Columbus Day (2008)

Columbus Day (2008)

Val KilmerBobb'e J. ThompsonRichard EdsonMarg Helgenberger
Charles Burmeister


Columbus Day (2008) is a English movie. Charles Burmeister has directed this movie. Val Kilmer,Bobb'e J. Thompson,Richard Edson,Marg Helgenberger are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Columbus Day (2008) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A thief tries to fix the damage done during the biggest heist of his career.

Columbus Day (2008) Reviews

  • A Return To Form For Val Kilmer


    After seeing the horrendous 'Conspiracy' I had almost lost faith in kilmer all together. However this movie is a return to form. The little black kid he talks to in the park is a great character and really helps Val along with his own demons. For a low budget flick it works well and the acting is superb, especially the kid, top little actor, I expect to see more from this dude. The plot all be it simple is effective and pretty much the entire movie transpires in echo park. The romance sub-plot works well and didn't feel like it was just thrown in their and overall was a good movie with some tense parts throughout and a great ending. I recommend it to Val Kilmers fans and anyone else for that matter. By no means a Hollywood blockbuster but taking into account a tiny budget, linear setting and some good acting... I give it 8/10 Well worth a look.

  • Yawn, Not the best Val Kilmer movie I've seen.


    Val Kilmer runs around in a park for a whole day. Sorry I just told you the whole movie. Not the best I've seen but not even close to the worst. There is really nothing wrong with the acting. The story is just so boring. Endless phonecalls here and there to persons that are not introduced so you have to guess who it may be and that just makes it more confusing. Sudden laps in time back and forward but without indication on whats past and what is present. The filming is very nice but would fit better to a romantic comedy. Endless panoramics over the park and closeups on people doing parkthings is nice for so many seconds but not througe a whole movie. Sorry to say I couldn't watch it to the end. Still I give it a 5 because the movie makers has potential to become better. I hope this was low budget because it would explain a lot. See the movie for yourselves and remember taste is different. You might love it who knows.

  • A really, really bad film!


    I do not know what the other reviewers with reviews posted here were watching, but it obviously was not the same movie I saw! The first 5 to 10 minutes were the best of the movie. On the whole the acting was terrible, the direction was terrible, the story line was boring and they couldn't even give us something like a decent soundtrack. Echo Park, numerous telephone calls and some touchy-feely feel good moments with a young boy. That's all there was. No suspense, no intrigue and no twists in the tail. Terrible, just plain terrible! This movie rates right up there with some of the worst movies I have ever seen.

  • Wasted a perfectly good Sunday


    I'm with llanderson - I really signed up today on IMDb just to leave a comment on this movie. I was surprised to someone else had the same thought, and within 24 hours of me. I'm a Val Kilmer fan - I saw this in RedBox and was surprised I hadn't seen it, and expected something along the lines of Spartan or Heat, or even that movie where he's like 1/32nd Indian and he's an FBI agent out on some reservation. He literally walks around in a park the ENTIRE movie, makes a gazillion phone calls to three cute actresses you recognize but probably don't know their names and Fez from that 70's show. Fez tells him at one point that his colleagues buddy probably has his nuts in a vice somewhere and is giving him up, so you really expect to see some hardcore torture or gruesome action coming up, but instead Val pays some guy feeding pigeons to take care of the unusually short kid who's been following him around all day. That really is it.

  • Like watching paint dry - and i love kilmer


    Man oh man what a boring movie - I loved Kilmer in Heat, the Doors, Felon, and in Batman - but seriously this movie goes nowhere SLOOOOOOOOW! Basically Kilmer steals "something" ducks out in a park all day and hangs out with a kid. Don't get me wrong the kid was pretty cool - well as cool as he could be in a movie like this. The two of them talk and eat ice cream and avoid a bad guy or two but thats about it. For the commenter who said "Even the friggin extras in the background of the park Kilmer hides out in have their own small story lines going on (ie one couple meets for the first time in the background of one shot and later near the end of the film you see them again in the background arguing...everything comes full circle in this movie- plot, characters, extras(lol)" you cant be serious - this movie takes place in the span of two hours - I don't know many people who meet for the first time and stroll on the park and then start arguing after 2 hours and that being realistic. As far as the bond thing between the kid and kilmer - again He's only in the park for two hours - its like meeting someone on an airplane - and miss them when you get off cause you formed some kind of everlasting bond with them - na not buying it. I understand this is a low budget movie - but its not a good suspense, action or drama movie. If you want to see a bond form between a kid and a grown man over the course of two hours you may like this movie - if not then I would probably avoid it. I understand there's some die hard kilmer fans out there and the acting was okay - but i wasn't feeling the whole scenario.


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