Chal Mere Bhai (2000)

Chal Mere Bhai (2000)

Sanjay DuttSalman KhanKarisma KapoorDalip Tahil
David Dhawan


Chal Mere Bhai (2000) is a Hindi movie. David Dhawan has directed this movie. Sanjay Dutt,Salman Khan,Karisma Kapoor,Dalip Tahil are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2000. Chal Mere Bhai (2000) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The wealthy Oberoi family consists of dad, Balraj, his mother, and two sons, namely Vicky and Prem. Vicky is in love with a beautiful young woman, and they hope to marry soon. Unfortunately, this woman passes away in an accident, leaving Vikcy devastated and heart-broken. Vicky takes the responsibility of running the family business, and this is where he meets with a klutz named Sapna Mehra, a woman who wants a job as as his secretary, but has no skills whatsoever. Vicky refuses to hire her, and she tearfully exits the office, only to run into Balraj, who takes pity on her and hires her. Vicky does not go against his dad's wishes and accepts Sapna as his secretary. Vicky gets involved in a fight and is severely wounded and hospitalized. Sapna spends all her free time looking after him, and the Oberoi family feel she will make a good wife for Vicky. Vicky accepts the family's decision. But no one took the trouble of asking Sapna if she really loves Vicky or his younger Casanova-like ...


Chal Mere Bhai (2000) Reviews

  • love it


    this was an awesome movie the chemistry between Karishma Kapoor and Salman Khan is always amazing...hope to see them two again...the story starts with Karishma being the ditsy girl who does everything wrong the two brothers Sanjay and Salman of course start to hate her but after a few mistakes Karishma saves Sanjay's life and slowly the two brothers begin to fall in love with her but Karishma only falls back in love with Salman but keep their relationship a secret things turn when Sanjay's grandma and dad want to marry him with Karishma after hearing this Salman and Karishma break up and Karishma agrees to marry Sanjay but at the night of the engagement Sanjay reveals the one night when Salman was drunk and started to sleep-talks spilled about him and Kairshma and Sanjay says that Salman and Krishma should be together so Karishma and Salman marry instead

  • An all-round entertainer


    I thoroughly enjoyed watching David Dhavan's Chal Mere Bhai, a crazy comedy which is a complete laugh riot for the entire family. The movie has drama, action, romance and comedy, all blended together to create a picture that keeps you entertained from start to finish. The film tells the story of two loving brothers, Vicky and Prem, both of whom fall for the same girl. That sounds rather dramatic, but everything is flavoured with great humour and is great fun to watch. Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan play the leading roles, they do a great job and have a great chemistry with Karisma Kapoor, but more than anything they just look like real brothers simply because of their own friendship behind the cameras. Everything in their interaction is incredibly convincing and nice to watch. Sanju is restrained and subdued and Salman is naturally funny with his happy-go-lucky attitude. Karisma Kapoor is awesome as the innocent and unassuming yet smart Sapna. These three leads act according to the film's mood and provide the film's most hilarious moments. What I particularly liked about the movie is its lighthearted nature. The movie has practically no villains and the supporting cast pretty much resembles the big good family of Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Anand-Milind compose a lovely soundtrack for the film. Among the songs, "Aajkal Ki Ladkiyan" is very catchy, "Chori Chori Sapnon" is also very nice, but my favourite number is "Meri Neend Jaane Lagi Hai", which is very melodious and is beautifully pictured on screen. Chal Mere Bhai is not some extraordinary film but it's very entertaining and deserves many repeat viewings, at least according to me.

  • Karisma-Salman were good Couples


    This is a very clear movie,one of those successive comedies made by David Dhawan in count of a very proper that times Salman Khan & Karisma Kapoor made 8 films together and except 1 or 2 they were all funny. David Dhawan discovered their perfect chemistry of act & i believe that Chal Mere Bhai was one of the last pictures made with this formal is a good film with funny & dramatic moments.a typical David Dhawan movie. story of Sapna(Karisma Kapoor)who comes to Mumbai to find a job while she live with his uncle Mamaji(Shakti Kapoor),when she goes for interview she meets Vicky Oberoi(Sanjay Dutt),the serious chairman of the Oberoi's industry company.who does not hire Sapna because she did not arrive in interview in time.& when Sapna meets Vicky's Dad the head boss Balraj Oberoi(Dalip Tahil),he becomes impressed of Sapna and hires her.during all the incidents Oberoi family have another son whose name is Prem(Salman Khan).he is a playboy who wishes to be a superstar.and when he faces Sapna he happens to love her and Sapna loves Prem either.but Vicky suddenly falls in love with Sapna and cause he has lost his girlfriend before,he chooses Sapna's love forever and ever... good story with splendid music and performances.Sanjay Baboo is great.he plays as Vicky as good as it gets.also Salman is great as playboy Prem who finds himself drown in Sapna's love.Karisma is the best of all.she plays the naughty innocent Sapna like spectacular as she is. I regret of why KArisma and Salman don't play in films anymore.they were good couples all the time of modern Bollywood.Alas,nothing stays in good style forever.David Dhawan directs this picture better than his stupid films like:Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi,Bade Miyan Chote Miyan &... this a well made film.think full one with a repeated story but performances terrific. Vivaah old times.Vivaah old couples.Vivaah David Dhawan...

