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Bullets for Jesus (2015)

Bullets for Jesus (2015)

Thomas DanielTerry SasakiTabetha RayTravis Cannan
John Reign


Bullets for Jesus (2015) is a English movie. John Reign has directed this movie. Thomas Daniel,Terry Sasaki,Tabetha Ray,Travis Cannan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Bullets for Jesus (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

BULLETS FOR JESUS is a tense nonstop roller-coaster ride through the distorted mind of Sly Stone (played by THOMAS DANIEL of... TRUE CRIME (NBC), YOUNGER NOW, BACKWATER, THOSE PEOPLE, PARANORMAL PROOF AND ALIEN OPPONENT ) a sadistic and brutal killer who distorts the scriptures to suit his own self serving madness. He's teamed up with a run-away drifter Annie Parker (played by TABETHA RAY of... THE CEMETERY, CAVEAT and BLACK HAT) who bows to his every command... both for love and for fear of her own life. " I have the Bullets For Jesus " is Slys motto, and NO ONE is safe from his twisted pulpit. And tonight, he's taken a hostage named David Caine (played by TERRY SASAKI of FRACTURED, A FIRST GOODBYE, CONSEQUENCE and THE MARK) But David just happens to harbor his own secret demons, and has no fear of facing the Reaper. Could this new stranger open Sly's eyes...or will he just end up like the rest, and be baptized by lead?


Bullets for Jesus (2015) Reviews

  • Bonnie & Clyde copy never gets going


    Bullets for Jesus is a shot-on-video reworking of the Bonnie & Clyde story, as a religious couple on the run hole up in the house of an intended victim. Despite the title and lots of religious guff this isn't really a spiritual film at all, that's just a backdrop in order to give the movie an angle. The first part of the film is a cheapo road movie and you soon work out this is where all the budget was eaten up. The second part slows down considerably and simply consists of three characters sitting around in a house. There is zero suspense in the hostage scenario and nothing that really holds the attention. The acting is of the over eager style you find in these shot on video productions, similar to that seen in pantomime fare, and completely unrealistic. BULLETS FOR Jesus tries to be an edgy psychological thriller but in the end it's just a waste of time.

  • It's a good day to be killing for the Lord


    Sly (Thomas Daniel) loves alcohol, cocaine, his baby doll Annie (Tabetha Ray) and Jesus but not necessarily in that order. He is traveling with Annie and feels appointed by God to kill sinners and rob Quick Marts. They end up in the house of David Caine (Terry Sasaki), named in order to have meaningless biblical references, in a home break-in type of movie. David works to earn their trust and divide the two, exploiting Sly's mistreatment of Annie. The metal soundtrack created a grindhouse effect. The acting and dialogue didn't bring their "A" game in what amounts to a three man play. David's attempts were slow deliberate and methodical as one would expect in a real situation, but in a film it wasn't entertaining until the end when things started to happen. Great ending BTW, but the filler needed to have some excitement, like tying David up and making him watch them make love, which would have relieved the boredom in the middle of the film as well as added something at the end. Guide: No swearing or sex. Brief nudity in B&W effect footage

  • Best movie to date


    Would of been a 10 out of 10 but Jesus never made an appearance in this movie and I was very disappointed. Movie was full of adventure and action. It left me on the edge of my seat. The Jesus part really played with my heart though and might of broken it just a bit. But other then Jesus I thought it was a really well written film to depict the bullets for Jesus.


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