the film fails too. Of the rest of the cast, Anushka Sharma is strictly okay as Rosie. Karan Johar hams to the hilt as the villain, who openly leeches at Men. Manish Choudhary is as usual. Kay Kay Menon is wasted in a tiny role, while Vivaan Shah does a fairly good job as Rosie's chauffeur, who secretly loves her. On the whole, 'Bombay Velvet' is a letdown in all respects. Body Beautiful, Minus Soul!

  • Bombay Velvet is a Great Movie


    Although Bombay Velvet has not been doing well, it is a movie that you must watch. The story is very interesting; you keep anticipating what will happen next. The movie is made extremely well; the characters are believable, and the sets make you feel you are in the '60s. The storyline is a bit slow in the first half, but the second half picks up speed. The love story between Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor is one of my favorite elements of the story. I was a little hesistant to watch this movie based on the reviews, but I do not regret watching it at all. This movie makes up for Ranbir Kapoor's last two flop movies, Besharam and Roy. Overall, this movie is a must watch and you will regret it if you do not watch it.

  • A Misunderstood film


    A day before watching Bombay Velvet i saw Brazil 2nd time. First time watching it was like okay something is happening on big sets and the director is trying to show me some world of his imagination and in the end i thought it is pretentious, the first time i saw it i was not exposed to much of cinema. So i was getting bored and had nothing to do so i thought lets watch it. The second time i was blown away and was like this one of the best films ever made. The same fate it had when it was released as i have heard. Now coming to Bombay Velvet, let me be clear its not the usual narrative which is seen in Kashyap's movies. The narrative to be honest is like Brazil but its Brazil with historical contexts of Bombay the city of dreams as it is called in India, what it was, how it came to its current shape. It doesn't have dream like or dream sequences like Brazil. I mean Brazil how the characters are detailed, how the story moves forward and how the background and atmosphere plays a big role in the film With the historical contexts the film shows a person who has dreams and aspirations and how the people in his life are introduced and how in the changing shape of the city his life also changes and problems he starts facing and what he gets involved with. Its a dream project of director and he has invested a lot of time in the film. But when it finally got released it was not able to connect with the audience as they were not ready with the sudden change and the new form of narrative which is not for everybody as Brazil cannot be liked by everyone. It has to face a lot of thrashing on the Internet. This film is not flawless as i feel Brazil was. There are some flaws and a bit of exaggeration at the end but it's OK as rest of the film overpowers it. The performances are great but the film really gets you into the world like Brazil does and keeps you holding if you know what you are watching and have an open mind. Right now as of 17-05-15 this film turned out to be a disaster and people wont like me for this review but in future or someone who has discovered Anurag Kashyap or will do and look at this film and maybe feels a bit let down as you have created an image of Kashyap's style or the narration, re watch it with an open mind when you get time, you will love it. I guarantee! Also who hated it and felt it bored them to death try it again but with an open mind, you will understand that you misjudged and misunderstood the film


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