  • Good performances by the entire cast, especially Sanju Baba

    M. Rishi2000-07-17

    Complete Cinema (FilmTvIndia): Neha Arts Presentation's CHAL MERE BHAI is a breezy, light hearted, rib-tickling comic caper, revolving around the strong bond shared between two brothers and their predictable, falling head over heels in love with the same stunning lass. So there is Mamaji (Shakti Kapoor) an over ambitious, over enthusiastic theatre artiste, Mamiji (Himani Shivpuri) a mad hater of her hubby's not-so-funny antics and in between them is their Pune returned Bhanji, Sapna (Karishma Kapoor) who has landed up in Mumbai in search of a job. She is a bumble bee to the core, who always ends up doing the wrong things, but unintentionally at the right time. Once on her way to give her interview she wrongfully bumps into Vicky Oberoi (Sanjay Dutt) a la Mere Mehboob style, only this time the dropped books have been replaced with the dropped files. Since Vicky happens to be the M.D. of the Oberoi group of companies, she dosen't get the job. But on her way out she mets Pa Oberoi (Dalip Tahil), chairman of the company, who gets carried away by her pools of tears and hires her. Next the damsel in distress Sapna forcibly grabs a lift from Vicky's younger brother Prem Oberoi (Salman Khan), the theatre buff of Mamaji's group, to reach on time on the first day of her job. Slowly and steadily Vicky gets drawn towards Sapna, not to be left behind, Vicky and his Dadimaa's (Sushma Seth) grandson Prem discovers that he too has fallen head over heels in love with Sapna, who reluctantly reciprocrates his love. Now Pa and Dadimaa wants Sapna as the bride of the Oberoi mansion, by marrying Vicky. Vicky says yes, Sapna is confused, Prem adds to the confusion confounded until...And then how the sacrificial jigsaw puzzle is abruptly solved, forms the substance of this 'savior de f aire '. Production values have substantial glitz and glamour. Technically apt. Cameraman Harmeet Singh seems to have been literally in a holidaying mood, so he has beautifully captured the new scenic locales of Cine Tirol region and Salisberg - Austria, where nothing else but only the songs have been canned. Editor A.Muthu has been hampered by the hackneyed story, screenplay, dialogues of Rumi Jaffery, Ikram Akhtar, Yunus Sajawal and even their constant take-off on senior actors like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan was not in very good taste. Musically the Anand-Milind - Sameer combo leaves much to be desired, with only the title song sung by the principal actors,'Chori chori sapno mein aata hai koi' and 'Meri neend jaane lagi hai' that are worth humming. Performancewise Sanjay Dutt excellent as usual and exudes a tremendous screen presence. Salman Khan too matches his senior co-star especially in the comic sequences. Karisma Kapoor successfully displays her comic forte, apart from portraying all the nuances of her well defined role. On the other hand Naghma, Sonali Bendre and Twinkle Khanna's gutsy, guest appearances are just about okay. Shakti Kapoor and Himani Shivpuri impress, and the rest of the cast pass muster. Directorially David Dhawan has done a fair job, but he is handicapped by oft-rehashed subjects. Super Cinema (FilmTvIndia): Neha Arts' CHAL MERE BHAI is a comedy with a love triangle. Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan play two brothers. They are sons of industrialist Dalip Tahil. Sanjay is the elder brother and he manages the business. Salman is not interested in family business. He wants to be a great actor. He works on the stage with Shakti Kapoor as his director. Shakti's neice Karisma Kapoor comes to the city for a job. Dalip gives her the job as the secretary of Sanjay. Karisma is a blundering worker and Sanjay does not like her. Sanjay is injured in a fight. Karisma takes him to a hospital and Sanjay's life is saved. Sanjay's father Dalip and grandmother Sushma Seth are impressed with Karisma and they want Sanjay to marry Karisma They don't know that Salman and Karisma are in love. Sanjay also agrees to marry Karisma. Now one brother has to make the sacrifice. Production values are good. Harmeet Singh's cinematography is pleasing. Technically okay. Ganesh Acharya's choreography is good. Anand-Milind's music sounds nice in the theatre, but there are too many songs. Two songs 'Meri neend jaane lagi hai' and 'Chori chori sapnon mein' are hummable. The first half is a breezy comedy. Tempo slows down in the second half and the story runs on predictable line. A major drawback of the film is that the basic story has been repeated in many films, and recently in "Dillagi" and "Pyar Koi Khel Nahin." Performance-wise, Sanjay Dutt impresses. Salman Khan is natural. Karisma Kapoor is lively. Shakti Kapoor, Sushma Seth, Dalip Tahil, Himani Shivpuri and Asrani provide able support. As the director, David Dhawan again shows competence as a maker of light comedy. The drawback is that David and his team of writers are running out of ideas. They are only repeating situations seen in other films. Dialogue writer Rumi Jaffery is able to provide occasional punches.

  • Enjoyable


    Vicky (Sanjay Dutt) and Prem (Salman Khan) are brothers and the closest of friends. Sapna (Karishma Kapoor), Vicky's secretary, and Prem fall in love, but Prem waits to announce it hoping that his older brother will find a wife first. Unfortunately, when Vicky settles on a bride, it's none other than Sapna. Prem is torn between his new love for Sapna and his long-standing devotion to Vicky. As often happens with Bollywood, this begins as a lighthearted romantic comedy, but in the second hour becomes a more serious family drama dealing with love, duty, and sacrifice. Dutt and Khan have excellent chemistry together and were entirely convincing as brothers. Kapoor, as usual, gave a fine performance, both comedic and serious. The musical numbers were good and the costumes were beautiful. Overall, it's an excellent and enjoyable movie from beginning to end.


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