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Class (2010)

Class (2010)

Jodi Lyn O'KeefeJustin BrueningConstance MarieEric Roberts
David S. Cass Sr.


Class (2010) is a English movie. David S. Cass Sr. has directed this movie. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe,Justin Bruening,Constance Marie,Eric Roberts are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Class (2010) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Preppy and wealthy Whitt Sheffield is in his last semester of law school when a professor assigns him to act as an advocate for a young, single mother who needs help finding - and keeping - a job. Whitt (Justin Bruening), whose snooty father wants Whitt to follow him into corporate law, is insulted by the low-class assignment, especially after he meets Kylie Burch (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), the woman he has to help. Kylie and Whitt clash at first, and it looks like Whitt will never be able to help her if he doesn't understand her situation. But when Kylie and her son's future as a family is suddenly threatened, Whitt discovers he and Kylie may not be so different, after all.


Class (2010) Reviews

  • Stereotyped, predictable, clichéd ... no reason to like it. But I did.


    Very contrived plot. Almost the entire plot can be sketched after watching the first few minutes. Every character is a stereotype, even their names, and their actions and attitudes are entirely predictable from the first minute you meet them. I remember just one single surprise, and it wasn't much. And everybody is just too gorgeous. The story might have have been halfway believable if two or three of the female characters had even average looks. BUT ... for some reason I enjoyed it, despite all of the above. Maybe because it was late at night and my brain didn't want to work too hard. But the main characters are likable, and the right things happen, as Hollywood likes to do.

  • Above average Hallmark chick flick


    As a girl who's seen pretty much every happy made-for-TV movie, all I have to say is: who cares if the plot's a bit predictable or the characters are a bit stereotypical? Sometimes nice is just that. This was better than most happy Hallmark movies, for a number of reasons. In general, the characters were much more appealing than you sometimes find in these movies. The kid was less saccharine-y than normal. And, most importantly (in my opinion), there was far more chemistry between Boy and Girl than you normally find. I thought it was lovely. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Class- Social Interaction Really Works ****


    Mazel Tov to producer Larry Levinson for making this heartwarming film. Sure it's predictable, but it's wonderful just the same. Why? We view a form of prejudice here which we usually associate with religion or race. No. Here we see prejudice among the social classes. What a great plot. A wealthy lad about to graduate from Law School is assigned to help an impoverished single mom improve her life while facing a hostile environment. She can't hold a job since her child is chronically ill with asthma. In addition, we see how employees, landlords and even the Medicaid system act among the downtrodden in society. Our lad is hostile at the beginning to our young lady. His father, played to the hilt by Eric Roberts, is a big-shot attorney who has already carved out the ideal life for his son in the corporation after law school and the passing of the Bar Exam. Mom is an alcoholic because she basically would like to declare her independence and is sympathetic as our young guy becomes infatuated with our young lady. The film is a gem since it shows you that power and money prevail in this society with dealing with a landlord and others. Of course, it helps to have friends up there to get a nursing scholarship for our lassie. However, the real success is that the two join forces in the end. In love and with so much to give to society, this is a remarkable film in that we see that the barriers to social classes can be broken. Only problem: Eric Roberts doesn't come down from his tower to acquiesce. Still, that's true to life. Very highly recommended.

  • Better than average movie; potential series pilot; irritating music at all the wrong times


    Can someone tell me why Hallmark and Lifetime movies don't allow a single second of film time without that intrusive background music overwhelming the best lines?! If it weren't for that irritating score drowning out all the best lines, especially when Kylie Burch (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) lowers her voice, I'd give this film a 9, at least. Some people might call the plot by-the-numbers, and it does cover all the bases: single mom can't keep a job because of asthmatic kid and hair-trigger temper developed over years of frustration with heartless system meets spoiled wealthy law student forced to help her find a job just to get a grade so he can graduate and join dad's high-powered law firm. Add alcoholic mother and son's frustrations with his father's plans for his future, and the inevitable happens. What makes this story work is the excellent script and believable performances by O'Keefe, Justin Bruening (as Whit Sheffield), and Eric Roberts and Catherine Mary Stewart as the elder Sheffields. Even Maxwell Perry Cotton plays young Shane Burch as a normal kid, instead of the stereotypical self-conscious child role. My take-away from this flick is that the hopeful ending leaves the characters with more story to tell. Almost all of them have learned and grown, but I felt they had more to do together and separately, perhaps in a series about the Burch-Sheffield clan. The characters and their potential for story-telling are some of the strongest I've seen in this genre.

  • Not your typical boy meets girl story, but one of finding yourself as we'll.


    If you are looking for a movie that will reel you in and create a sense that you may have experienced some of what they are going through but do it in a convincing narrative with heart tugs and some nice dialog,then this movie will appeal and satisfy. I would not put stock in anyone trying to relegate this to anything but a very well done piece of social commentary. I found it thoroughly enjoyable,satisfyingly better than I thought it would be. Watch it with an open mind and open heart. Give it a chance. Downplay whatever you may have read and enjoy. All the lead characters do a very good job and add real "feel" to their character whether it's rich folk or Medicaid folk, there is realism in their manner and portrayal. I highly recommend this little gem to all that would like to spend a couple of hours getting to know some people you may have passed on the street.


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