Burning Daylight (2010)

Burning Daylight (2010)

Robert KnepperPaul CalderonAdrian CowanSanzhar Sultan
Sanzhar Sultan


Burning Daylight (2010) is a English movie. Sanzhar Sultan has directed this movie. Robert Knepper,Paul Calderon,Adrian Cowan,Sanzhar Sultan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Burning Daylight (2010) is considered one of the best Crime movie in India and around the world.

Part I depicts the lives of two low-life thieves enjoying a post-heist euphoria and the subtle, ever-spreading rivalry. Part II depicts the mind game between a manipulative, wealthy woman and a seemingly inane, poor thief. Part III depicts the duel between a millionaire with a heinous past and the elegant masterminds of the Wall Street game.


Burning Daylight (2010) Reviews

  • Three Short Stories by Jack London


    Three short stories by Jack London give us quite a picture of mankind and even more so of one particular specimen of womankind. All have to do with greed and the justification for it. It would be good to remember Jack London's socialist views in evaluating these stories. Number one is the story of a pair of thieves who've just completed a robbery of socialite Adrian Cowan who has taken on the robber baron ethics of her father. A woman who enjoys her privileges and the rich girl toys that come with them. Sanzhar Sultanov and Christopher DiMeo play a pair of thieves who don't trust each other and plot against each other about the loot in jewels they've just made a haul with. Cowan wins in the end. But she loses in number two as another robber Paul Calderon outsmarts her in an interesting battle of wits and nerve. Calderon gives an interesting explanation as to why he's turned to a life of crime. In the last story young Rob Knepper who has made his fortune in the west has come east to entertain a business proposition whereby he's fronting for some robber barons in a stock swindle. When he realizes he's been taken and roped into the deal by Adrian Cowan he goes back to the rules of justice in the old west to get even. Maybe there's a little too much philosophy and not enough action from material based on writings of the author Call Of The Wild and The Sea Wolf. But students of Jack London I think will like the trilogy.

  • Greed


    Too bad the actors were greedy with their acting and the director must have been asleep. This movie looks more like a rehearsal for a bad stage play than actors performing before the camera. Here we have three stories that deal with greed and deception and thats it. The point of any connection between the three stories is forgotten or is suppose to be summed up in the three book titles seen on a table between acts. The movie really doesn't seem to have any goal and would have been a television show way back in the 1960's --- maybe. I wonder why I watched all of it.

  • Lackluster daylight is wasted, and never burns bright enough.


    This is a group of short stories, or vignettes, all sort of focused around trust, and three different sides of the results. The first is a very short little The Treasure of the Sierra Madre story of greed, and two best friends who suddenly have to decide whether or not to share a treasure and of the three stories I Enjoyed this one, only because of the two men who play these confused friends. The second story centers on a woman home alone who finds a man lurking in her house, and this one is supposed to be about our human instinct for survival, but it does not make a lot of sense if you are actually able to stomach sitting through the whole thing, it just ends. The last is the name sake of this movie, the very obvious, and slightly over acted story of Burning Daylight who has worked hard mining in the Klondike only to return to New York looking to invest his money to make more. This last story is not as bad as number 2, though only barely. The story is just too obvious, and there are absolutely no consequences for anyone in the movie once it has come full circle which still does not get resolved either. So I do not recommend this movie sadly as it is a fine Canadian production that just went wrong, and never righted again. Watch anything else.


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