Chhello Divas

Chhello Divas

LANG Gujarati
TIME 2015
Prapti Ajwalia Janki Bodiwala Mayur Chauhan


Chhello Divas is a movie starring Prapti Ajwalia, Janki Bodiwala, Mayur Chauhan

The movie revolves around the lives of eight friends and their journey of growing up while they face the highs and lows of their relationships, love and romance, the end of their college days and the beginning of a new life.

Chhello Divas Reviews

  • Excellent Movie

    jeetendralinux 2015-11-24

    IF YOU ARE GUJARATI... Why to waste money behind nonsense Bollywood movies? For past few years there have been few Gujarati movies which has changed the way Gujarati movies were for almost a decade (or I guess always). All my childhood Gujarati movies were mostly based on famous Gujarati novels or Mythologies. Then came this era where people were going to see the stars instead the story. And during this era the viewers viewed only boring movies (mostly). But the after the "Kevi Rite Jais" movie, I thing the Gujarati cinema took a turn (towards the good). Seen the movie "Be Yaar" and "Gujjubhai" recently. And, I think, this one is even better. Don't take your kids with you because the comedy is for adults mostly. But, a must watch movie if: you like comedies you are Gujarati and, you are already bored with Bollywood comedies Just go and watch this. My money was not wasted. Excellent.

  • Superb..Awesome...Unbelievable..!!!

    ptldhvl-patel6 2015-11-22

    Now let us take a quick review of the star-cast (which is quite a long one but that is the beauty of college life). Writing about them in a random order. Malhar Thakar – He plays the role of that guy who was the cause of everyone's jealousy in college. That guy who hits on a lot of girls and is successful in converting many of them. His affair with the tuition teacher was a bit unrealistic, but e t l u t o h c h a l e! The next time I meet him, I will ask him to drive the car safely. You will understand this after you watch the film 😉 Aarjav Trivedi – He is the Hulk Hogan of this film. The guy who would react impulsively to every situation and his muscle power ensures you do not take any 'panga' with him. His character is quite an engaging one and will create ripples of humor, at the most unexpected moments. Prapti Ajwalia – Though in a short role, her character will be remembered every time you remember this film. Her dialogue which is longer than the most boring assignment, will make your jaws to pain, and you wouldn't even realize it! Her expressions are in sync with what she says and this adds up to the fun. Mayur Chauhan – If you haven't been to the semi-urban or rural parts of our state, you will have a tough time to understand what his character says in the film. But hey, that is okay, because you wouldn't have the time to decipher it. He will make sure you keep on laughing on things that even bounce off your head. He should have got more screen presence, afterall, kaafi interesting character chhe. Rahul Raval – He plays the 'Susheel Ladka' role and is quite successful in it. With the physique and height he has, it is expected that he will be the Rambo man of the group, but the ball goes for a googly. And a well bowled one at that! Kinjal Rajpriya – The most unexpected character, especially after watching her parents' in the film. And she manages to keep your attention since her entry in the film. Her transformation from the homely lady to Malhar's girlfriend is quite a fast one, and she plays it well to make you live this. Mitra Gadhvi – His character is seen in every college group and if you are in an engineering college, there will be two or three of this kind. Mitra will make you remember those friends of yours clearly. His pranks are a bit dangerous and his singlehood is inevitable, but you will enjoy them both! Netri Trivedi – The delicate darling of the group who visits the hospital for innocent reasons, her character is a moving one. The film is incomplete without her bandages which bring in a lot of laughter. Wouldn't be surprised if she comes off as the main lead in the films ahead. Janki Bodiwala – Since her entry to her every dialogue, you fall for this character. Her voice is charming and her looks are appealing. Though the premier show went on smoothly, the public shows will see whistles and hoots with her screen presence. She has justified her role, but the question still remains – how did she make it to Yash's midnight birthday bash? Yash? Aa kaun chhe? This blog will be incomplete without him. So well, here you go. Yash Soni has mesmerized all with his role and screen presence. He is the perfect combination of expressions, humor and dialogue delivery that you will miss him when he is not on the screen. He will emerge as the heart-throb sensation for a lot of college girls and if you are in a relationship, you would not want your girlfriend to add him on Facebook! Not that Yash has the time for it after this film, but risk shu kaam levu chhe?

  • Chello divas-Can be better situational comedy than cheap on amdavadi college life.

    vai_av 2016-01-03

    very good effort to make such Gujarati movie. acting of all actors are good. storyline of amdavadi college life is very weak. director has shown very cheap and very vulgar side of amdavadi collegians. there are many situation in colleges that can create very good comedy. but director has chosen short cut to make laugh on public face by such vulgar and cheap comedy. And there is big potential in amdavadi and Gujarati college life to direct nice comedy film but they didn't do it. It shows that Director has very weak and less research work on amdavadi college life. I have really made mistake that I went to watch movie with my parents and my little children with expectation of nice storyline and comedy on amdavadi life style, but I am totally disappointed. Hope for better art work next time.

  • Good effort but with flaws.

    Abby_qadir 2015-12-15

    Chhello Divas (2015) Directed by Krishnadev Yagnik is a light hearted comedy movie with some really good punches. The movie revolves around college life of eight friends and their journey of their graduation. This is my first review for a Gujarati movie. I think Gujarati cinema is becoming a mainstream cinema and taking steps forward with big budget films and a full-fledged theatrical releases all over India after Kevi Rite Jaish and Bey Yaar. Talking about this movie, had enjoyed a lot while watching and relive that college time memories again. The dialouges are truly gujju which will be stay back with you till long as you can relate them with the day to day situation. When we talk about the technical aspect there are some flaws in the movie, the background score was too over and some scenes looks too over dramatic because of that.Acting was brilliant by all lead actors except Loy (Mitra Gadhvi) in some scenes. Overall it was a brilliant effort to make such a good cinema. Will look forward for more good movies from this industry. And yes that dialouge is an epic one... Te mara mate coffee kem mangayi?? 3.5/5

  • One time watch

    ninadp 2016-01-13

    I am unable to understand why so much hype about this movie. Only reason which I can think of why people are giving 9 or 10 rating, is lack of other options (in Gujarati cinema). Yeah, on comparative basis ("one eyed man is king in the country of blinds", this is a nice , refreshing, college , comedy movie. However, if you compare movie with others by having language neutral attitude then its a average farcical comedy. Some scenes are in fact "cheap to watch with family" : e.g. arranged marriage scene where all friends visit bride's home, men's room comedy scene at college. Can be watched once if you are a Gujarati, for others its a "must skip".



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