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Breakaway (2011)

Breakaway (2011)

Vinay VirmaniCamilla BelleRussell PetersRob Lowe
Robert Lieberman


Breakaway (2011) is a English,Hindi,Punjabi movie. Robert Lieberman has directed this movie. Vinay Virmani,Camilla Belle,Russell Peters,Rob Lowe are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Breakaway (2011) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

A hockey enthusiast since 12 years of age, Toronto-based Rajvinder Singh, even went to the extent of trimming his hair, discarding his Pagri/turban, did not complete his education, incurred the wrath of his father, Darvesh, who wanted him to be involved in the family business as well as confirm and respect Sikh religion principles and values. Hoping to play professional hockey, Rajvinder, along with other fellow Sikh players, instead finds himself treated as the object of ridicule, referred to as a 'joker', by mainstream Caucasian players. Even his friends tease him and ask him to take up 'Guli Danda' and Kabaddi', while his father makes him work for Uncle Sammy as a truck driver. He is attracted to stunning law student Melissa Winters while her brother, Dan, offers to coach Rajvinder and his team. Unable to get themselves included in any team, they form their own, and call it 'Speedy Singhs'. They then set about to make a name for themselves with a coach who is unable to pronounce ...


Breakaway (2011) Reviews

  • A fun warm movie!


    This is a great little movie. Easy and fun to watch. It is cliché and predictable at times, especially towards the end but that does not take away from the heart warming story that is at the core of this movie. The music is great and the few Bollywood type scenes add to the fun and festivity of the movie. Vinay Virmani gives a great performance as does Camilla Belle and Rob Lowe. The best performance of the show however is "the dad" Anupam Kher. His stern yet tender performance is believable from the very start of the movie. Russell Peters seemed a bit stiff and not nearly as funny as his stand up but that does not slow down this movie. A great popcorn movie.

  • Very Canadian Low Budget Indie


    There are some real cruel reviews of this movie, interestingly many coming from the ethnic audience that it's supposed to have in its pocket. I don't think this movie deserves such harsh criticism. It's actually a very sweet movie with likable characters, including Russell Peters in a great supporting role. We get to enjoy a bit of the hockey thrill and watch the beautiful Camilla Belle. This movie was never supposed to be an Oscar contender. Even though you know how the story will end in the first couple of minutes into the movie, the uniquely Canadian atmosphere and the few side stories that support the plot make your time worth watching it.

  • 486th Review: Bollywood on Ice, Actually a cute smart sports comedy


    We liked Breakaway - sure it's pretty much lightweight sports comedy but its heart is the right place and it was fun. I guarantee this movie will be make it big, even if it's being treated with some disdain in Canada. Here's why: 1. There's a reason why Russell Peters is currently the number one selling comedian in the world. The global diaspora of Indian populations in the UK, the US, South Africa, Dubai, not to mention India itself will buy this. 2. No other country on earth has as many cinemas and cinema goers (and not downloaders, but real paying cinemas with seats and people) as India and they love movies that celebrate their culture abroad. 3. The UK has a huge following for Peters and this: Peters sold out Wembley Stadium for three nights twice, and Indian TV is huge this is going to run and run on subscription TV channels forever. 4. It's a fun, innocent, sport movie - and people like that worldwide...... I agree it may not be Canada's number one movie, but I think this is marketing savvy and I bet you the receipts when added up in twelve months time make it the number one earner globally of any Canadian movie of the year....... All in all if you like sports comedies like Men with Brooms and / or what an insight into Sikh culture in Toronto, while enjoying a competent sports movie you could do much worse (now you can vote me down).....

  • Watch it... Avoid it...


    My rating and review is strictly based on dubbed Hindi version. There are two kind of audience to this movie. One, who have seen Patiala House(PH); and second, who have not. Movie carries a lot from Akshay kumar's PH. Change the cast, remove cricket and add Ice hockey & insert a friendly uncle instead of cousins and you get Breakaway. It also carries the same flaws that PH had. The plot has so much to deal with that its neither a full patriotic sports movie like Chak de, India! nor a family/love story like PH or Apne. Most of the comic situations are lost in translation. I hope that Russell peters' joke must have been good because I couldn't get a laugh in dubbed version. Most disappointing fact was that someone else(probably Raju kher) did the voice-over for Anupam kher. All in all watch it ONLY if you have access to Breakway and steer clear of Dubbed version, Speedy Singhs.

  • a Fun Movie


    Speedy Singhs is a smart little surprise package. It's a cheerful film that makes you smile with its subtle humor, its repartee-filled screenplay, its deftness at handling the umpteen relationships and its finely-nuanced performances. Leading this pack of oddballs is Russell Peters who packs a punch as the offensive, scheming Punjabi groom who not only wants the suitable Punjabi girl as his bride but also her dad's business which might just be handed over to the hockey enthusiast nephew, Rajveer. Rajveer, on his part, is equally charming as the die-hard hockey player who smiles his way through all the lows and never loses focus, not even when his dad throws him out of the house.But more than the performances -- and the hockey matches -- it is the sundry relationships that form the core of the film. Rajveer's unflinching bond with his family, his tentative romance with law student Camille Bell, his highs and lows with coach Winters, his camaraderie with his team mates and his love-hate relationship with bro-in-law Russell Peters make for some compelling viewing. A little more spice and edge to the delineation of the game itself would have made the film an action-packed adventure too. Nevertheless, Speedy Singhs, with a guest appearance by Akshay Kumar (as himself), is an entertaining watch. Its nothing special about this movie but still...It keeps smiles on your faces while watching it.... Thumbs up for this entertainer..watch it!


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